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Silent Tears

Ruka knew it was coming from the moment the dark, foreboding army of clouds invaded the sky. It became inevitable once the rain began to pour. Ruka locked herself away in her room, pulling the sheets over her head in preparation for the worst.

Finally, it came; a loud clap of thunder, echoing off the walls of her bedroom. Ruka screamed into her pillow to make sure that the sound was muffled by the fabric.

She was astraphobic, terrified of thunder and lightening. Neither Yusei, or Aki, or Jack, or anyone knew this though. And she preferred to keep it that way. She didn't want them to get them all worried over her silly fear, knowing they all had bigger problems to attend to.

The lightening flashed, illuminating the room for a brief second. Ruka shut her eyes tightly, trying to prevent tears from flowing down her cheeks. She gripped the sheets on her bed desperately, as if hanging on for dear life. The thunder rumbled again, and much to Ruka's chagrin, the tears began to silently fall from her gold eyes.

She wanted her parents so badly at that. But they were miles away, off in a foreign land for a business trip. There was no way they could provide their terrified daughter any sort of comfort. Currently, Yusei and Aki were the closest thing she had to parents, but Ruka adament in not bothering them. She could only pray that someone else would come to her rescue, someone who-

"Ruka? Ruka!" called out a voice from the other side of the room. Ruka hastily wiped away her tears and peered out from under her blanket warily to see her brother, Rua, with a concerned look upon his face. Rua knew. Ruka always assured him that she was over the phobia again and again, but he knew.

"H-hello, Rua," stammered Ruka, faking a smile. Rua looked unconvinced as he approached Ruka.

"Aki-neechan made dinner." he said plainly as he sat on the edge of her bed. This was a test. Ruka was always polite in that manner of eating whatever food was provided to her, and Aki's meals were no different, although she was now surprisingly good at cooking. So if Ruka declined to go downstairs, Rua figured, then there was something wrong.

"I'm not hungry, so I think I'll just stay up here," said Ruka, trying to remain as calm as possible. Rua sighed. There was his answer.

"Ruka. . .Are you okay?" he asked gently. Ruka prepared herself to lie to him with one of her famous, innocent smiles, but something inside of her cracked. She began to cry again.

"N-no," she stammered through her sobs, hiding under her blanket again. Rua smiled sympathetically as he pulled the blanket completely off of her. Ruka was now shivering, hearing the thunder growl once again.

"You told me you had gotten over your astraphobia," said Rua, sounding slightly hurt.

"I lied." Ruka swallowed hard, feeling guilty for lying to her brother. They shared everything. They knew everything about each other. They loved each other. So why did she try to withhold her fears from him?

"I know," said Rua simply, sitting his sister up. "And I forgive you."

Ruka smiled and fell into his arms, crying. Rua seemed slightly estranged by his sister's reaction, but he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her. He stayed with her until the sun rose again, until all traces of te storm vanished in the light of a new day.

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