Full Summary:

"Only one species is getting out of this alive," quoted Quinn. Britta Mathias knew of the dragons before they attacked the world. For the past ten years, she and her dragons have fought against the evil dragons and have won every time. Now they are in England, looking to take out the bull dragon. Will Quinn let them stay and help get rid of the dragons once he learns how many dragons Britta has on her side? And how did Britta come across her good dragons without getting killed by the evil dragons? Will her reason for having over fifty good dragons come out in the middle of a fight to stay at the castle?

Britta Mathais:

Hi, my name is Britta Mathias and I am twenty-five years old. When I was five years old, I found nearly fifty dragons wandering around my hometown in the country and I wandered up to them. Without knowing what I was doing or how dangerous the situation was, I touched the lead dragon and started petting him. From that day on, the dragons thought of me as their leader and they followed me wherever I went. And that is how we became the dragon slayers, the only difference was was that not only humans were killing the dragons, dragons were killing dragons and we were winning.

We went from continent to continent looking for dragons, blending in because they were dragons and all I had to do was hide under the wings so that the other dragons couldn't see me. While we were flying, I stayed in the leader's claws so that I was not detected and so that I could make sure we weren't being followed. We flew over castles everywhere where people were hiding out and we helped them anyway we could. We were known as the dragon slayers because we were who we were. We fought the dragons knowing that we were above the rest of the slayers. We never thought we would come across more people who would want to kill us for what we did.

But we did and we managed to get away from them. We have made a life for ourselves and those that have joined our group. We live in the sky, flying everywhere we need to in order to survive. We have with us over thirty children, forty women and fifty men. In order to keep everyone out of harms way, we have hooked up cages to the dragons backs and have made sure nobody can fall out of them if the dragons go upside down. Those that are hanging from the claws of the dragons keep watch out for the evil dragons and when we see one, the cages have fireproof metal that is pulled down over the whole of the cage and don't fall off. The dragons are aware that we live on them and do not mind it since we are there only way of survival as well. Our food is kept in backpacks that most of us had before the WAR started. We keep all of our food, canteens, ammo, guns, books, writing materials, eating utensils and anything else of value inside the bags so they do not fall out of the cages.

Also within the cages, we make sure the people are well off. We have put blankets, pillows and cushions in the cages so that the people do not have to sit on the bony and scaly backs of the dragons. Most of the time, we sleep on the ground, but if we think there is a threat about us, we sleep in the sky on the dragons, in the cages. The Sky Hawks, as we call ourselves, take shifts. Every Sky Hawk has a night of watching and a night of sleeping in the cages. Most of the Sky Hawks, as well as the other people in our small rag-tag group, have families and are families. Many of us have either seen someone killed by an evil dragon or have had a relative killed by an evil dragon.

Nobody knows how they have gotten around, but our small army of dragons has managed to multiply into a whopping 100 dragons in the last three months. We have at least six bulls and the rest are females. We planned on landing for the night in London, but we had to find the right place to camp for the night. We didn't think we would ever come in contact with so many people in one castle at one time. And we never thought we would come upon Americans mingling with British folk. This was a surprise even to us because we knew that these Americans would probably want to kill our dragons, which we've come so far with and depended on so much. They were our survival and we were there survival.

Now all we had to do was get them to accept our small group of so-called refugees as well as our dragons that stayed with us wherever we went, wherever we traveled.