Full Summary:

Casey and Derek always fought. But then something happens to Casey that never should have happened. She was in the right place at the wrong time. Now she's on the run and the only person that can help her is Derek. Mind you, it's now twenty-years in the future. What happens when Casey shows up on Derek's front porch with her two daughters? How will Derek and his family feel? And will Derek help Casey? And will Casey and her daughters be able to live a normal life after what happened?

Twenty-Years Earlier: Flashback:

"Derek!" Casey yelled as she came back in the front door. Derek and Edwin were sitting on the staircase laughing. Derek had once again convinced Casey that it was Friday morning instead of the actual date which was Saturday. She was livid. With her bag still in her hand she ran after Derek as he headed up the stairs.

George and Nora had come into the living room from the kitchen after hearing Casey yell. They wanted to know what Derek and Casey were fighting about again.

"What's going on?" George asked.

"Derek got Casey to believe it was Friday morning instead of Saturday morning." Edwin laughed.

"Edwin, that's not funny. We all wanted to get some extra sleep last night. We have a busy day today." Nora said.

"Casey, Derek, can you both get down here?" George yelled.

"Coming!" Casey yelled as she came out of her room. She pushed Derek into the wall before proceeding downstairs. She plopped onto the couch right as Derek came down the stairs rubbing his shoulder.

"Too slow Derek!" Lizzie said as she plopped down next to Casey.

"I wouldn't have been if Casey hadn't slammed me into the wall."

"Sit Derek. This goes for all of you. You need to start getting along. One day you're going to need each other and you won't have each other. Start acting like you like each other or say goodbye to your privileges." Nora and George said together.