..-Chapter One-.. Invitation

It was a normal day – well, night – in class. Yagari–sensei kept on lecturing on and on about how vampire – human battles shouldn't happen. He also kept saying that if any of us were involved with a human without it being authorized, he'd kill us.

Kaname-onii-sama sat beside me and sighed shutting his book closed. Shiki-san whispered something to him and he nodded. Rima-chan came and sat beside me.

"Yuuki-sama, would you like to have a sleepover with Ruka-chan?" she asked. Ruka-chan overheard her name and looked back at us.

"What, Touya-chan?" Ruka-chan's tone was annoyed but didn't really show it.

"I was asking Yuuki-sama if she'd like to have a sleepover with us." Ruka-chan rolled her eyes.

"Rima, you know that I have to study with Seiren-chan and Kain-kun." She blushed when she realized she had added 'kun' to Akatsuki-san. He looked at her curiously and looked away again quickly. Kaname-onii-sama looked at me. I tilted my head and he nodded. More confused than that I doubt I could get.

"Ruka-chan, you're "studying" with Kain-san, huh?" said Rima-chan and wiggled her eyebrows. I shook my head.

"Stop it, Rima-chan. Ruka-chan clearly has to study. We can have the sleepover ourselves. Maybe with Kaname-onii-sama and Shiki-san." She sighed.

"You're right, Yuuki-sama. The only complication will be getting Kaname-sama and Shiki-kun to accept the invitation." I nodded. "I'll talk to Shiki-kun tonight. You talk to Kaname- sama."


"Class dismissed." Yagari-sensei announced. Rima-chan and Shiki-san left the classroom holding hands and as did Ruka-chan and Kain-san.

I hadn't noticed that Kaname-onii-sama had stood up until he pulled my hand and chuckled.

"Come on, Yuuki-chan," he said. "What were you thinking about during class?"

"Nothing. I was, um, analyzing what Yagari-sensei was talking about."

"Yuuki-chan was actually paying attention to Yagari-sensei?" he said in disbelief. I only nodded. "So why was Rima-san talking Shiki-san and myself?"

I hesitated.

"She just wanted to have a sleepover with us."

"Us? Who are 'us' exactly?"

"Kaname-onii-same, Shiki-san, and Yuuki-chan. Ruka-chan can't go because she's studying with Seiren-chan and Kain-san." He nodded. "Rima-chan said she was going to talk to Shiki-san to ask him if he wanted to join." Then I remembered. "Do you want to join, Kaname-onii-sama?"

"I can't Yuuki-chan. I have to help Chairman Cross this week." I was going to complain but was stopped by his lips crushing against mine. His mouth was eager against mine but I felt his struggle for self-control.

"Kaname-kun?" that voice was a little too familiar. Chairman Cross. Kaname-onii-sama pulled away and looked, with an annoyed glare, at Chairman Cross. "Hi there, Yuuki-chan." He said sounding cheerful.

"Hi, Chairman Cross," I nodded. Then I noticed a tall figure behind him. "Zero," the tall figure nodded. A man came walking our way.

"Yuuki-sama, Kaname-sama, there you are. I've been looking all over for you two."

"Ichijou," said Kaname-onii-sama.

*** ***

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