Hello for the last time on this fic! Sad, I know. But hey, now for the last time, we're gonna have fun! Party!

Welcome to the end of fic party. Is it an author note? Is it a bonus? Who knows? Who cares? All we know is, it's a party.

MQuinn1234: *kills Keef and brings him back with the magic of sock puppets, then does it again* YESS!!!

Phoenix: Well, at least he's having fun…

Dib: Hey, wasn't there gonna be a sequel?

Phoenix: Maaaybe.

Zim: Eh, well, as long as I don't get shot again, it's fine with me.

Phoenix: Hm… *writes in notebook*

Zim:….What did you just write?

Phoenix: Uh… Zim's a nice person?

Invader Zims Victim: D…. I… B!!!!!!!!! *tackles Dib*

Dib: Eek!

GirPiggy: HISSSS, MAHN!! *they fight over Dib*

Phoenix: Catfight.

Kioku: Meowr.

Becky: Hello, Hitachiins.

Kioku: Who?

Phoenix: Oh, fuck you. You don't even have an account.

Becky: Don't need one. I can still read it.

Phoenix: …You're a lil shorty with blue hair!!

Becky: Oh, ouch. That REEEEALLY hurt. Is Nny here?

Phoenix: No, Nny is not here. This is IZ, woman.

Becky: Hm…. Gir?

Phoenix: Over there.



Gaz: Better you than me.

Phoenix: Oh, Tak. You're just sad cause Gir was the turkey all along and not you.

Tak: …What?

Phoenix: *makes a weasel noise and runs away*

Caro: Hi.

Phoenix: Tak's sad because Gir was the turkey all along and not her.

Caro: Tak! Don't be jealous of Gir!


Phoenix: Okay! You don't have to PMS about it! Gawsh! Oh, damn… I don't know what I'm gonna do after this! Emo, emo, emo….

Caro: It's okay. Weren't you going to make a sequel?

Phoenix: Oh, yeah! And I'm making my Ouran thingy. I STILL NEED A HUNNY!!!!!!!! I'm also debating on whether or not to post my fanfic about Felony, my friend Becky's JTHM character. OR SHE COULD GET AN ACCOUNT AND DO IT HERSELF!!!!!

Becky: Neverrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Phoenix: I'm also TRYING to start a band. Desperately trying. It's called Suicidal Maniacs Unite.

Gir: Ooh! Ooh! Let's do the Time Warp!


Dib: Me neither! *magically is dressed in a maid costume* AAGH!!!!!!!WHAT THE HELL?????!!!!

All the others (esp. Zim): LOL!

Thanks to all my fans, and the people who read and review. Thanks to IZV, my friend in real life, who encouraged me to post this in the first place. Thanks to Caro, who is so awesome. She's always there to bounce ideas off of and just talk to. Thanks to Kioku for…. Whatever he did.

Kioku: Not killing you in your sleep.

Yeah, for not killing me in my sleep. Thanks to Goofyannoyingkids, GirPiggy, MQuinn1234, JoeMerl, and everybody else who reviewed.

I'm gonna miss you guys so much. Hopefully not for long. And you can PM me anytime.

Goodbye for the last time on this.