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They're my versions of what I think should be happening at the end of episode's this series (series 2), I'm one of those people who scream loudly at the telly when things don't go my way...tee hee. So I'm just writing these to satisfy my imagination, tee hee. The chapters don't flow together, they're just separate versions of what I think should have happened at the end of each episode, you just read them separately. Anyway...I'll shut up now so you can actually read! Lol. Hope you like it! Please review!

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Chapter 1 – Episode 1

'...Or I'll chop em off.'

Gene's eyes narrowed at the threat that his Superintendent was imposing on Alex.

Don't you dare Mac, don't you dare threaten Bolly. Chop anything of her's off and I'll have your bloody guts for garters.

'Shut the door Gene.'

Gene walked over to the door to open it for Alex and held it open for her. Shutting it behind her once she'd walked out.

'D.I Drake seems to be causing us a problem Gene.'

'I don't think she is Sir.'

Play it cool Gene, don't let it look like you care that much, but I'm not having her dragged into this, or anything bad happening to her because of this. I couldn't live with myself...

'I do, Drake's been a problem ever since she arrived at CID, I want rid, what do you think?'

'I think...that I don't want her getting rid of Sir, she's a good copper, pain in the backside but a good copper. Better than some.'

Better than you. At least she's honest...and beautiful...and intelligent...Cool Gene, play it cool. Don't let him see anything.

'I don't think so Gene.'

'Well I bloody do think so. Goodnight, Sir.' Gene said coldly as he walked out of the room, his drink untouched and his Superintendent staring after him furiously.

Bloody Hell, way to play it cool Gene, now you've gone and made him angry. Ah well, take it as it comes...now where's Bolly?

Gene strolled into Luigi's and spotted Alex sat at a table alone drinking a glass of wine,

'Oi! Luigi! A bottle of your usual crap beer please.' He yelled over at the short Italian man behind the bar as he sat down in the chair opposite Alex.

'Oh look who it is, the man in cahoots with SuperMac who is so corrupt it is untrue and you know it.' Alex said, pointing a finger at him.

'Listen Bolls, I'm sorry, It's not what you think. I've got to stay on the bad man's good side, else the whole department goes crap side up.' Gene grunted, receiving the beer handed to him by Luigi.

'You agree with me, you think Mac's corrupt?' Alex asked, leaning forward over the table.

'Between you and me Bolls, yeah. I do, Ok. But I'm going to get no-where sat back like a rabbit scared senseless am I now?'

God, don't lean so close to me woman. Bloody hell. God she's smiling that bloody smirk of a smile now. Bloody hell, I've only gone and agreed with her.

'So you agree with me? And I was right? And you know that I'm right? And you, Gene Hunt, knew I was right the whole time.' She stated, her words slurring slightly and gesturing with her wine still in her hand.

'Bloody hell Bolls, you like to flatter yourself don't you?'

'No, I'm just stating the obvious.'

'Right, well, if we're stating the obvious then you've had one too many of them Bolly.' He said, pointing at the wine in her hand.

'Mmm, maybe.' She looked at the wine in her hand, 'Oh well.' She said as she knocked the last of it back.

'Right, I'm off, see you tomorrow.' Alex got up and turned to go when Gene stood up.

'Hold on Bolls, I am sorry, I really am, but like I said. Got to play both sides Bolly. Got to play both sides.'

Alex sighed, 'Damn you Gene Hunt.' She muttered.

'What do you mean?'

She really does talk a load of nonsense sometimes...

But Gene was cut off when Alex took a step towards him and leant slowly towards him.

Oh God, what the hell's going on now? Oh bloody hell.

But his thoughts were once again suspended when Alex softly pressed her lips to his quickly, then pulled back.

'Thank you Gene.' She whispered and then walked away upstairs to her flat.

Gene stared after he in amazement and slowly brought his fingers to his lips.

'Bloody hell.' He whispered in a bemused way.

Meanwhile the little Italian man on the other side of the bar was wearing a grin as wide as the Cheshire cat.

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