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Beep. Beep.

"Damn it" I muttered, flinging my hand across my bedside table in search of my phone. Who the hell was texting me at this time in the morning. Once I found my phone, I slid it open reading the text that had just woken me up, muttering under my breath "this had better be good" ;

"B, party tonite. B urs by 6pm. I got perfect dress 4 u. ly x Ali"

Ugh, I should of guessed it was that little pixie. She always woke up early in the morning, went to bed late at night, but yet had bags of energy. Even when she wasn't staying with me, she still found some way of waking me up at odd hours. Frowning I quickly text her back a "fine, cya l8er" before heading back to sleep. There was absolutely no way I was going to stay up now, not if Alice wanted me to go partying with her later.


(6 hours later)


Alice voice broke through my perfectly amazing dream. I reached up, pulling my pillow over my head trying to block out her screeching.

"Is it six already?" I muttered trying desperately to go back to sleep. As much as I loved to sleep, but had I really slept twelve hours?

"No silly. I left my black purse here, so I came to get it and then I find you still in bed. You need to get up and shower. Otherwise you'll never be read in time" Alice complained, grabbing at the pillow that was still pressed over my face. I let her pull it away, so I could give her an evil stare. There was no point me arguing against her, she would win anyway. So I reluctantly rubbed my eyes and sat up.
"There I'm up, I'm up."

"No, your not. Because both you and I know, as soon as I walk out of this room you'll lye back down and go to sleep. So get up and get some coffee down you. There's a Starbucks in the front room for you"

I smiled warmly at her. Even though she could be a pain in the ass sometimes, she honestly did know me better than I knew myself. I thanked her and headed towards my front room, desperately in search of my caramel coffee frappachino.

By the time Alice appeared in the room, I had already slurped at least half of my frappachino. Damn did Starbucks know how to make a good iced coffee.

"So who's party are you dragging me to?" I realised I hadn't asked her yet, what with her first telling me about it at eight am, and then rudely awaking me roughly fifteen minutes ago.

Alice flashed me a cheeky grin, she was up to something. "Well, last night at the hotel I took a booking for a party tonight. Someone's birthday and they want to book out the Madison Ballroom. And the organiser invited me and told me to bring some friends. And guess what? YOUR A FRIEND" She stated as a matter of fact, practically bouncing in her seat. The Madison Ballroom was in The Renaissance Seattle Hotel ; AKA my place of work.

I let out a low groan, there was going to be no way I could enjoy myself knowing my boss would probably be around somewhere. He would most likely complain about us drinking, and say that we were embarrassing the hotel or some shit.
"Ugh, I don't know Alice -" I started to protest, but I was cut of short by her little hands covering my mouth.

"Don't even think about trying to get out of this one Bella. It's been to long since we had a girls night out. Now hurry up and finish your drink and get in the shower. I just as well stay here now." She was muttering something about what she was going to wear tonight, but I switched off after hearing something about silver jewellery.

I quickly finished my coffee as instructed and made my way to my small bathroom, grabbing a few fluffy towels on my way. I needed an extra long shower, all my muscles were in knots from all the stress on at work. It was the beginning of December and all the bookings for Christmas and New Year were starting to roll in. That plus customers that were currently staying at the hotel meant I was constantly doing something.

The bathroom was already pretty warm when I walked through the door. Alice must have flicked the heating on before she woke me up, bless her. I flipped the radio and shower on and stripped off my pyjama shorts and tank top. Once the water was warm enough, I stepped in and let the feeling of the water rush over my skin. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the water worked its magic of unlocking my muscles.

Blink 182's "All the small things" was playing on the radio as I washed my body and hair – of course being the average twenty one year old I am, I sang along with it giggling at the memories it brought back from the time when things had been so simple.

I completely lost track of time as I sang alone to song after song. Being completely absorbed in my own little bubble, I only just heard the tapping at the door and a squealing noise coming from the other side.
"You've been in there for over an hour Bella. We'll never leave on time if you don't start getting ready. I put your dress on your bed by the way."

Shutting off the water, I sighed, wrapping a fluffy towel around me and climbed out of the shower. "OK Al, I'm out. Um Thanks?" I never really appreciated Alice's fashion scene. As much as I loved my little pixie best friend, I hate being her dress up barbie. Knowing Ali, this dress would be skin tight and be paired with a pair of five inch heals. And me wearing heals was defiantly not a good idea! I could barely walk across a flat surface with flat shoes on, let alone heals. I grimaced slightly at the thought as I wrapped my dressing gown around me and headed back to my bedroom.

The dress that was hung up on the door of my closet was defiantly beautiful, and just how I predicted. A tight fitting, low cut royal blue dress, paired up with a pair of blue peep open toed sling black stiletto platforms. Yikes, they was going to be fun to walk in. I let my hair dry naturally into soft waves that cascaded down over my shoulders. I climbed carefully into the blue dress and heals before finishing off my look with a tiny bit of black eye shadow, eye-liner and mascara.

I checked myself out in the mirror quickly before heading out to the living room where Alice would be waiting. Spinning carefully in the heals, I coughed to get Alice's attention. "Well? How do I look?"
Alice beamed a wide smile and clapped her hands together. "I knew it would look perfect on you. You look gorgeous as always" She bounced out of her seat, grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the front door of my apartment. "C'mon, we're going to be late"

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