Chapter one: A Tree Hill Reunion.

It had been four years since they had all been together. Four years since Brooke and Julian moved to LA, four years since Haley and Nathan moved to Charlotte. Lucas and Peyton were the only ones who had stayed in Tree Hill, but tomorrow everyone would be together again for the big Tree Hill class reunion. Brooke and Julian were flying in tonight with their kids and Haley and Nathan and theirs would be there tomorrow.

"Hey Luke, we need to leave in a few minutes. Their plane lands in about thirty minutes." Peyton yelled through the house.

"Okay, are you ready?"

"Almost, could you make sure Sawyer's ready?"

"Yeah." Lucas said walking into their daughters room and seeing her playing with her dolls.

She was already dressed in blue jeans and a pink shirt that said Spoiled Rotten. Her curly blonde hair had a big black bow in it.

"Hey princess, lets get your shoes on." he said grabbing her black converses off the floor.

"Okay daddy."

Lucas couldn't help but smile, she looked so much like Peyton it was unreal. About the time he got her shoes on her, Peyton appeared in the doorway holding their one year old son, Cody.

"You guys ready?" Peyton smiled.

"Ready!" Sawyer shouted.

"Okay, lets go." Lucas laughed picking Sawyer up & carrying her to the car.

Half an hour later, Lucas, Peyton, Sawyer and Cody were waiting for Brooke and Julian to get of the plane. Cody was asleep in his stroller by the time the plane even arrived and Sawyer was waiting patiently holding her moms hand.

Fifteen more minutes passed and people finally started exiting the plane.

"Oh my God. There they are!" Peyton squealed when she saw Brooke walking off the plane holding twelve month old Lola, and Julian walking behind holding three year old Blair.

"P. Sawyer!" Brooke yelled giving Peyton a hug being careful not to squish Lola.

"Oh my God, Brooke you look great." Peyton said hugging her back.

"You to." She smiled.

"Hey Luke." Brooke said giving Lucas a hug and Peyton hugging Julian.

"Brooke it's so good to see you."

"This is not Sawyer Scott, Oh my God last time I saw you, you were a baby." Brooke said looking down at Sawyer.

Sawyer just smiled, the smile that she got from Lucas.

"Hey Lucas." Julian said shaking Luke's hand.

"Hey Julian." Lucas smiled shaking his hand.

"And who is this little guy?" Brooke smiled looking in the stroller.

"This is Cody." Peyton said picking him up.

"Well Lola, it looks like we found you a possible boyfriend, but we might want to check out the other Scott boy before you make a definite decision." Brooke laughed, when she saw Lola was smiling.

They all laughed.

"You guys ready?" Lucas asked, still smiling.

"Yeah." Brooke said.

"Okay then, lets go." Peyton said as they all walked out of the airport.

"Home sweet home." Brooke smiled.

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