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Chapter 1 Piano Lessons


It's Saturday. Yesssss!!!!! I can finally do something worth while!! What should I do today? Shave Jacob's Head? Burn Alice's clothes?(Might I add, she'd buy new ones anyway). I'm not in the mood to annoy Jasper... I wouldn't even think about messing with Rosalie... Okay I see. Today's a Edward kinda day.

Jumping all the way down the flight of stairs, I was just in time to catch Edward practicing on the piano.

" Watcha Doin Eddy????" Of course I had the add in the nickname, I knew he hated that more than my thoughts. I wonder what would happen if I pictured myself naked...

" What does it look like I'm doing? And don't call me Eddy. Go Away." He snarled at me, giving me a warning glare. He knew I was irritating him on purpose.

I quickly started singing 'Feliz Navidad' in my head. Edward heard that immediately, and repeated his last words. He knew I was up to no good.

"Emmett, GO AWAY!"

" Okay, okay...sheesh. Touchy, much?" I ruffled his hair alittle, pounded at a few keys, and stepped back. He continued to play, as if I wasn't there. GOSH. I needmore ideas. I NEED something else to piss him off. HA! Other than my newborn little sis, Eddy loves his piano too much...

'' Hey Edd- ward. Can you teach me how to play? I mean, I've been watchin' ya, and I would really like to play for Rose, sometimes..." Heheh. Nothing's worse than letting your abnormally BUFF big brother play on your delicate piano... I just hit him LOW.

"You ...wanna.... learn....how to ...play piano?" Edward asked in disbelief.

"Sure. Why not. I'll have to learn how to play something sooner or later." HA! Eddy! Take that! Betcha didn't see that comin'. Now He'll have to say no, and it'll be a complete annoy fest of PLEASE????

Waiting for Edward's inetivable reply, I stood there grinning from ear to ear, leaning on the desk next to it.

"Sure!!!!!! Oh My God! I never got a chance to teach anyone piano!!! Here, Here, sit down... This is an A and an Aflat..."

"Wait, What? You want me to learn piano?"

"Are you kidding? I've been waiting for someone to ask me for like... a hundred years!!!!" He was now clapping his hand together like London Tipton from Suite life of Zach and Cody. Great. This is soooo not going according to plan. Dang it!!! Think Emmett! THINK! Say anything that comes from the top of your head...

"Okay!!!" Okay? What was I thinking? Oh yeah, Say anything that come from the top of your head. Perfect. Now I was too clapping my hand like London. This is going to be uber fun now.

" Let's start with the Fur Eilse. It's easy. Press this... and this... and this...."

Oh my God, He's serious. Maybe he won't notice if I scoot away. I admit it. I can't annoy Eddy today. He's outdone me. I am defeated. Now if I can like... get away quickly.....

"Emmett, where are you going???" He said with a.... wait, is that... is that a puppy dog face?

"Uh... I have to go use the bathroom?"

" You can't use the bathroom Emmett, you're a Vampire... remember?"

"I'm a WHAT???"

"Just sit down. You have alot to learn!" Aw, man. He was getting eager again.

"Uh...um Rose..."

"Why are you trying to ditch my piano lesson? Is it because you didn't want to learn all along? Is it that you just wanted to annoy me? Or just plain out hurt my feelings?

'' Well...um...'' I was speechless.

" Because I have feelings too, ya know. I just don't annoy people for the fun of it." His eyes became just as cold as before, but, correct me if I'm wrong, but, I saw humor, in

his expression. Aw, there's that puppy dog face again...

"Um... "

"Because I like to hurt people, who like to annoy me for fun -- "

"Uh... I GOTTA GO HUNT!" I sprinted out the room, for my own good. I wasn't going to let Edward rip me up into pieces! But on the way out the door, I got a glimpse of Bella walking into the living room, accompaining Eddy on the piano stool, giggling.


I couldn't help but to burst out laughing on his way out. Bella, who was sitting right next to me, was also doing he was singing Feliz Navidad in his head, Emmett's thoughts were so obvious. He was annoying me on purpose for his own amusement. I was going to say, 'Mess with Jasper, I heard He's feeling in the dumps today, Or, 'Carlisle's on his lunch break!!!' But I decided that letting him get his way, maybe this'll end up being alittle funny for myself.

"So, what was he trying to do?" Bella's eyes weren't questioning. They were more like... amused. On so many levels.

"What else can he do? He was trying to annoy me. And will admit. I almost fell for it." I chuckled.

"Wait. You knew he was trying to annoy you the whole time?"

"Well yes. Of course." I tapped my the temple on my head, while we both smiled in unison. And laughed some more.

I continued to explain the story. "He saw me practicing, and then decided that it would be a good idea to learn how to play. I could tell that he was not interested at all, so I decided, that it would be a good idea to take him seriously. After he realized this, he no longer wanted to learn. I told him that he wasn't being nice, and that I like to hurt people when they mess with me. I couldn't believe he believed me. It's been like 80 years since I've known him, and yet he still believed me. Anyway, he got freaked out, and he ran away like werewolve on fire, saying he was going to hunt. And here you walk in."

She smiled, impressed.

"Good jod...Eddy. Maybe you can teach me sometime."

"Did you just call me-- OH MY GOD,Really????!!!!!!!"

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