Free Hugs



"Yes Tenten."

"Why are you holding a sign that says free hugs?"

"To offer the citizens of Konoha all of my love and to hopefully spread the vivacity of youth throughout our beloved village!"

"No really Lee, why are you holding that sign?"

"Why Tenten! Do you believe that I would have an alternate motive for awaking the passion in our fellow neighbor's heart?"

"Yes, now what is it."

The green clad boy looked around the busied streets discretely.

"If I enclose to you the secrets of my heart, will you plead to me not to take the information in vain?"

"Fine Lee, I promise not to get upset. Now what are you doing?"

"This sign is the solution to all of love's problems!"

A brunette brow rose at the cardboard rectangular cutout with black letterings.


"I have watched two beautiful souls deny their heart's calling for far too long! I cannot stand to watch these potential lovers refuse themselves the beauty and splendor of true love any longer! I am their friend and as such will promise to guide them to the happiness they truly deserve!"

"Wait a minute Lee, what are you talking about? Who's in love?"

"Why you and Neji of course!"

"Me…and Neji."


"And the sign…"

"This sign will prompt the glorious act of embracing and I believe the physical affection between our team will rouse the slumbering admiration of your hearts and trigger your words of devotion for one another."

"So you think that this sign will make us…hug you and then make me and Neji…confess to each other."

"I find it to be a brilliant plan!"

"So that's why you asked me to come here."


"And that's why we're standing a block away from the Hyuuga estate."

A ten-watt smile complete with dazzling white teeth as well as the classic thumbs up was her teammate's immediate pose.



"Yes Tenten."

"Put the sign away."


A/N: Inspired by Free Hugs Day and Lee's relentless support for the blossoming of new love. Sorry that it's short, wanted to keep it all dialogue. Please review! :)

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