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"What have I gotten myself into?" said Nami wandering aimlessly around Las Noches. "I can still feel Chopper's presence but…. Maybe I'm just going insane" she said doubting herself.

Elsewhere, Chopper also wandered Las Noches trying to find a way to escape. He ran down a long hallway with no windows. "This is insane! I'm starting to think that there's no way out of this place" Chopper thought to himself. As he was running, an explosion nearly missed him. He turned around in fear to see Loly and Melony pursuing him.

"Did you really think we'd let you get away?" Loly yelled at him.

Chopper look at them helplessly. A bead of sweat dropped down his face; as he looked directly into her face. The two shared a standoff for no more than a few seconds. Suddenly all the fear from Chopper's face disappeared. He reached in his hat where he had stashed a few rumble balls and pulled one out. He put in his mouth "I'm not gonna run anymore" he thought to himself.

"Done taking you medicine" said Loly. She used a sonido and appeared behind Chopper and kicked him.

"Guard Point!" Chopper executed the move just before the kick. He puffed up and flew back into the wall. "Crap even with guard boost" he muttered.

Loly walked toward him and picked him up by his neck "you really are pathetic aren't you? After we're done killing you, we're going after that red head bitch...and Grimmjow!" Loly screamed. A cero started to form in the hand she was choking him with.

Chopper tried to struggle but couldn't get out of her grip. He started to cry "is this… how I die?" he thought to himself. He began to reminisce about the time with his crew. "Luffy, everyone. I have to fight, if I wanna see them again. We have to sail together again. I have to see….Luffy become the pirate king!" Chopper turned into his human form and broke away from Loly.

She then drew her sword out and called out to melony to do the same. They then simultaneously swung their swords Chopper.

Chopper used speed point to evade the attack. "Did the rumble ball increase my speed that much?" Chopper thought to himself. "Brain Point!" Chopper called as he turned back into man-beast form. "Gotta finds a weakness" Chopper said to himself. Chopper scoped the two Arrancar's. "I got it" he shouted.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Melony bolted towards him.

"It's easier to read her attacks" Chopper braced himself. "Arm Point!" his arm grew. Chopper swiftly dodged her attack. He gets into position and gets ready to attack "Cloven Cross!" He yelled. He landed a hit on Melony and she fell to the ground.

"M-Melony" said Loly in shock

Melony slowly got up "You Bastard" she spat at Chopper. She looked down to find her Zanpakuto lying next to her broken in two.

"I know your weakness. That sword is the source of all your power, with it broken you can no longer fight. Now tell me how to leave this place!" Chopper Demanded.

"Dokuse Esukoropendora" Loly called, with her Zanpakuto in her hand. Suddenly she transformed into a centipede like creature. "his reiatsu just keeps on growing, it won't stop. It surpassed my unreleased form in that short amount of time. I'll just have to kill him before it gets any higher." She thought to herself. Loly lunged at Chopper.

"Speed Boost!" Chopper quickly evaded her attack. Loly launched one of her tentacles at him, but he evaded it just in time. The tentacle hit the wall behind him and smashed a hole in it. The wall then started to disintegrate. "What the, what the hell is going on!" said Chopper in shock.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from my attacks. My Dokuse Esukoropendora allows my to emit a deadly poison from my body. Your no match for my release form. Your as good as dead." Said Loly completely confident. Loly positioned herself to attack. A sinister smile appeared on her face. "here I come!" she screeched. She launched another tentacle at him.

"crap I have to dodge" said Chopper trying to evade. Chopper started to run, but wasn't fast enough. The tentacle wrapped itself around him. He screamed at the thought of the poison that would soon ooze itself out of the very appendage that held him captive.

"It's over" Loly said excited.

"Thunderbolt Tempo!" Loly was struck by a bolt of lightning. Her grip around Chopper loosened setting him free. It was Nami. She ran toward Chopper and came to his aid. "Chopper, Chopper! Are you ok" Nami said antsy trying to geta response.

Chopper looked up and his eyes started to water. He became overcome with joy. He leaped up into her arms, returning back to his regular form. Nami embraced him with big relieving arms.

Nami's was happier than pure sunshine; she expelled everything else around her and focused on the knowledge that her friend was safe. "Chopper! I was so worried. I'm so glad your ok." Before they could finish their reunion they heard a loud crash. Their faces changed from happy to serious. They were prepared. Now that they have found each other they weren't going to let anything stand in their way. "Chopper, who are these guys?" said Nami with an intense look on her face.

"Arrancars, I'm not really sure what exactly they are, but they're strong." Said Chopper with the same look.

Loly launched another tentacle at them both. "You bastards!" she yelled with fierce hatred.

"Nami, don't let it touch you!" Chopper screamed out. They both jumped out of the way and dodged the attack

"Shit! They just keep getting faster and faster. It seems like their reiatsu skyrocketed once they united." Loly thought to herself. She belted her battle cry again and tried to land another attack.

Nami and Chopper dodged again. "Chopper, I need you to distract her for a second ok" She told him.

Chopper looked up at her and understood she was planning to end the battle. "roger" he said in response. "I have about 1 more minuet left for the rumble ball" Chopper transformed into his deer form. "Speed Boost!" Chopper dashed at Loly and rammed into her. He knocked her back then ran behind her drawing her attention to him. "I feel faster than ever. Ever since I got here I felt like I was weaker. I thought that maybe I was under the influence of some sort of drug, But as I started fighting; my power started to increase. I slowly started getting stronger, faster and more familiar with this atmosphere. Then when I saw Nami again for the first time. I felt my power rapidly increase, now I feel normal again. Did the drug wear off? Either way it looks like I'm back to full strength. I'll have to use that to end this fight once and for all." Thought Chopper as he stared Loly in the eye, daring her to approach him.

"You little piece of trash. You think your doing something. Your reiatsu may be higher than mine, but it's nothing compared to the Espada. Even if you beat me here your just gonna die!" spat Loly. "hahahaha! Lord Aizen will destroy you, you and all of your friends. You have no hope of defeating him, so just give up now. You can't-" Loly was cut off by Nami.

"hey you. That's not a very good look for you. The blond girl over there on the ground has the right idea." Said Nami pointing to a defeated Melony. "you could learn alot from her. But you could learn more from me." said Nami with a smug grin on her face.

"what the hell are you talking about?" Loly said turning all of her attention to Nami.

"I have a few things to teach you. The first is that when a girl fights, she always has to look her best. A girl who can win a fight while still looking flawless is incredibly strong. Guys are different, they can get all dirty and cut up, but not girls. When two girls fight each other, the one who looks the best is the winner. The object of the battle is to wreck your opponents looks until they're ugly. If you start off ugly, you've already lost." said Nami mocking Loly.

"you bitch! What are you saying" screeched Loly enraged.

"the second thing is strategy. If you want to win. You have to find out how your going to wreck your opponents face, without endangering your own beauty."

"shut the hell up!" Loly dashed as fast as she could, trying her hardest to knock Nami off of her high pedestal.

"the third thing; Ill tell you my strategy. It's my own beauty. You were so busy admiring my looks, that you didn't even notice what I set up" Nami said still grinning.

Loly stopped in her tracks and looked around in panic. She then noticed a small cloud behind her. "wh-what the" Loly stuttered.

"too late 3. THUNDER LACE TEMPO!" the cloud lit up, and a giant lightning bolt shot out of it. It pierced a defenseless Loly and passed straight through her body.

"sorry Lord Aizen" Loly thought to herself as the lightning dissipated and she feel to the ground. Her poisonous appendages disappeared and she returned to normal form. She was finished.

To Be Continued