Two days later

News had spread that the alien invaders had been defeated. All over the Earth their machines were falling. Scientists, even Albert Einstein, couldn't explain why the invaders were dying.

Abraham was driving back towards Washington D.C with Marie and Einstein.

"I can't explain it," Einstein said "I mean, I'm an expert on science and I can't explain why the Martians had just died all of a sudden."

"That's what I want to know," said Abraham. He got his answer when Marie turned on the radio.

"And now, we have Tommy, a bar tender from Paris. Tommy, you said that you know how the aliens died."

"That's right. When a tripod fell to the ground outside Rostov, two days ago, I saw it was coughing up blood and was watering badly from It's eyes. That's when I realised, we could have just sneezed on them. The invaders died because of the bacteria from Earth's usual illnesses."

"Are you saying that the invaders were doomed from a few days after they invaded?"

"A few days after they invaded? No, they were doomed as soon as they came. Sure, we've lost a lot of cities and millions of people and armies, but they had no defence against the smallest creatures that God put on this Earth and that was bacteria."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing. After all we threw against the invaders, we were saved by the smallest creatures on Earth. Thousands are returning to the cities, their lives having been changed, probably forever."

Marie turned off the radio

"Well, that's it," she said "It's over,"

"Yeah," said Abraham "After spending days running from an alien invasion, we can finally go ho-" he was cut off by a scene in front of him.

They were in Washington D.C, or what was left of it. Abraham's apartment had been destroyed from the third floor up. The barracks across the road was a pile of rubble and the business skyscraper next to Abraham's apartment was still burning.

"The entire city's been reduced to a pile of rubble," Einstein said.

"We've got a lot of reconstruction ahead," said Abraham.

One hour later

Many civilians had returned to D.C and were watching Abraham Lincoln give a speech live on TV.

"Greetings people of the world," he said "As you have heard, the invaders have been defeated. Many may already know why, but to those who don't I will tell you. The invaders were destroyed, not by our guns, tanks or bombs, but by a weapon that we have had on our planet since the first days of the human race. That weapon was bacteria. This weapon came to save us just in time as we were near defeat."

"However," Abraham continued "like all wars, this one has come with a heavy price. Over 1 billion people have been confirmed dead. Several hundred thousands have been left with temporary or permanent injuries. Three of those people were world leaders. Napoleon of the French, Catherine II of the Russians and Montezuma II of the Aztecs were lost in this war. We pay our respects to them and to all those who died in this war."

"Long live Earth!" Abraham shouted

"Long live Earth!" the audience repeated. The sun began to set behind the hills outside the city, marking the end of another day.