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My eyelids felt heavy when my I finally decided to open them. I found head resting on Edward's bare chest and the images from the day before flooded into my head. I groaned and gently moved Edward's hand from around my waist hoping I wouldn't wake the peaceful looking man beside me. when finally out of his grip I starred at his gorgeous straight features before throwing my head back to meet my pillow letting out another small groan. 'why must I get myself into the most fucked up situations?' Poor Edward he deserves someone so much better than me but I really didn't have the strength to let him go. I needed him, every bone in my body ached for him and when he finally realises that I'm not worth the hassle that I cause and tells me 'it's over' I won't be able to handle it, so for my own selfishness I will do everything in my power to keep Edward. I sat up and looked at his face again and smiled. 'I don't know why but he actually wants me no matter how fucked up I am'.

"Bella?" Edward asked sleepily, eyes still closed. "Why are you staring at me?" there was a slight chuckle in his voice as he spoke.

"I-I don't know" I smiled truthfully silently thanking god that he could not see the crimson colour that had just rushed to my cheeks. "Are you mad? Y-you know about yesterday I mean."

"That depends." His eyes remaining closed and his voice getting stronger as he started to really wake up.

"On…" I prompted when he didn't continue.

"On what time it is…" he smiled wickedly as he finally opened his eyes and looked at me. "I thought that we established that we were going to talk before I decide if I'm mad or not. But really what time is it?"

"Ten to six." I smiled. "Do you think we could talk after school?" Edward nodded and reached over to touch my cheek with the back of his hand.

"Bella you can tell me when you're ready, really I won't be mad- I promise! Now get ready!" he smiled lovingly. "You do have school to attend and I have a class to teach and we're not going to accomplish much laying here in your bed now are we?" I repositioned myself so that I was straddling Edward.

"I don't know I think that we could accomplish a lot if we stay here in my bed." I thought out loud moving my lips to meet Edward's. I broke the kiss slowly and moved to kiss and suck lightly on his neck. I gently ran my hands over Edward's bare chest earning an excited groan from him. His hands automatically found my ass and I moved to kiss softly and I could hear another muffled moan of Edward's. He kissed back harder this time and he moved his hands from my ass to wrap them around my neck. 'well two can play at that game!' i took it further, moaning, and flicking my tongue across the entrance of the teacher's. Edward willingly opened his mouth, granting entrance. The sensations felt were incredible, Edward's moans had been relatively quiet until this point, but he soon ended up soundest of the two. Edward had shifted himself so that i was laying on my back, and he was above me. When the kiss broke we were both in need of air but I wanted to continue this, I reached up to pull Edward's face back to mine but instead of his lips meeting mine they met my nose as he pecked it gently.

"Get dressed!" he smirked at my expression.

Knowing that I was in fact defeated I sighed. "Fine" Edward moved from laying above me to beside me with an amused expression, I shoot him a look as if to say 'see what happens next time you try to get some' but he simply sat there and returned it with a look of his own 'You know you want me'. I grabbed a towel and headed for my shower which lasted longer than needed. It wasn't until I came out if the shower that I realised that I hadn't brought any clothes with me. 'shit' I wrapped the towel around me tightly and headed back into the room and watch with delight as Edward's eyes wandered around my body.

"I think the world would be a better place if you wore that everyday…" Edward smiled from the bed. "But you'd have to make sure that you were wet otherwise you wouldn't pull it off right though knowing you you'd probably pull it off perfectly you never cease to amaze me."

"And who'd make sure I was wet all the time?" I laughed as I walked over to where he was sitting on the bed and leaned in to peck him on the lips for his comment.

"I think I'm more than qualified for the job." He chuckled.

"Really?" I again laughed. I pecked his lips again.

"Mmm-hmm…" he said against my lips. He pulled away "As much as I would love to spend the day kissing you…all of you…" he said with a wink and continued "I have actually got to leave and go home and get ready." he got up brushing his lips against mine once more. "So I'll send Alice to come get you as soon as I'm home. I'm going to be late if I don't leave now. So I'll see you at school okay?" I nodded and for the last time kissed Edward's lips.

"Okay but just one question before you leave. Why didn't you leave to get ready while I was in the shower? I mean that would have saved ti-"

"Yeah but then I would have missed this" he smiled as her gestured to the towel wrapped around my body. "And if I'm late I don't get detention like some people."

"As if you'd give me dentention!" I laughed.

"Damn straight I would…" he came closer and whisperd in my ear "Because you are definitely a very naughty girl." He laughed and kissed my now flaming red cheek "See you soon love." And then he was gone leaving me in a highly embarrassed state to get dressed.

I was happy that Alice had come to collect me for school- I was up way too early for my liking. i had to smile when I saw Alice shaking her head to the loud music. I felt bad that I really hadn't apologized to her yet and I felt a little anxious. We drove in silence for a while before I couldn't take it anymore, I turned the music down and looked at Alice.

"As much as I love to hear you sing so loudly so early in the morning but I need to apologize for what I said yesterday."

"Okay one, I think that I was singing pretty good and two its not my fault that you and my brother spent the night doing something that I do not need mental images of…" she sat in looking right in front of her and then shuddered "But really if you think I'm mad at you for having a mental breakdown then you're wrong…I wasn't mad I was just…well kind of upset…" she said concentrating on the road. We were at the school now and she pulled into an empty parking spot.

I looked at her confused. "Well of course you were upset, I all but attacked you yesterday, I'd feel upset too!"

She sighed deeply. "I wasn't upset because you shouted at me, I was sad because I thought that just maybe you'd talk to me about what was bothering you…"

"Aww… Al-"

"Bella you know I was there for you before the whole Edward thing and I didn't even care that you wanted my brother that way…but I wanted everything between us to be okay so I got you something…" she paused and took an envelope from her bag. "Here…" she handed me the white envelope. I opened it slowly and took out six tickets.

"Al- what are these?"

"Well it was the only way to make sure that I'd be see you again even if you did leave…" I looked at her confused yet again… "Well I knew that you'd still come to the concert because I bought the tickets and you'd come because I spent money on them…" she had me there I guess.

"Thanks Alice!" I laughed my eyes glazed with tears. I reached over and hugged her. I squeezed her tightly and sat back. "So we're okay?" she nodded smiling.

"Who else would you go to the concert with you?" she laughed. "There's six tickets one for you, one for Edward, me, jasper, Emmett and Rose..."

"That's amazing Al- when is it?"

"The day after graduation- wait you are staying right? You and Edward didn't have a fight again did ye?"

"Nope- things are back on track- kind of. I'll explain tonight okay."

I left Alice at her locker to go to my class and but not before she grabbed me into a tight hug- I really hate fighting with her.

I entered the classroom to see Edward working on something at his desk, I entered slowly and quietly trying not to disturb him and get straight to my desk. No matter how much I wanted his lips on mine- right now was not the time.

"Bella I'm not blind or deaf you know?" Edward laughed not yet looking up.

I pouted slightly. "I didn't want to disturb you!"

"Don't worry you're not…" now he looked up smiling slightly. "What? So I don't get a good morning kiss now?" he asked. I bit my bottom lip.

"I promised myself I'd be good." I smiled.

"so… what if…" he smiled mischievously coming around to the other side of his desk and standing close to me "I say that I don't care if you're just a little naughty this morning…" his lips moving towards mine and I was just about to give in but decided to play Edward's game from this morning. so as soon as our lips ghosted I pulled back.

"That's not what you this morning…so if you don't mind I have a class to get ready for." I flashed him a wicked grin.

"That's not fair Bella!" he maoned.

"Fine come here" I laughed giving in, he smiled triumphantly and rushed back to me.

"I knew you couldn't resist me!" he smiled as he placed his lips on mine and that was as I far as I was willing to go, it was too dangerous and we could get caught. What would our excuse be?…he was teaching me CPR yeah that'd work. However Edward seemed to have other ideas because the kiss was slowly becoming more and more passionate, his hand slowly running up and down my spine. I would have given anything to stay that way for hours, days, months, years- I'd take what I could get but I had to break the kiss- for everyone's sake. Edward moved his lips to my ear and began kissing and nibbling it.

"E-edward…w-we can't!" but the only response I got was the feel of the smile that had grown on his face. "E-Edward please! I can't Edward, I really won't be a-able t-to stop-"

"Good! Then don't!" Edward's husky voice whispered in my ear. his hands began to roam the front of my body. "I'm always up for a little treat before class starts…" humour in his voice now.

"Edward Cullen I am not about to have se- oh god!" I shuddered as he found the most sensitive spot on my neck. He chuckled slightly. "Edward I'm not about to have se-sex with you in the middle of a f-fucking c-classroo- E-edward!" I had to push him back or I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Hey I was enjoying that…" he laughed. I glared at him. "Okay, okay I promise to be good…"

"That is all I ask!" I smiled.

"For now…" he continued as if he hadn't heard me. "Can't say the same about later though." He winked and kissed me very slightly on the lips.

"I may have to take you up on that offer…"

"So…you'll come around to ours later or do I have to get on my knees and beg?" The warning bell rang throughout the school causing us both to jump and move slightly away from each other but we both still had stupid smiles on our faces. "This is going to sound stupid and corny and sad but I'm going to miss you…" Edward began which sent me panicking- where was he going?

"Where are you going?" I asked still panicked. "I thought that we were okay? I mean you said that you weren't mad?"

"Bells relax I just meant that I was going to miss us being us while we're here…uh I hate this B-"

"Bella!" Mike smiled widely as he entered the classroom. Edward's huge sigh didn't go unnoticed. I wanted to kill Mike right now.

"Hi Mike!" he came up and hugged me. Edward moved away and went back behind his desk.

"So you excited about our date Saturday?" Date? What fucking date? I just looked at Edward the same time that Edward's shocked eyes met mine.

"Okay why doesn't everyone take there proper seats so that we can begin." Edward said through his teeth. "Mike will you please sit down."

"Fine." Mike mumbled before I went to sit in the seat in the opposite side of the room. I looked at Edward before sitting down and was happy to see that he was giving me an encouraging smile. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. When I looked at the screen, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. It was a message from Edward.

"Why is it that drama seems to follow you around?"

"Because it takes talent to be as fucked up as I am?" I sent back.

"Hmm…I think that's why I love you so much because you are so 'fucked up' as you put it"

"Not that I'm complaining but it there a reason for this little conversation?"

"Are you going to go that date?" I had to look up at him then, he had a sad look on his face.

"Why would I do that when I have the world's perfect boyfriend that would do anything to please me!"

"So that's a no, please tell me that's a no!"

"That's a no unless you want to take me out that night- as in no family, just you and me!"

"Bella Swan would you please do me the favour of going on a half normal date with me?"


"Well it's not every day that you go on a date with your teacher!"

"I would love to go on a date! No hanky-panky then?"

"Baby you've got to get your head of the gutter!"

I put my phone back in my pocket as Edward gave his full attention to the class. I smiled as I thought of the fact that I…we were going out just by ourselves. Finally the class ended and I was unwillingly brought out of my daydream.

The rest of the school past fast until lunch which Edward had asked me to spend with him but I told him that I owed it to Alice to stay with her and Jasper but that didn't stop him from complaining.

"So I heard we're going to a concert." Jasper commented while picking at the food in front of him. I looked at Jasper confused.

"oh the tickets…yeah. It'll be fun. I can't wait." And I wasn't lying either- everything was looking brighter.

"Bella! There you are I've been looking for you since English!" I heard the annoying familiar voice of Mike Newton.

"Alice please tell me that he is not coming over here?" I asked pleadingly.

"oh my god! What happened? Why do you look like you've been hit across the face?"

"Okay clip-notes version- Mike asked me out when me and Edward were arguing and I may have sort of said yeah!"

"WHAT?" both Alice and Jasper said together.

"Bella so-"

"Am yeah about tomorrow…"

"Bella you said you'd go shopping with me and Rose tomorrow- you know how excited Rose is! You're not bailing on us are you?"

"Oh shit I forgot" thank fucking god for Alice "Sorry Mike I really forgot!" I just got up and walked away mumbling.

"You owe me!"

"I love you so much"

"Better not be as much as you love me!" I heard Edward say from behind me. I turned and smiled.


"Hey you hear? Apparently we're going to a concert the day after we graduate." Jasper spoke up from beside Alice.

"Okay if don't want to come with us then don't but will you stop complaining about it?" Alice fought back.

"I'm not saying that I don't want to it's just that's relaxing time and that's what I planned on doing- relaxing!"


"Okay! Lovely to see you two getting along so well but what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Alice got us all tickets for a concert in Seattle and I think it sounds fun!" I said half excited.

"Then I can't wait!" Edward smiled happily.

"See that's the reaction I was expecting from Jazz but no he wants to sleep too bad he'll be sleeping alone!"

"Okay no! no way Alice! I'm not listening to that!" Edward half yelled.

"Okay change of subject" I interjected quickly. "So what are you doing here?"

"I work here!" he smiled. "Okay I wanted to make sure that you were coming over after classes?" I nodded and we both looked at Alice when she started laughing.

"Why does Rose think you two are still mad at each other?" Jasper asked.

"Rose has this plan to torture you." Alice laughed. Edward's face immediately turned down.

"Great! Perfect!" Edward sighed.

"Its okay baby I'll protect you from the big bad Rose!"

"Baby? I thought that was my pet name for you?"

"Yeah well I'm stealing it. Got a problem with that?"



"Wow now I know what Emmett means when he says you two are way too musy for your own good!" we both turned towards Jasper and Alice who were once again cuddling.

"Its cute!" Alice laughed.

"So I'll see you later?" Edward asked. I nodded again and it took all my strength to stay sitting while he walked away.

"Aww you are so cute- you're totally lost without him!"

"What?" I asked Alice barely hearing what she had said.

"Point proven!"

I had two days to endure of school which literally dragged by before my official date with Edward- which Rose was not happy about it.

So when Saturday finally arrived I was practically jumping for joy. Its not like we haven't gone out together before this time it was like a real date and now everything was finally falling into place. And dear I say it I'm actually happy and I'm being myself. There was a knock on the door which I knew that it was Edward and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

"Bella?" Charlie called…Charlie?

"Am Dad?"

"Yeah… I'm in here!" I walked into the living room to see Charlie watching a Baseball game.

"Oh dad I didn't know you were here." I said as the door bell rang.

"Wow look at you! Where you off to?"

"Am I'm going out with Alice and Rose. We're just going to the cinema and some pizza and I'm staying at the Cullen's tonight. That okay?"

"Yeah sure! Do you think we could talk when you get back tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yeah sure. I'll see you later dad, bye!" I went to give him a kiss on the cheek.


"Thanks dad! See you later!"

I went over to the door and opened it and quickly walked out and grabbed Edward's arm and dragged him towards the car. "Charlie's home!" I told a confused Edward.

When we were in the privacy of his car he leant over and kissed me softly. "Finally!" I smiled into his lips.

"missed me that much-huh?" He laughed.

"Shut up!" I said seriously before smiling at him. "So where are we going on this lovely night?"

"Not a chance I'm telling you!"

"What? Why?"

"Cause it's a surprise!" he smiled.

We drove for about 45 minutes before we finally travelled along a dirt road. "Are you planning on murdering me?...because really I…"

"Relax Baby, I told you it's a surprise, I am not going to murder you…I do however have no objections to kidnapping you for a while."

I just smiled at him and gave him a look that screamed 'dream on'.

Ten minutes after travelling up that dirt road and into a small forested area and stopped outside a small cabin.

"Where are we?" I asked quietly.

"Surprise?" Edward smiled a little nervously. I just looked at him in amazement urging him to continue. "Well I taught that you would like a romantic evening just you and me."


"Wow?" he asked.

"Yeah Edward this is just…wow" he smiled brightly at my words.

"Okay so should we go in?" he asked. I nodded and opened the door of the car and Edward came to meet me and intertwined our fingers. "Okay close your eyes." he ordered lightly.


"Just do it Bella please!"

"Fine but I'm going to look like an idiot!" I snipped.

"I'm the only one here to see you and besides you're a very sexy idiot!" at those words I smacked him on the chest. "Hey do you want the compliment or not?"

"Alright, alright its freezing can we please go in?" I asked. I closed my eyes as he requested and he led me into the small cabin where I was greeted with a warm atmosphere.

"Okay, open your eyes!" I did as said and looked around and saw the dim lit room: the fire that was casting a golden glow around the room, the very comfortable looking couch which had a number of pillows and blankets on it. "I was going for a romantic sleepover kind of thing, not really sure if I pulled it off though. Cause I know that you wanted to go see a movie and get some dinner but I've covered all that and I even-"

"Edward will you shut up? This place looks amazing."

"Really?" he asked sceptical. I nodded. "Your stuff are in the bed room just in case you were wondering."

I smiled. "You really did think of everything- didn't you?" I reached up and ghosted my lips across his. "This is amazing, thank you."

"So how about some dinner?" he smiled as he snaked his arms around my waist and I put mine around his neck.

He pulled me towards the couch and sat me down. He left and came back again with a plate and bottle of wine.

"You're not apposed to wine are you?" I shook my head and he smiled. The truth was that I hated wine but for Edward I would drink acid , I'm sure a little wine wouldn't be so bad. "Good! So I wasn't sure what you'd want so I'm sure I have a little bit of everything." He laughed putting the dishes on the table in front of him. everything looked amazing and I laughed- only he would think of something like this. "What?"

"Do you just live to be a human example of perfection?"

After having ate way too much Edward and I cuddled on the couch with a cover spread over us as we watched one of the movies Edward had picked. I was now lying on the bed next to Edward with my head rested on his chest and one of his arms wrapped around me, the other rubbing circles on one of my hands that was also resting his chest.

"Edward can I ask you a question?" I felt him nod in response. "Have you ever thought that what we were doing was wrong, you know like this?"

"Of course not- why are you asking a question like that?"

"Well, everything seems to go against us and I keep feeling that one of these days that I'm going to find you…don't laugh…but I think I'm going to find out that you have some blonde bitch and you'll figure that you won't need me anymore."

"How could you think that?"

"So are you saying that you care enough not to hurt me like that because Edward I know that I haven't exactly been the best girlfriend but you leaving…I don't think that'd I be able to handle it." I yawned after my little rant and it didn't go unnoticed by Edward.

"Come on we should probably go to bed it's late." He said pulling me towards the bedroom. I was disappointed that he didn't answer my question. I changed into my night clothes and climbed onto the huge, soft bed, frown still on my face. When I felt Edward climb in next to me I turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" he asked his features etched in worry. He ran his fingers across my cheek.

"You didn't answer my question." I stated.

"Bella, just listen. I have never been more serious in my life. I love you and seeing you hurt like this, it only hurts Me.," he explained. "I will never have sex again, knowing that it hurts you so much." Wrong answer.

"Can there be just one exception?" I asked meeting his gaze.

"What would that be?" he questioned.

"Can I be your exception?" I said moving closer to him. Our bodies touching.

"You'll always be my exception." He laughed and then he leant forward and kissed me gently on the mouth.

"Good" I laughed when we brook from the kiss. "Edward" I said still looking him in the eyes.


"I love you."

"I love you too." He replied with another soft kiss on my lips.

"Come and lie on the bed." I said quietly.

"If you're absolutely sure." He looked into my eyes. "Are you?"

"Yes." I told him. We lay for a long time kissing passionately and writhing against each other. He ran fingers down my back and neck, seeming to know instinctively that I wanted to take this slow. His kisses on my skin were light and shivery, but he scrupulously avoided contact below my waist, even though I was grinding my hips against his crotch like a complete floozy. I wanted him to touch me, really touch me. I didn't care that any minute my father could arrive home from work I just needed his fingers. I guided his hand past the waist of my jeans, under the hem of my panties, an electric path. I thought I was going to die with lust. All the time he was gazing into my eyes and moving his hand really gently, so gently. I knew I was soaking wet; I knew the sensation was better than anything I'd ever felt. No thrusting or stabbing just feathery fingertips slicking over and over the exact spot it felt most good. The pleasure got more and more intense and it became a different feeling altogether, he had to keep going, he mustn't stop. I closed my eyes and came, came on his hand, in waves of the most exquisite, fantastic, glorious- "That was unbelievable." He kissed my lips. "You are unbelievable." That earned me another kiss. "If I keep giving you sex compliments do I keep getting kisses?" I asked earning me yet another kiss.

"I love you so much, Bella I really do." He said truth evident in his eyes. He loved me, he really loved me, I would die for him and he'd probably do the same for me. I loved Edward and he loved me. I reached over and pulled his face close to mine kissing him more overpoweringly than I have ever kissed him. I felt the hardness at his crotch against my stomach.

"Now, Mr. Cullen is there anything I could do for you?" I said rubbing my hand gently over his clothed member.

"I certainly hope so." He said lying back as I unzipped his trousers.

Afterwards we lay slightly while Edward ran his fingertips over the fingers of my hand on his chest, leaving an electric path in its path.

"That was…" Edward paused searching for words. I had to admit that was better than the first time, it was better than anything I've ever felt.

"I know." I laughed. Edward was lying on the bed in nothing but his boxers; I was lying next to him, in my boyshorts and his shirt, with my head and one of my hands resting on his chest.

"You should get mad more often." He chuckled. My eyes had closed involuntarily as Edward spoke. I was exhausted, more tired than I have ever felt in my life but also more relaxed and happy and I would feel like that if it weren't for Edward- I didn't exactly have mindless, exotic, very hot make-up sex by myself but it was more than that, it was being just being near Edward, he made everything seem like a fairytale. He was prince charming rescuing the princess, not that I consider myself a princess, but Edward has in a way rescued me.

"Mm-hmm." I hummed. I felt Edward's lips touch the top of my hair and his armed that was wrapped around my torso tightened its grip slightly.

"I wish that we could just have this all the time" I sighed. "Just you and me no hiding, that I could go on and on about how perfect my boyfriend is and how great he can make me feel" I laughed slightly at the end.

"I want that too baby but…Bella we should leave-"

I didn't give him a chance to finish. "What? Why? We just got here?"

"No Bella not leave the cabin, I'm rather comfortable where I am, but after graduation, once you finish high-school we should leave, travel, do something just for a while and then when we come back there will be no hiding and everything will be fine. We can travel to all the places that you have ever wanted to go- you and me no one else."

Okay what the fuck was Edward smoking ? "What?"

"Just think about it Bella, please!" the more he tried to convince me the more I wanted to jump up and say yes because no matter what I think Edward was going to get his way, Edward will always get his way.


"Good that's all I'm asking just to consider it."

"No I mean okay, okay that we should go for it." I looked up at his smiling face.

"Really?" I nodded and his lips met mine passionately. "I love you."

"I love you way more."

"Sleep baby!" he ordered and I smiled snuggling into his side.