'Great' I thought as I looked out the plane window. I was about twenty minutes from landing in hell. Why must I subject myself to this torture, but the fact that it wasn't actually me subjecting myself to the torture, it was my mother. My mother, the one person that I always thought I was the closest to, apparently 'just couldn't take my bad attitude any more'. As if that was the case, I was nothing but understanding when she decided to date Phil, but agreeing to marry him was going too far. The poor boy was eight years younger than her; in fact I was kind of worried about his virtue. Okay that was going too far but honestly that wasn't the only thing that was getting on my nerves, lately it seemed the slightest of things could change my mood and it was a change for the worse. Mt mother and I had never fought and when I finally snapped at her she thought it would be a good idea that I moved in with my dad for a while. FORKS, what the fuck was I going to do in Forks? I barely remember the place; I haven't been in Forks in about seven years. I used to visit my father every summer here but once I turned ten I demanded that he come visit me and he did. I could never hate my dad, no I could never resent Charlie and I would make my mission for me not to fight with him whilst I live here. He sounded genuinely happy when I had told him that I was coming, I couldn't disappoint him, and I didn't need another person hating me.

Once off the plane I grabbed my three duffle bags and met with an ecstatic Charlie. As soon as I reached him he embraced me in a huge hug.

"Bells, I'm so glad you came, I've missed you so much!" he said still holding me tight to him.

"Yeah Dad I'm glad I came, I've missed you too" I lied, only the last part was a lie, I had missed Charlie. "Dad, not to ruin the father-daughter moment or anything but I can't breathe". As soon as the words left my mouth he let go of me but the smile never left his face. He took my bags from me and led me to his cruiser and we drove back to Forks, sigh. The journey wasn't too long, but the silence was a little awkward. As we entered the small town of Forks, when I say small I mean small as in a population of only 3220 people, I groaned internally. It wasn't until we passed the familiar road to Charlie's house, my house-ugh, that it thought about the Cullen's. The Cullen's home was once my second home, I more than likely spent more time there with Alice than at my parents' house. Esme and Carlisle were like parents to me, I even called them mom and dad, and Emmett was the over-protective brother that I had never had the chance to have. Then there was Edward, the green-eyed God I had spent the first half of my life loosing sleep over. He never saw me as anything less than a sister but never anything more either, he was five years older than me, the last time I saw him was when I was here seven years ago, he was fifteen and gorgeous. When I was five, I had planned my dream wedding to Edward, I wish. I had to ask…

"Dad, do the Cullen's still live around here?" I asked not meeting his gaze, they had probably left this small town years ago, the Cullen's were destined for greatness and I had always known it.

"Shit! I almost forgot Alice is picking you up for school tomorrow" I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts and was dumbfounded by what my father had just said. I hadn't seen or talked to Alice in seven years and she was going to bring to school tomorrow, wow I'm a really shit friend.

"Huh" that was all I could manage. "Dad, I haven spoken to Alice in what seven years and you're telling me she's taking me to school tomorrow, I wasn't sure if she even remembered me?"

My dad paused for a moment to make sure I had finished my little rant and then replied "Well don't worry she definitely remembers you, when I met here last week, I mentioned that you were coming home and ever since that every second word that has come out of her mouth is 'Bella'. Charlie took a deep breathe and continued "Believe me that girl can talk, in the past week I've heard her voice more than I've heard any one else's and I've known people going on 30 years"

"Well, same old Alice" once again the silence returned in the car. I was now stuck with a stupid smile on my face. For once in my life something good was happening to me.

As we approached the same two-bedroom house that my father had bought with my mother in the early days of their marriage I noticed 3 figures standing in the porch.

"Speak of the devil and she shall appear" Charlie chuckled. I took that as a sure sign that the figures standing in the porch were Alice, Emmett and … Edward. The last name sent the already fluttering butterflies in my stomach into frenzy. Great, I haven't seen the guy in 7 years and he already has this kind of effect on me. "Oh, and look she's brought body guards" the chuckle still evident in his voice.

Charlie parked the car in the driveway, I took a deep breathe and stepped out the car only to be gathered in a huge hug by a small, blacked haired Pixie. This had to be Alice.

"Bella!" she cried "I've missed you so much" she tightened her hug for a few more seconds and then stepped back with a sad look on her face "Why haven't you called? I've missed you so fucking much that I almost had a heart attack when Charlie told me you were coming home."

"Alice, I'm sorry I would have called you if I knew that you still thought of me as a friend…"

I was cut off by Alice's angry voice "Bella, I don't think of you as a friend…" I knew it, she didn't even consider me a friend anymore, but what was she doing at my house and telling me how much she's missed me "Bells, you're not a friend, you never were, you were always my sister and family doesn't ever forget family" tears were threatening to fall from her eyes and mine, I could feel the brim of my eyelid burning from the traitor tears. Alice continued to stare at me her face turning gloomy, her brows furrowing. I couldn't find my voice. "Isabella Swan if you do not say anything, I will be heart broken for the rest of my life and it will make my last confession rather pointless, don't you think?" she let out a small laugh between sniffles. I may not been able to speak but threw my arms around Alice as soon as she finished her sentence. "Thank God Bella, I was beginning to think I had lost my sister."

"Hey Al, as touchy feely as that little rant of yours was, is there any chance that I'll get to give my little sister a hug? You know, like now?" Emmett's booming voice shouted from the porch.

"Emmett we're girls, we actually show our emotions unlike some giant teddy bears we know." Alice winked at me and Emmett flushed a little. He also seemed like a giant teddy bear to me. Just then I was pulled into a bone crushing hug by Emmett.

"Hey Em, I love you too and all but you're kind of crushing my ribs!" I laughed and so did everyone else, but nonetheless Emmett stepped back releasing his hold on me. "So, lets get one thing clear before you start school tomorrow NO BOYS!" I rolled my eyes and both Alice and I laughed. "Ha, Alice I don't know what you're laughing at Mr. Hale is pretty close to me removing 'his little friend'" Alice suddenly stopped laughing and flushed.

Edward was slowly making his way down the porch steps, he looked amazing- I've never wanted anything, let alone a person, as much as I wanted him. Edward was less bulky than Emmett and his untidy bronze hair looked as though he had just woken up and got out of bed… SEX HAIR. I tried to look away but it was literally impossible, I literally could hear my jaw hit the ground. I could get any boy I wanted in Phoenix… unfortunately Edward-Fuck Me- Cullen was all man and somehow I doubt the same rules apply. I stared at him in awe. When suddenly my inappropriate thoughts were interrupted by the sexiest velvet voice I have ever heard.

"So Bella … don't I get a hug?" he asked, raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow and widening his arms as he approached me. I walked hesitantly towards him not fully trusting myself to just give him a hug. He wrapped his hands around my waist, his hands lower than anyone else's, and I was perfectly happy with that. I was overwhelmed by the bolt of electricity that travelled through my body. I wanted nothing more than to stay like this, his strong arms around me and his delicious cool breathe tickling my ear… when I was brought out of my fantasies by a light 'A-hem' so I reluctantly pulled away from Edward's embrace.

"So..." Alice began "since my sister never felt the need to call me… we get to play Bella-Barbie before school tomorrow" everyone but me chuckled. Fuck, which meant I had to get up early knowing Alice- she hasn't changed a bit.

By the time I was settled in, it was getting late and the Cullen's had to leave. Before leaving the Cullen's gave me a final hug. As Alice left she turned suddenly and nearly shouted "Bella, I almost forgot… I can't wait for you to meet your new English teacher, in fact he's…" before she even had a chance to finish Edward cut her off.

"He's a fucking dick, watch yourself because he might be a little over-friendly" he winked and shot me a crooked smile that made my heart flutter.

Once the Cullen's left, I said night to Charlie and headed for bed. I let sleep overtake me and slipped into an unconsciousness that revolved around Edward.