There's Always A Way

Oneshot about Babs (Batgirl)

The doctors said that she would never walk again. Barbara had other plans. She would walk again, and she would be batgirl again. Because nothing is impossible. Because if there is a will, there is a way.

And there was a will. So there was a way.

Barbara learned from Bruce, the master of stubbornness and determination. She knew there was a way. She refused to be despondent.

She wheeled over to the empty training room and purposely stumbled onto the wheelchair onto the floor. This was the last time she would use that dratted thing. She wasn't going to let the Joker control her life.

The "family" had a lot of money so a week ago Barbara had stem-cell surgery so now she knew that it was possible. But she didn't need a physical therapist, she would be her own physical therapist.

A week later she was back to her old self, not only could she walk but also she was the acrobat/fighter she always was. So she and Dick Grayson (who was Robin) patrolled the streets as Batgirl and Robin. The Joker escaped so Batgirl/Barbara chased him and kicked him and said, "Surprised to see me again?" and did a front flip and then did a roundhouse kick at the Joker's chin. The Joker tried to cut her with a knife but Barbara blocked the shot and punched the Joker until she knocked him unconscious. She handcuffed him with bat-handcuffs and then she and Robin took out all of the Joker's henchmen and then called for the cops to come pick them up.

It felt good to get back at the Joker, even though it was about justice it also felt like revenge. Which was alright with Barbara, because it made her feel stronger but she knew that she didn't use lethal force so it was okay.

Batgirl and Robin continued to patrol the street, stopping a few muggings here and there and saving a little girl from a rapist.

Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake were training to be the knew Batgirl and Robin, well Cassie was already trained because of her murderous father, but in any case Gotham soon would need a new Batgirl and Robin because Dick had heard that the crime rate in Bludhaven was horrible and convinced Barbara to move there with him, but they wouldn't move there until Cassie and Tim were ready.