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Warning: this fanfic includes yaoi, mpreg, and slight Twilight bashing. Don't like, don't read.

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Forgive Me for I Have Sinned

Riku had no idea what had just happened. Last thing he remembered was being taken away by a mysterious man. He woke up to find that he was in a bedroom he had not noticed before. He also saw that he was not in his normal clothes. He had a white shirt that was unbuttoned and some tight black pants. He struggled to button up the shirt only to find out that the buttons had somehow been removed. He then heard someone laugh.

A man stood before him in dark blue jeans and a striped t-shirt. He was looking down adorably at the boy, "My sweet, have we finally woken up?"

Riku glared at his kidnapper, "You…you bastard."

His kidnapper chuckled in amusement, "Please, call me Krait, for now."

Riku stood up from the bed, "Okay then, Krait. I have a question for you. Why the hell did you kidnap me?!"

Krait rested his hand on the teen's shoulder, "Well if you must know, I took a liking to you. So I decided to make you my own. I did it out of love."

Riku stepped back, "L-love? I don't understand. I already belong to somebody! I'm going to be a father in a matter of months!"

"Oh, you must mean that little brunette twerp you were living with. Don't you worry, I'll deal with him soon enough and we won't have anyone to bother us."

"You don't understand! I don't love you! You can't always get what you want!"

"That's where you're wrong. I always get what I want."

"You can't always get whatever you want! Besides, I'm like 17 and you look 30. That's pedophilia!"

Krait shook his head, "Again, you are wrong. I'm more 300."

Riku gasped, "But…how?"

Krait bent down to face Riku, "Vampires don't age."

The silver haired teen's blood ran cold, "V-vampire?"

"And don't worry about all that sparkling shit you read in books. That's just some crazy bullshit someone came up with to disgrace all vampires."

Riku stood his ground, "I don't care if you're a vampire! I don't love you and I never will!"

Krait sighed, "I think you will. Soon you will be mine forever."

He embraced Riku tightly. Riku had for some reason been drained of his energy and couldn't break free of Krait's tight grasp.

Riku looked up at the vampire, "Let me go."

Krait put a finger to the boy's soft lips, "Quiet my love. All I need to do is bite you three times, and you will be mine. Riku, my love, with this first bite I will mark you as mine so no other vampire can take you away from me. You will address me as your master."

Riku tried once more to break free, "Bullcrap, I will never call you my master!"

Krait laughed, sending a shiver down Riku's spine, "Once I bite you Riku, a bond unlike any other will form marking you as my own. Even you won't deny it. You will be unable to refuse anything I ask you and will take any roll that I request with no hesitation. Whether that roll is slave or mate."

Riku dropped his head, "No…"

Krait kissed Riku's forehead, "Yes, my darling."

The vampire, without losing his firm grip, tilted Riku's head to the side so he could easily sink into the teen's slim neck, "Sweet dreams my love." He leaned down and sunk his sharp fangs deep into Riku's skin.

Riku gasped at the sharp pain but soon moaned as he started to lose consciousness, "S-Sora…forgive me."

Sora read the letter over again. Why would this guy wanna kidnap Riku? He decided it was time to find some answers. He couldn't let Riku down. Riku went after Sora when he ran away. Sora should do the same. But he needed some help. He was pregnant and Riku would never forgive him if he went out alone only to lose the child. Once again, he dug through some useless shit until he found his keyblade. Hopefully, Roxas could be some help.

Roxas was watching the news at home when he saw something he couldn't believe, "AXEL!!!!"

Axel walked into the room yawning, "Hey babe, what's wrong? You woke me up."

Roxas shook his head, "Sorry, but you can't believe what I saw on the news. I recorded it on TiVo so you can watch it!"

Axel shrugged, "Okay, let me see it."

Roxas rewound the TiVo and played it for Axel. When it was over he turned to the redhead, "It's him."

Axel stood there in awe, "Krait Judoka."

Roxas nodded. All of the sudden he heard a familiar name come from the TV screen, "Wait a second…" he turns up the volume and he and Axel listen.

Krait Judoka, the only known vampire to date in the world, has apparently captured another victim for him to call his own. A 17 year old named Riku Strife, son of Cloud and Kadaj Strife. Judoka left a note in Strife's home where he and his boyfriend Sora Shinra, the adopted son of Rufus and Reno Shinra, were residing. If you have any information on where Judoka may be or Strife, please contact the police immediately. When Shinra reported the kidnapping, he mentioned that it was strictly urgent that he be returned as soon as possible but would not say why. Judoka has a history of kidnapping young men ranging from 15 to 19 and they are never seen again. He is on the Top Five Most Wanted list for the FBI and the CIA. It is important this vampire be caught and Strife be rescued safely. In other news…

The TV screen went black as Axel turned it off, "Roxas, what can we do? Sora is five weeks pregnant and probably frightened. He's been through enough and then one of the Organization XIII's worst enemies shows up and kidnaps Riku."

Roxas tilted his head, "What has Judoka done to the Organization to make him one of our worst enemies?"

His lover bent down to his eye level, "You know why Xemnas is strictly against nobodies having children?"

Roxas pondered, "Uhm…yeah."

Axel paused, "Well, there's a reason for that. A long time ago, Larxene had a child with someone who liked to keep their identity private. He grew up to be Organization's number 13. When he reached the age of 16, he was on a mission when he came across Judoka, who proceeded to kidnap him. News spreads like wildfire in the Org. XIII and so when Larxene found out her son had been kidnapped and later on killed, she was devastated. Xemnas then made Judoka one of the top three worst enemies and made a rule that nobodies weren't allowed to have children so that this incident wouldn't happen again."

Roxas lowered his head, "Is that why Larxene is so mean to me? Because I took her son's place in the Organization?"

Axel lifted Roxas's chin and quickly kissed him, "That and you remind her of him so much."

Yay!!! First chapter is done! I had so much fun writing just this one chapter. I have half of the story planned out already! I hope you don't mind I stuck a few Final Fantasy VII yaoi pairings in there! I'm sorry to anyone who was offended by that! I spent five minutes thinking of a last name for Riku and came up with nothing. So I made him Cloud and Kadaj's kid since he and Kadaj both have silver hair. I couldn't think of any pairings I liked in FFVII with brunettes so I made Sora an adopted son of Rufus and Reno.

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