..-Chapter Three-.. If Everything Was Still Normal (3rd person POV)

Kaname stood beside the bed in which his beloved was laying. Her eyes still remained closed. They all wondered what had happened, yet no one had an actual explanation.

"Rima, Senri… you two were the last that were with her. Do you know what happened?" Kaname asked. Even if they knew the answer to his question, he would not be calm until he heard her voice again and saw her chocolate brown eyes sparkle.

"We don't know, Kaname-sama. She was so quiet on our way here. When I asked her if she was alright… she didn't answer and that's when she passed out." Rima sighed.

'Yuuki, I hope you can explain what happened soon.' Kaname thought.

Chairman Cross entered the room at that moment. He gasped when he Yuuki. He thought she was unconscious. Or worse. She could have been dying.

"Kaname-kun, what happened?! How could you not come find me?" the Chairman yelled. Zero sighed in frustration. Zero always thought of the Chairman as being dramatic and always over reacting when it came to Yuuki. "My precious Yuuki-chan…" he whispered.

"Chairman, we're waiting for her to wake up. But since we don't know what happened to her we also don't know when she'll be waking up or regaining consciousness."

"Well. Kaname-kun. I only wish for you to inform me when she does. And if she doesn't, well, still… do the same."

Kaname bowed his head and said, "Yes, Chairman." It all felt like they were part of a military crew. With all the salutes and the 'sir' or 'yes, …'. But never the less, their main priority at the moment was Yuuki.

"Yuuki…" whispered Zero. But it was so low they wouldn't consider it a whisper.

"Excuse us, Kaname-kun." Said the Chairman. Senri and Rima felt invisible. To the only one the Chairman was talking to was Kaname. And Zero was almost mute. Kaname nodded.

"Rima, I think I know what she needs." Kaname said after a few minutes of silence.

"And what would that be, Kaname-sama?"

"Blood." Was the only word that came out of his mouth.

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