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Light Shines Through Those Who Have Cracked

Chapter One

The Next Generation

'Reese Nixon-Smith...' Dr Crabblesnitch drummed his fingers on the smooth oak desk and peered down at the file for a moment. With a vague frown he gently closed it and sat back in his seat. He looked up at the boy sitting opposite him and regarded him thoughtfully with his yellowed, rheumy eyes. He was bald on the top of his head, with lines of neat grey hair down either side. He sat slightly slumped, the way elderly men did, but he certainly didn't sound like an old man. His voice was as loud and authoritative as ever. 'Well I'll be frank. I never expected you to join this school, especially after your family history.'

Reese shrugged his shoulders and rubbed the back of his shin with his toes. 'Might as well keep up the family tradition.'

'I hope your family tradition doesn't involve widespread destruction and intricate schemes against the student body and the faculty.'

Reese considered it for a moment. 'There's nothing written in stone.' He replied.

Dr Crabblesnitch smiled wanly. 'Quite. Well, I also have to admit that I was quite dubious about allowing you to join us. Even your mother was quite unsure of the decision, but she says you were the one who was so keen to attend this school, is that correct?'


'Yeah?' Crabblesnitch arched a greyed eyebrow.

'Yes sir. It was my choice.'

'May I enquire as to why? You've always attended schools outside of Bullworth. Not that any of them will have you anymore.'

Reese thought for a moment, and then shrugged. 'I dunno.'

Crabblesnitch stared at him for a moment before looking back down at his file. He opened it again and leafed through a few pages. 'I would have liked you to say that you wanted to turn your life around. You haven't exactly got a squeaky clean record, have you Reese?'

'Nobody's perfect.'

'Well I expect my pupils to be.' Crabblesnitch replied sharply. 'And you, my boy, are nothing of the sort. It seems you are quite the little rebel. Deliberate retaliation against authority, organising fights in the school yard, mass anti-establishment graffiti… Well you're quite the little revolutionary aren't you?'

Reese just shrugged and made an indifferent sound.

'This all just makes me even more curious to why you would want to join Bullworth Academy. You know fine well the strict rules that the students have to abide by. One would imagine that it would be the last place an anarchist like you would want to attend. I can't help but look at your file and see a lot of your father looking back at me.'

Reese half smiled. 'Then maybe I do want to change my ways.'

Crabblesnitch sat back, his chair creaking beneath his shifting weight. 'I remember having him sitting in that exact same seat almost twenty years ago. He was nothing but a child then, and I honestly did not see the little wretch for what he was until it was too late. I assure you that I don't make the same mistake twice.'

'I bet you wore that tie before though.' Reese commented.

'I do not tolerate backchat, boy.' Crabblesnitch frowned. 'And I am going to make it my solemn duty to keep tabs on you all the time. If there is any trouble at all then I'm not going to hesitate to pin you as the prime suspect.'

Reese's defiant smirk faltered. 'Well that's not exactly fair, is it?'

'You should have thought about the way people would respond to you when you released crickets into the ventilation system of your last school.'

Reese chuckled. 'Yeah, that was pretty funny.'

'Well I'm not laughing, boy.' Crabblesnitch frowned. 'I am going to keep a very close eye on you. I want you to leave the Academy as a responsible and tolerable young man. I want you to keep your nose clean, boy. If you don't, then I won't hesitate to clean it for you.'

'Whatever.' Reese sighed.

'I'm sorry?'

'Whatever, sir.'

Crabblesnitch looked at him for a moment. 'Consider this your first warning.' He said. 'Next time we meet I hope you have smartened up your attitude. Now get out of my sight. Your uniform will be in your dorm. As you know today is still technically enrolment day so school doesn't officially start until tomorrow. You have the rest of the day to get used to the grounds and familiarise yourself with your fellow students. There is an introductory assembly tomorrow morning at nine sharp, so I expect to see your face. Then classes will begin in the afternoon. I expect you to have full attendance, do you understand?'

'Definitely.' Reese nodded. 'Wouldn't miss it for the world.'

Crabblesnitch narrowed one eye. 'Now run along, boy. I have a long line of students to get through today.'

Reese stood up and shouldered his bag. He saluted with his other hand and grinned lopsidedly. 'Thank you, sir.'

Crabblesnitch blinked. 'Right. Of course. You're welcome.'

Reese grinned again and headed out of the office. He offered the same wide grin to the grey haired receptionist who was talking self-importantly on the phone. She narrowed her eyes at him briefly and then turned around in her chair so she had her back to him.

'So?' his anxious mother latched onto him as soon as he stepped out of the office. 'How did it go? Does he hate you yet?' Elliott Nixon frowned deeply in distaste, her fair eyebrows almost meeting in the middle. 'I bet he does. Men like him had hold grudges for generations, and that guy has seen generations of generations.'

Reese raised an eyebrow at his mother. She stood with her arms folded and a grumpy look on her face. She was dressed simply in jeans and sneakers and a dark brown jacket. Already one of the Prefects had mistaken her as a senior, which had most certainly put a smile on her face. She was definitely the youngest parent present at the moment, probably by at least ten years. Reese had been surprised at the amount of old folks tailing the other students around the campus. Some of them looked older than Crabblesnitch, and that guy was old. They were probably knocking up his coffin right at that very moment.

'Ah he's a pushover,' Reese said dismissively, heading for the stairs. 'He won't be able to go very far without his cane and his piss bag anyway.'

Elliott frowned disapprovingly and followed him, slipping her arm through his. At fifteen, Reese was now just a little taller than her. He had grown broad and solid, a similar build to his father when he was that age. Although there were differences of course; Reese had Elliott's nose, and her blue eyes, and much to her pleasure he hadn't inherited his father's bad taste in hairstyle - although he could still do with a trim. And there was also the grisly scar on his jaw.

'Yeah well don't act smug,' Elliott warned him as they headed down the stairs, passing a peculiar fat kid that looked like a toad. 'No one likes a smug kid. And also remember that you're the new kid too. No one likes a smug new kid. I remember what these kids are like, it wasn't that long ago that I was here you know.'

'Yeah, fifteen years, I know. You keep reminding me.' Reese smirked. 'You just like to know that you're the youngest parent, don't you?'

Elliott flashed him a smile. 'That kid thought I was a senior. How awesome is that?'

Reese smirked and shook his head. 'I thought you said no one likes smug?'

'Ah, but I get to go home at the end of the day. You, my friend, have to stay here.'

Reese shrugged his shoulders and pulled open the main doors that led out onto the campus. Heading out they passed a tall, rodent like blonde man with a small, meek looking kid hurrying behind him. Elliott and Reese watched them over their shoulders until the doors closed.

'We can check Nerds off the list,' Elliott nodded, returning her attention to where she was going. 'So the school still has Nerds, Jocks and Greasers. Preps are missing. They've got to be around here somewhere…'

Reese nodded to the left side of the stairs. 'Check off Preps.' He told her.

Elliott looked to see two identical blonde girls walking up the stairs, every step in sync. They were dressed from head to toe in Aquaberry. The only way anyone knew they were actually two separate people and not a mirror image of each other was that one had long hair and the other had short hair. They looked down their noses at Elliott as they passed and then swanned through the main doors, shoving a small, mousy haired girl out of their way.

'Urgh,' Elliott shuddered visibly. 'I'm glad they weren't around when I was here. Geez it was bad enough with just Princess Pinky roaming around.' She turned back to Reese and squeezed his arm, her expression turning serious. 'Are you sure this is what you want? Absolutely positive? Because you just need to say the word and this place will be eating our dust in a matter of seconds.'

Reese shook her off, glancing around in embarrassment. 'I'm sure. Just don't start getting all blubbery on me. I don't want everyone thinking I'm some kind of mommy's boy.'

'Tell them I'm your sister.' Elliott winked. 'Or your older and very attractive girlfriend. I could put on an Italian accent. Guys dig Italian chicks, right?'

Reese screwed up his nose. 'Mom!' He headed down the steps, shaking his head. 'That's disgusting.'

Laughing, Elliott followed him. 'I'm joking. But seriously, there are dozens of other schools around. Cheaper schools, may I add.' She paused and shrugged. 'Fair enough you've been expelled from all the close ones…'

'The nearest school is practically in the next state. And anyway I'm sick of having to travel to get to school when there's one right down the road. I never really thought it was fair that you stopped me from going here just because you didn't like it.'

'It wasn't just because I didn't like it,' Elliott snorted irritably. 'I just don't like the idea of my money going into this dump. And it's full of crazy people.'

Reese shrugged and looked around. 'I'm sure to know one or two of the kids who go here, after all I've lived in this town all my life.'

Elliott sighed. 'I suppose.' She breathed, hanging on his arm as they made their way to the Boy's Dorm. She gazed around as they went. 'Man this place hasn't changed much. I can't believe there are only two new faculty members too. I thought half of them would be dead by now, or at least retired.' She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. 'I always thought that they could be robots. This only strengthens the theory…'

Reese glanced around. 'Mom, don't be nerdy.'

Elliott rolled her eyes and nudged him. 'Don't be such a moody-pants.'

'Please don't call me moody-pants.'

'How about cutie-pie?' Elliott grinned.

Reese shook his head irritably. 'You're a total loser.'

She puckered her lips and pinched his cheek. 'And you are totally cute.' She told him, just as two giant Jocks stomped by.

'Hey, missus,' one of them called to her as they passed. 'You wanna let me pinch those rosy cheeks of yours? You know which ones I'm talkin' about!' They both high-fived and continued away, laughing loudly.

Reese scowled and started to turn around, but Elliott forced him to keep walking. 'Don't be stupid,' she told him. 'They'll crush you. And anyway, it's nice to receive compliments. Even if they are lame.' She paused in thought. 'Is it good to have a rosy ass?'

Reese scowled after the two Jocks anyway. 'Yeah, well… my dad would kick their asses anyway.'

Elliott laughed. 'You think he could kick their asses? I think you're mistaking Gary with someone who can punch their way out of a paper bag.' Before Reese had a chance to defend his dad they had reached the Boy's Dorm. 'Well,' Elliott sighed loudly. 'End of the line. No going back once you step in there, pal.'

Reese eyed the dormitory. It was small and covered in old egg stains. The Y in Boy's Dorm was practically hanging off and one of the windows was boarded up. There were already kids milling in and out, some of them in uniforms and some not.

'You sure you're doing this?' Elliott asked him again. 'Because I won't blame you if you want to run away screaming. In fact I'll probably join you.'

Reese shook his head and moved forward, eyes gleaming. 'No. I'm sure I'm doing this.'

Elliott nodded and clapped her hands. 'Well. I would come in but… well, I'm female and it's probably frowned upon.' She paused, eyeing him. 'So I guess I'll just go then.'

Reese nodded, still staring up at the dorm. 'Yeah. I'll call you.'

Elliott smacked her lips and swung her arms by her sides. 'Yup. I'll just head off home now. Waiting for that call. Alone.'

Reese glanced around to her, knowing she wanted a hug. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her protruding bottom lip and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Finally he moved towards her and gave her a brief hug. She embraced him tightly before he had a chance to move away.

'Don't say anything stupid to kids bigger than you,' she said frantically. 'And don't stay down by the gym after dark. And don't fall in with the Nerds. Or anyone for that matter. And if the chef is still called Edna for God's sake don't eat the apple pie or the casserole.'

Reese pried her off. 'I'll be fine,' he assured her. 'I'm not a kid.'

Elliott nodded. 'Of course. Sorry.' She looked at him worriedly. 'Make sure you call me though, yeah? Because if you don't I'll just come down. And that will be embarrassing. Mainly because I'll bring cookies. Heart shaped ones.'

Reese smiled. 'Bye, mom.'

She waved as he headed up the steps. 'And don't go behind the school bus, okay? If the teachers are still alive then that guy will definitely be kicking around. He was like a cockroach.'

Reese nodded. 'Okay. See you.'

'Ciao amore mio!' Elliott called in her worst Italian accent, attracting curious glances from the few students dotted around. 'Call me!'

Reese rolled his eyes and waved over his shoulder without turning, and then pushed through the doors of the Boy's Dorm and into his first year at Bullworth Academy.