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Chapter 4: Sakura's Sadness

I got into my car and sat there for a couple seconds, thinking about Sakura. Suddenly there was a quick tapping on my window, I looked over to see Itachi looking at me with a smirk.

I rolled down the window. "Yes, what is it?" I asked, in a bored tone. "Sasuke, don't you think it would be helpful to drive, with your keys?" Itachi asked, me and I looked down at my hand and my face must've turned a bit red because Itachi chuckled. "Yeah I guess it would help," I muttered, he handed me the keys, then ruffled my hair much to my dislike. "Could you stop doing that,"

"I could, but I won't," He said as he walked away from the car.

My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I'm seventeen, and I believe I am hurting my best friend. I live with my older brother Itachi, because he took me away from our parents so that I could be safe.

I really hate that we're doing this to Naruto, but it can't be helped, because Sakura won't do anything to hurt the dobe.

I pulled into the driveway of Sakura's home, and killed the engine, got out and went to the door. When the door opened, Sakura's mother Yuri smiled at me. "Well hello Sasuke, how are you tonight?" She asked, allowing me into the house. Yuri was well aware of mine and Sakura's situation, so I have nothing to worry about with her.

"I'm fine," I replied smiling back at her. "Is Sakura ready?"

"Let me go check," and she moved swiftly up the stairs. She soon returned, not long after going up. "She'll be down in a bit."

"Thank you," I said, she nodded a bright smile on her face making me blush slightly. Then Sakura was descending the stairs, and she looked lovely, as always. "Hello Sakura,"

"Hi Sasuke-kun," she said walking over to peck me on the cheek.

"I hope you two have fun tonight" Yuri said, in a bright voice, as I walked out the door behind of Sakura, who was blushing.

"Your mother is really nice," I said smirking causing Sakura to blush harder, I held open the car door for her, and she got in, then I got in after her. Before starting the engine I looked at her.

"Is something wrong Sasuke-kun?" she asked, she must've noticed the look in my eye.

"Yeah, sort of," I said sighing, running a hand through my hair. "It's just that…..you're still with dobe….I mean Naruto," I corrected myself, " and well…..I want you to be with just me," I said, feeling like a complete goober for saying that.

"So, you're going to break up with me, aren't you," she asked, looking down at her hands.

"No, that's not it," I replied, grabbing her left hand and kissing it. "I'm only saying, that you should break up with Naruto, so we can be together," her eyes widened a bit, then she relaxed.

"But what if it hurts him, and he never speaks to us again?" She asked, anxiety creeping into her voice. "I mean you're his best friend….." She trailed off, probably from a loss of words.

"Just think about it, okay," I said, leaning over to kiss her forehead, I then started the car, and we drove away from her house.

I sat next to Sakura in the theater, and to be honest I can't remember what it was even about, because my thoughts were running a mile a minute.

I took her hand in mine, twining our fingers together, and she jerked in surprise.

"Did I scare you?" I asked, smirking at her, she blushed deeply, and I thought it was cute.

"No," she said defensively, then turned back to the screen, to try and recover from her embarrassment.

Later, we sat in my room, making out. I would rub my hands over her back, causing her to shudder and I would go to the hem of her shirt, and she'd tense a bit making me hesitate. She knows I wouldn't go any further without her permission, because we both want to take things slow, well kind of slow.

I moved down from her lips, across her jaw line, causing her to shudder, and her breathing increased. "Sa….suke," she murmured, running her fingers through my hair. Then I moved back to her lips, leading her through it. Then a couple minutes later, we broke apart, our breathing uneven and heavy.

"Sakura, I have something I want to ask you," I said, once my breathing was normal which was a lot faster than Sakura. I got up from the bed and went over to my desk, I could feel her curious gaze on my back. When I found what I was looking for I rejoined her on the bed, and her gaze zeroed in on my right hand which was closed in a fist.

"What is that Sasuke?" She asked, licking her lips.

"I want to make it official," I said, then held out my class ring to her, and she gasped. "I know it's a bit old fashioned, but will you be mine?" Suddenly it seemed she stopped breathing, and I got worried. "Sakura?"

"Yes," she said, it came out sounding breathless, her eyes were watering, a tear slipping down her cheek, I wiped it away with my thumb.

"Great," I said, placing the ring into her hand, and after I did she flung her arms around me, knocking me backward onto the bed. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and she sighed.

"I'll do it," she whispered confusing me, I pulled back and looked at her.

"You'll do what?" I asked.

"I'll break it off with Naruto, on Monday," she said swiping at her eyes. I swept away a stray tear from her cheek. "I promise," I leaned closer and kissed her.

Later that night, I lay on my bed thinking about what it would be like to publicly date Sakura, and it made me smile. There was a soft knock on my door. "Come in," I said and the door opened to my brother's fiancé, Chie. She's a very attractive woman, and very kind, the perfect match for Itachi. "What's up Chie?"

"I'm glad you're up, there's something you should know," I noticed how she was trying to hide a large smile.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, and she shook her head, and Itachi walked into the room behind her, and wrapped his arms around Chie's waist.

"No, it's good news," Chie said placing her arms over Itachi's. I looked from my brother, to his soon to be wife, and they both had big goofy smiles on their faces. "We're having a baby," and I literally felt my jaw drop open.

"wow," was all I managed to say, and Chie laughed lightly at my expression. "Congrats," I said after a bit. Chie removed herself from Itachi's grasp, and walked over to me. "We were wondering, would you like to be the godfather?" she asked, and I nodded. "Good, well, we'll leave you alone then, goodnight."

"Night," I said as they exited the room. A little bit after they left, my phone started vibrating, so I walked over to my desk and picked it up and flipped it open.

"Hello," I knew it was Sakura, but I was confused as to why she would be calling so late.

"Sasuke, I'm sorry to bother you but…." I could hear the sadness in her voice. "But I need you, will you meet me at the river?" she asked, her voice sounding weak.

"Sakura? What's wrong?" I asked, becoming worried.

"I'll explain once you're there….please," .

"All right, see you there,"

I closed my phone, and got off my bed, and pulled my jacket from the back of the door and pulled it on, grabbed my phone, and I left the room. Once I was down stairs, Chie intercepted me. "Sasuke, what's wrong?" She asked, noticing my harried expression, as I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. "Something's wrong with Sakura, I'll be back, but I'm not sure when," and I went out to the car.

Once I was parked in a little parking lot, I walked down to the river, where I found a tree with a tree house in its boughs. I climbed up the ladder, and when I was in the tree house, I scooted over to her, and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. Her knees were raised up to her chest, and her face buried in her knees.

"What's wrong?" I asked, softly she moved closer to my side.

"I-I feel like, the last six years have just, crashed onto me," she said sniffling.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You remember the day my father died, right," I nodded even though I wasn't sure she could see. "Well, that's when Ayame ran off to college, she was eighteen. And she was always like, my best friend…..someone I could tell everything to,"

"And now you feel like, she won't be there for you?" I asked, wishing I could stop her from hurting.

"Not just that," she said hiccupping. "It just feels like, my whole world is crashing down,"


"Sasuke, my mother's dying," she said, and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

"How do you know?" I asked, my grip tightening.

"Yesterday, while she was out shopping, the phone rang, and I picked it up, and it was Dr. Ono, he said that her results were in and they were positive, so I asked him, what results, and he said, the results for leukemia," She was sobbing now, almost hyperventilating. "I'm losing my whole family,"

"Sakura, don't think of it that way," I said, she laid her head on my shoulder, her tears soaking my jacket. "I mean there are treatments for that now, she'll live longer than back in the old days,"

"No, she won't," she said. "Ono-sensei, told me it's too far along to treat,"

"Sakura," I sighed, trying my best to stop her tears, I rocked her back and forth trying to calm her down. We ended up staying that way for a long time, before her tears finally quieted, her breathing becoming slower. I knew she was asleep, so I didn't move. I calmly moved my left arm, the one that wasn't supporting her, and pulled my cell phone from my pocket and dialed home.

"Hello? Sasuke where are you?" Chie sounded worried, and I felt guilty for making her sound that way, she was like my mother. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"I'm sorry Chie," I said softly so I wouldn't wake Sakura. "But I'll be home in the morning, because Sakura's going through something big right now, and I need to stay with her tonight,"

Chie sighed into the phone. "I understand, you're brother's the one who's worried,"

"Am not" I heard in the background. "Don't believe her Sasuke."

"I promise I'll be home in the morning, and we won't do anything." I said.

"Ok, good," Chie sounded a little relieved to know I was safe.

"Chie, could you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Of course."

"Do you think you could call Sakura's mother, and tell her I'm with Sakura, an not to worry too much?" I asked.

"I will,"

"Thanks," then I closed my phone, and put it back in my pocket. I kissed the top of Sakura's head, then lay down on the floor, pulling her on top of me, so she wouldn't be stiff in the morning. "I love you," I whispered softly, before drifting off.

"Sasuke," I heard her giggle, then felt her lean over me. "Sasuke-kun, time to wake up," then she kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Sakura, what are you doing in my room," I asked slightly confused as to where I was.

"We're in my old tree house," she laughed at me, and I felt my face heat up as I remembered what happened last night.

"Oh, right," I sat up and rubbed my head, then looked over at her. Her eyes looked a little red still, but she looked fine either way. "We should get you home, your mother and sister are probably worried about you,"

"Yeah," she said softly, her voice holding a bit of guilt in it.