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It wasn't like me to sulk, so I didn't do so outwardly, but inside I really did not want to go. "Light please come to my party tonight! You owe me like four dates!" Misa had begged him, and me, to go to her stupid slumber party with her incompetent model friends. I'd told her we could watch and it would be like we were there, but she said that was creepy and unacceptable. She wanted her boyfriend there since it was her birthday celebration. And if the only way her boyfriend could go was for his eccentric friend who was chained to him to go as well, then so be it. She wanted Light there, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Who cared if it cut into our investigation concerning the Kira case? Who cared if she was annoying and neither Light nor I wanted to go? Certainly not her. And yet somehow Light was going and, as a result, I was going. Guilt trips were a wonderful thing and despite keeping to his word about not messing with her feelings, we did need her trust in case she'd been Second Kira. And so as to not jeopardize his relationship with her we were going, even though he'd stated numerous times it was completely one-sided.

It was a short walk to her apartment in the rather large building I'd had constructed, and as I passed by one of the many security cameras I cast a furtive glance into it, showing Watari with my expression that I wasn't looking forward to it. But he hadn't been on my side, saying a party might be a good learning experience for me since I'd never actually been to one and would also afford a good break from the investigation which was currently going nowhere. So pressured from that side as well to attend, I'd really had no choice; and I'd been told there would be cake.

Light knocked calmly on the door and it flung inward, "You're late!" the blonde said before flinging her arms around Light's neck. I looked away a bit awkwardly. It must be nice to have someone care about you that much. I'd probably never know, and part of me resented that Light mistreated her so. I also didn't like them as a couple, though I wasn't one to judge considering I'd never been in a relationship. But I did know they had very few matching points, certainly not enough for them to last. It was their business, and I needed to mind my own.

Soon enough he'd managed to get her off of him and we were being introduced to her friends. Almost everyone in the room was female aside from three men (not including Light and I). Two of them were gay and a couple, it turned out, and the other was straight and his girlfriend couldn't make it that night. I didn't bother remembering their names, they were insignificant, anyway. And there was some kind of fruit punch. It was pretty good, but after two drinks the room looked a bit fuzzy around the edges and I realized it must have been spiked. They played a round of Pantomime, and neither Light nor I participated as it would have been an unfair advantage. We had more fun figuring them out together sitting to the side than we would have if we'd participated. We figured them all out much faster than they did.

When that was over Misa turned to the group and asked what they should do next. One person suggested Truth or Dare, another suggested Spin the Bottle and a third suggested Twister. Since I'd never played any of them, I stayed silent and had more of the alcoholic punch. They called a vote and what won was, not surprisingly, Spin the Bottle. This was when I learned people's names.

The other blonde girl was Midori, the three brunette girls were Mei, Lynn and Fuu, and there was one red-head named Gina. The gay men were Hideki and Michael, and the third male was Gregorio. We sat with girls on one side and boys on the other in a circle around what looked like a soda bottle, and I was next to Light and Hideki. Misa had, of course, sat next to Light so the girls were on the other side of her. Mei went first and had to kiss Hideki, and then Misa spun. She cheated, pushing it a bit as it had stopped, but no one aside from myself and Light seemed to have noticed and she got to kiss her boyfriend. I wasn't going to call her out on it. It was her birthday, after all.

And then it was Light's turn to spin and it landed on Gina. He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips (because anywhere else was against the rules apparently) and then it was my turn, since we were spinning along the circle. We'd decided it was fairer to go in order rather than the traditional whoever it lands spins next, in case someone didn't get landed on. They would have been the lucky one I thought, and hesitated before placing forefinger and thumb on either side of the widest part of the bottle. "Come on, Ryuuzaki," I heard and looked up at Misa's impatient face.

Light nudged me and said, "Go on…no harm. It's just a stupid game." I spun, slightly nervous, and watched as it slowed. And it stopped on Michael. Hideki was between us and had to move out of the way, looking slightly jealous I was about to kiss his boyfriend – and said boyfriend looked as if he didn't want me to go near him, and I couldn't really blame him. It was a job to get done, that was all. Simple flesh touching flesh…right? He moved at the last second and the kiss wound up being on the cheek, and when no one complained I sat back in my place relieved I didn't have to kiss him on the lips. The only kiss that I'd ever had before this had been from Misa, and that had been a friendly one on the cheek for taking her side in something.

I didn't much pay attention as the bottle kept being spun by person after person, unless it landed on Misa (which it did twice) or Light, (which it did once more when Misa spun). Miraculously, I'd been spared. It had come close once when Fuu had spun but had been between Hideki and I and she'd had to spin again, and it had landed on Lynn. I realized that I was nervous watching Light spin it, too. The game was, in a way, suspenseful. His graceful fingers moved quickly and spun the clear bottle. And when it stopped it was pointing at me.