Dance with the Devil

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Saito twisted his body to avoid the Battousai's bloody blade. The Battousai turned with him and Saito dodged another attack with the grace of a predator. Saito's blade hissed through the air, drawing blood from the Battousai's shoulder. Each was wounded in several places, but this would be a duel to the death. There was no one to interfere in this battle, no one to die in each others place. Saito growled as he lunged forward, his blade sliding down the Battousai's and twisting when it hit the hilt. The Battousai twisted in the same direction, throwing Saito off balance and creating the opening the Battousai needed.

Saito saw the blade coming but there was no time to avoid the attack this time. The blade slid into his side and twisted savagely. Saito's vision tunneled and he felt the blade slipping free. He contorted his body as he fell and slashed at the Battousai. The Battousai swept it aside easily and then knelt down beside Saito. The Battousai drew a dagger from his belt and grabbed his hair. The Battousai drew his head backwards and slashed the dagger across his throat.

A cherry blossom fell to the ground beside Saito's dead body.


Saito sat up gasping for breath. He ran one hand across his throat and then glanced outside at the storm that was raging. Lightning flashed and Saito looked around his room. He saw a cherry blossom sitting on the single table that was in the room and shivered. It had been months since he had had a dream like that. Saito pushed the blankets away and noticed that he had clenched his hands so hard during the nightmare that he had cut open the palms of each with his nails. He looked over at the mirror and saw blood on his throat. Saito felt sick.

The storm continued to get louder and Saito pulled his knees up to his chest. He rested his head on his knees and sighed. Why had these nightmares started again? Saito heard a movement outside his door and automatically pulled a dagger from a hidden spot beside his futon. The door opened slowly to reveal a soaking wet Battousai. Saito clenched his teeth for a moment and stood up. The Battousai's eyes were golden and full of danger. Saito backed off of his futon and towards the wall where his sword was leaning.

"Don't even think about it, Wolf. I'll kill you the minute you try." The Battousai said in a low tone. His eyes roamed over Saito's body, making Saito realize that he wasn't wearing any clothes. "Injure yourself?"

Saito growled and lunged backwards for his sword. He was able to get his hand on the sheath before he felt the Battousai's blade at his back. There was a slight pressure and he dropped the sword, but he also whipped the dagger backwards at the Battousai. The Battousai caught the dagger high on his weak arm and flinched. The moment of distraction was enough for Saito to get away from him though. Saito had his back to the table and the Battousai drew the dagger from his arm.

Saito knew that without a weapon he was going to be helpless against the Battousai. Saito reached backward and touched the cherry blossom tenderly. The action did not escape the Battousai.

"You miss Okita don't you Wolf?" the Battousai asked quietly. His eyes had changed into a deep purple in color. "That's why I haven't seen you out lately."

The Battousai did not say anything more, he just stood there. Saito nodded and lowered his eyes. Then the Battousai simply tossed the dagger outside and left Saito alone. Saito watched him leave and let out a sigh. He had no idea why the Battousai was acting the way he was but he did not have any wish to dance with the red haired devil tonight. He had his own devil to deal with.

This story was inspired by the song Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin. (The beat of the music)

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