Date: July 4th, 1975

Location: UN HQ building, New York City

All civilization leaders were having a meeting in the American Empire's capitol building. The American empire, ruled by Abraham Lincoln, the Japanese empire, ruled by Tokugawa, the British empire, ruled by Elizabeth I, and the Zulu, ruled by Shaka, had decided to call a meeting to end a conflict, with the Russians, Chinese, Mongols and Arabs against the Spanish, Germans, French and Greeks, that had been raging for two hundred years.

Abraham Lincoln was on a platform, talking into a microphone.

"The Congress has voted for the war to end," he was saying "The Aztec, Roman, Indian and Egyptian civilization government have also voted for this conflict to end."

"How will the war actually end?" Julius Caesar asked, whispering, Elizabeth I.

"The Russians are the leaders of the Asian side," she replied "The war will actually end if they agree with the American congress ," Catherine II, the leader of the Russians, stepped up on the platform and faced Abraham Lincoln.

"Catherine II, do you agree with the American congress for the war to end?" Abraham asked her. Everyone's hearts were beating like mad against their chests. There was only going to be one outcome of the war. Either it will end or it shall continue and cause even more deaths in all civilizations involved.

"I agree," Catherine said. With that, she shook Abraham's hand.

Instantly, the other civilization leaders and members of the governments began clapping and cheering. Some of them even got out of their seats and started shouting and yelling happily.

After several minutes, everyone calmed down.

"This day was only remembered for the birth of America," Abraham was saying into the microphone "Now, however, it will be remembered for the end of a two hundred year conflict. This meeting is over. You may all go,"

The civilization leaders and their government members got up and began to file out of the room. As Abraham was about to leave, Napoleon caught up with him.

"Abraham, my good friend," he said "How wonderful it is to finally end a two century conflict, no?" Abraham chuckled slightly.

"Yes, Napoleon," he said "It is absolutely great. After two hundred years, the great conflict between two continents is over,"

"We, it is. You are a great friend for doing this. I invite you to our pub in Paris to celebrate with us."

"Thank you, Napoleon. I will be joining you,"

"Good. Come, I must break the news to everyone else." Napoleon walked out of the room.

Abraham chuckled slightly as he shook his head.

"Been a while since I last had a French beer," he muttered under his breath. Abraham collected his papers and gave hem to one of his advisors.

"Thank you, Henry," said Abraham "Will you be joining us in Paris tonight?" he asked his advisor.

"No, Mr president," Henry replied "I'm not really into drinking and I'm busy tonight. It's my wife's birthday and I'm taking hr out for a meal,"

"Oh," said Abraham "Well, have a nice time and tell your wife I said happy birthday,"

"Will do, Mr president," Henry replied. Abraham walked out of the room and through the lobby to the building's front entrance. He pushed the doors open and saw Napoleon talking with Bismarck and Elizabeth.

"Julius vill be joining us in Paris tonight," he was saying to Elizabeth and Bismarck "He vill be bringing Isabella with him,"

"What the reconstruction of our countries," Elizabeth asked.

"Don't worry, Elizabeth," Napoleon replied "The reconstruction of our countries can start tomorrow, but tonight we get drunk," Everyone started cheering.

"C'mon everyone, I'll take us in my jet," Napoleon said. He led the group to a small airliner jet parked outside the UN HQ building. Everyone got in and the jet took off and headed towards Paris.

Later that day

The group had reached the pub after three hours of travelling. When they reached Paris, they got a private bus to their destination.

Napoleon and Abraham went in first; followed by Elizabeth, Julius, Bismarck and Isabella.

The barman, named Tommy, looked up when the doors to the pub opened.

"Hey, fella's," he said, happily "How ya' doing. It's so good to see you guys again."

"Good to see you to, Tommy," said Abraham.

"Hey, Abraham," Tommy said, shaking Abraham's hand "Good to see you again. Oh…here's Julius, how you doing buddy?"

"Fine," Julius replied.

"Good. Bonjour Napoleon, good to see you. Oh, hello Elizabeth and Isabella and Bismarck, good to see you three," Tommy concluded

"So, Tommy. How have things been here?" Abraham asked.

"Fine, fine," Tommy replied "Which reminds me, I heard on the news that Catherine, Saladin, Mao and…I forget the other guy's name,"

"Genghis Khan," Bismarck corrected him

"Yeah, that's the one. I heard that they gave up trying to continue with this war."

"Yes, we are going to start reconstruction tomorrow," said Elizabeth.

"Cool. Right what can I get you guys?"

"Beer please," said Abraham.

"Yes, I'll have the same, but with a lemon," said Napoleon

"Can we have the same as Napoleon," said Elizabeth and Isabella

"Okay," said Tommy "Bismarck, what're you having?" he asked Bismarck.

"I shall have the same as Abraham," he replied.

"Coming up, go get yourselves a table. I'll bring 'em over." Tommy said. Abraham managed to find them a table near the window. They sat down and began to talk.

"So, who's reconstructing what tomorrow?" asked Bismarck.

"I'm going to start on Amiens, the world's new second most powerful city," Napoleon replied.

"I'm going to rebuild my navy," Elizabeth said

"Tomorrow, we plan to build a new city," said Bismarck.

"What's it gonna be called?" Abraham asked

"We are going to call our city, Frankfurt." Bismarck answered "We are planning to make it one of the world's top ten cultural cities."

"Who's got the most cultural city in the world now?" Elizabeth asked.

"It is either my glorious capitol, Madrid, or the Zulu city Gaborone or the Indian's second constructed city, Calcutta." Isabella answered. Just then, Tommy came over with their drinks.

"Right, here you are guys," he said, passing them their drinks "Enjoy,"

"Thanks," said Abraham replied as Tommy walked off.

"So, It's finally over," said Napoleon.

"Yes," Bismarck replied "After two hundred years of fighting, the war has finally ended."

"What did they say the death toll was?" Isabella asked.

"35,000 soldiers and civilians are the total in my empire," said Napoleon

"I think I lost about 2000 soldiers and about 5000 civilians," said Isabella.

"I have lost three of my most skilled rifleman armies and 200 civilians," said Elizabeth

"And what about the Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Mongols and the Greeks?" Abraham asked "What are their losses?"

"We know the Greeks have lost over 7,500 soldiers but we don't know about the population." replied Elizabeth

"And the Asians?" Bismarck asked

"No idea," Elizabeth said "Then again, I really doubt they will let us know."

"Yeah, well I would like to propose a toast," said Abraham, raising his drink "A toast to the war's end." The other civilization leaders raised their drink When everyone raised their drinks, they chugged them together in the air and began to drink them.