So, basically, I decided to give you a bonus chapter that does not extend the plot. However, this is what would have happened if I'd gone the TM route with the replay thing. Won't say more so I don't spoil things…

We managed to make it back into the main office of Headquarters without further incident, but Soichiro didn't take his seat when the rest of the team did which left just him and me standing. He stood for no reason I could fathom unless he were going to bring up his argument again, and I was standing because it hurt too much to sit down. "Light," he said, addressing his son and the latter sighed, looking at his father expectantly. "Even if what Ryuuzaki said is true, I'm still your father." He switched to encompass both Light and I in his gaze and added, "And I want to know what is going on…especially if there's a chance it could compromise the investigation." At his last words his gaze was solely for me and my eyes narrowed minutely. "Now, if you've nothing to hide, I'm going to go watch those tapes."

Light and I exchanged a dark look as he walked out of the office and then he came back in, beckoning for us to follow. Great, we were going to be humiliated and we had to be there for it, too. We followed him out, taking our time about it. When we reached the control room most of the task force were there already, and Watari was nowhere around. Wonderful…where could he be when I needed him here the most to claim there had been some sort of malfunction? "Ryuuzaki," Light's father said and I faced him. "I know you know where everything is…?"

I looked around and Light said, "Dad…just stop this. At least have the others leave…"

Soichiro's eyebrows rose and he said, "But I thought there was nothing to see. If that's the case then it doesn't matter who watches it, right?" I inched closer to Light and glared at him and he closed the distance between us even more, our sides touching and we backed up a bit as Soichiro began looking for the tape. Seeing he was making a mess of things I headed over and regretfully helped him find it. "Yagami-san," I said in a low voice. I made eye contact with him and said, "This really is none of your business," I held up the disk, "And I want you to be sure you want to see what is on here before you put this in the player." I had debated giving him a fake tape, but all the tapes when played back displayed date and time, so that wasn't really an option. "You'll only wind up embarrassing yourself…"

I handed it to him and he apparently decided to ignore my warning, "I think you'll find it the other way around." I didn't doubt that, but he would probably wind up more embarrassed than Light and I would. The tape went on and he hit the fast-forward button, and I noticed it began several days ago and I finally it began to catch up to current time and Light and I were in the kitchen, at high speed, me in his pajama pants and he only in boxers. Our shirts hung loosely from the chain as he grabbed two water bottles and we left for the main office and I was glad we weren't watching that tape.

He paused the tape and I could feel his eyes on me. I turned slowly and met his gaze and said, "Not part of the deal. We aren't adding another tape to the list." That one would be too embarrassing for me considering how clingy I'd been and I grimaced thinking about it. He didn't press play and went to the drawer I'd gone to for the other one, finding the one labeled main office. "We're wasting time…" I said, thinking of Matsuda as well as Soichiro put that disk in. He fast-forwarded until he saw Light and I coming in from the kitchen and, after seeing Matsuda, sitting down and putting on our shirts.

"Light-kun" I heard from the screen, wincing slightly at the whiney tone of my voice. "Are you going to put on pants…" The Light from the night before looked over at my matching counterpart and my voice sounded again, "Because if you aren't I'd rather we switch, you're rather distracting, you know."

I felt myself go pale and took Light's hand as the Light on the screen replied, "Ryuuzaki, I'd like to get you drunk more often if this is how you act, as long as we don't go near anyone aside from each other." I silently agreed with the statement and looked away as the me from last night pulled my chair closer to Light's, arms wrapped around his neck. Thankfully, the cameras didn't show what Light had been researching and he shushed me on the screen.

"Alright, that's enough…" I said, and noticed the others were looking at Matsuda since he'd been in the room that night "That looks interesting, Light-kun." I watched as I kissed his cheek and everyone's attention was back on the screen, Aizawa looking pale and Soichiro looking apoplectic.

"I think that water might finally be doing its job, that and you haven't had any alcohol in a few hours might be adding to the effect." Light turned to face the Ryuuzaki on screen and rested their foreheads together. "You're a very clingy drunk, do you know that? It makes me unable to focus…"

I felt my face go red as I recalled what we'd been talking about, "But I don't want you to focus on that stuff, unless you're planning on doing that with m-" Thank God Light had stopped me from completing that sentence as he kissed me. Shit, he'd kissed me and everyone was watching it. When we parted on screen I heard, "Am I done now? Water's boring." I agreed with myself and heard Light's chuckle as the live Light squeezed my hand, a sign of nerves.

"No, you have to finish the bottle." I felt like my fingers were going numb as Aizawa gagged when we watched myself lick Light's neck. "None of that until after you finish the water, ok?" Oh shit… I knew what was coming and wasn't really looking forward to it. I didn't watch until I heard, "If we're bothering you, Matsuda, just say so." It had been really good of Light to say it at the time, but in retrospect not so great.

"I think we're done with this tape." Aizawa hit stop and actually looked a bit green around the edges. "You were only going to watch the tape from when you went to lunch, originally. Since you've seen this one I propose we get back to work and not watch anything else."

"I agree with that," Aizawa said, heading for the door. But Soichiro pressed play on the first tape, which he'd caught up to the right time. Two figures entered the kitchen in a familiar rush and Light had me pressed against the counter. I watched as Light and I parted almost barely a moment before the others entered the kitchen and I moved so I was slightly behind Light, taking my hand from his and squeezing it gently to get circulation flowing once more. I stood closer to him than necessary and felt him put an arm around my shoulders. Our secret was blown anyway, so I let him, although I preferred my position of behind him so the others couldn't see me. But hiding wouldn't help anything; we just had to stick it out.

When the others left again and the kitchen only held two people once more, it didn't take long before both our pants were off (as well as Light's shirt). Watching this was awkward, like we'd made our own pornography film and our friends and family were watching it. Yet as awkward as it was to watch Light's fingers inside of me it was hot. I was definitely getting turned on watching myself spread-eagle on the table as Light began to fuck me. The real Light turned towards me and held me close as several moans came from the speakers and I could tell he was sweating, just as turned on as I was. It was a mortifying experience, embarrassing to no end, but I couldn't help but be turned on. It was actually a tiny bit painful to be up again so soon after sex, but that would go away. Ruddy Viagra, I thought, remembering it lowers the refractory period.

Light's pelvis collided with mine as the Light on screen pounded with fervor and I met his eyes, moving in halfway for a kiss while no one was looking; they were all too busy watching the tape. Finally, as a scream was emitted from the speakers I knew 'round one' was over and headed for the console, pressing 'stop.' As the screen went dark I said, "Satisfied?" and looked pointedly at Soichiro. His gaze left my face and traveled down to my crotch which couldn't be helped since it was in front of his face and he noticed the bulge there and turned an even darker shade of red. He glanced at Light who wasn't bothering to hide the fact that he was aroused, either, and I saw there was a small wet spot towards his inner thigh from leaking pre-cum. I wondered if I had one as well and looked down, curious, and there it was. Well, if the tenting hadn't given me away, that certainly had.

He opened his mouth and then closed it again, looking much like a fish out of water and I took a few steps closer to Light. He stormed out of the room and I risked a glance at the others, noticing Matsuda looked a bit sweaty and was holding his hands in front of his own crotch, probably to hide something. I felt a tug on the chain to get my attention and looked over at Light who reeled me in like I was a fish caught on a rod and I recalled our innuendos from earlier. He pushed me against the nearest wall, pressing his lips to mine with abandon and I heard the door open and close twice more, looking around to see it was empty aside from Light and myself. Matsuda looked as if he wanted to stay and I muttered, "Don't even think about it…" and he left in a hurry.