Bad Idea

Chapter # 1

Summery: Tony messes up big time, so big it could cost him his career at NCIS. But Gibbs has an alternant plan of action.

WARNING: Contains the corporal punishment of an adult. If you have a problem with that, don't read it, you have been warned.

NOTE: this story is set pre-show. Tony has only been with NCIS for two months.

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo stood at a bus stop, pretending to be waiting on a bus. The young man was actually waiting for his new boss, Gibbs, to catch the bad guy they had been staking out. A Petty Officer named Greene had stolen weapons from the armory at the base he had been stationed at, killing two guards in doing so. NCIS and the ATF were working the case.

The Petty officer was in an apartment building across the street. Tony had instructions to stay put and watch the front of the building, only acting if he saw the man run out the front. But Tony knew he wouldn't see any action, the man would never get away from Gibbs, he was too good.

Tony sighed and grew frustrated. He was a damn good agent, but Gibbs treated him like a kid. He was a trained cop, he deserved more tasks then guarding a door that would not be used. All he needed was a chance to show Gibbs how good he was.

Then he smiled, he had an idea. He would go into the building and find Greene before Gibbs did. If he caught Greene, then Gibbs would know he was good. Smiling, Tony jogged across the street and entered the building. He took the stairs to the second floor, with his gun drawn.

Then he heard gunshots and shouting.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs' voice boomed from Tony's earwig. "He's coming towards you, stop him!"

"Oh no." Tony moaned. The suspect was running towards the door he was supposed to be watching.

Tony turned and ran back down the stairs as fast as he could, hoping to catch the man. He made it to the bottom of the stairs in time to see Greene run out the door, with Gibbs right behind him. Gibbs shot Tony a glare as he ran past.

"There goes this job." Tony mumbled, as he also ran after the fleeing man. There were too many people around to use their guns.

The chase went outside and down three blocks before Tony, having passed Gibbs slightly a block back, took the man out in a flying tackle. He had the man cuffed and on his feet in seconds.

"Got him, Boss." Tony grinned. The glare he received from the older man made the grin vanish in a hurry.

"Hey Gibbs." A middle aged man called out, jogging over. "Thought your man had that door covered."

"So did I." Gibbs said, not taking his piercing eyes off of Tony.

"Damn near blew the whole thing." The man, who was head investigator of the ATF unit grumbled.

"We got the man." Gibbs said, finally looking away. "We take him to NCIS."


Gibbs grabbed Greene's arm and half way dragged him over to his car. Tony followed slowly, getting very nervous. He knew Gibbs was mad, really mad. but he had never seen Gibbs this quite when he was mad, he was usually yelling.

Gibbs put Greene in the back seat and then he got behind the wheel. Tony got in and had barely got his door closed before Gibbs hit the gas pedal. The entire trip was mad in silence.

Tony wanted to tell Gibbs he was sorry, but he knew the older man hated apologies. So he just sat and stared out the window, wondering what was going to happen. He really liked working at NCIS, and admired Gibbs greatly. But he knew his job there was over. He had almost allowed a murdering gun runner to escape by not being his his post.

More soon, I promise. Please let me know what you think.