Title: Who wants to live forever (part 14)
Rating: PG-13
TV verse: Blood Ties
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money..
Wc: 489
Sequel to: Expectations
AN.: A big THANK YOU to
luvinmike for being such a great beta!

Part 14:

Henry was almost embarrassed to have not heard the human approach. But seeing why he had been understandably distracted at that moment - by a living and breathing Michael Celluci – he let it slide. Henry instead redirected that frustration to the man holding him at sword's point. He was just about to rip the Scot's arm off – after all nobody dared to threaten Henry Fitzroy, former Prince of England and Duke of Richmond, without paying the consequences – when a strong hand on his shoulder stopped him.

Shocked, he watched as the blond moved between himself and the tall brunette and demanded:

"Duncan, don't. He just wanted to help."

The expression on the swordsman's face was priceless and must have been a mirror image of his own disbelief upon hearing those words.

Celluci defending him?! The man must have suffered a serious head injury because there was no other explanation for it!

And Henry would have been lying to himself if he denied that the detective's protectiveness toward him warmed him inside.

A big smile had unknowingly blossomed across his face, but it vanished instantly when he realized that their standoff had attracted an uninvited audience. Unknown to both humans, the shadow walker had left his post in the garden and crept up on them. It stood to the Scot's right, about to strike. Without thinking, he just reacted by throwing himself upon the muscular man, thereby pushing him out of harm's way and shielding him with his own body.

He tensed in expectation of a vicious blow, but instead he heard a bat-like screech and, after having searched for the terrible sound's origin, saw a silver dagger emerge from the creature's heart, and through its translucent body the blurred shape of a tall but thin man, who coldly stated:

"I hate those things!"

Then, within the blink of an eye, the blade was withdrawn and even while the body was still falling, a beautiful Ivanhoe sword was swung in a smooth move to decapitate the thing. Then it was immediately lit on fire. All traces of the creature vanished in an instant.

"All right! Beer anyone?" the man asked, as if what he had just done was the most normal thing in the world.

Quickly pulling himself together (he seemed to have to do that a lot lately), Henry rose from the sputtering long-haired man beneath him to stand by Mike's side.


"Not here, MacLeod! Later. Right now, I need a drink. You coming?"

The question was directed at Henry, and something in those green-golden, cat-like eyes told Henry that this was no request and that he didn't want to have this man as his enemy.

Taking one look at Mike he nodded his acceptance. He wasn't letting Mike out of his sight again!


Unseen by any of the four men, two women walking hand in hand along the street laughed and vanished into thin air.