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This could not be happening. This just has to be a nightmare… right? RIGHT?

I grumbled internally at my subconscious recounting all of what had just happened. As if I needed to be reminded. I swear the passenger cop in the car kept laughing at the fact there was a very naked man sat in the back of his car – there was no sound, but occasionally his shoulders could start to vibrate and his hand would come up to his face. I'm not a complete idiot.

None of the cops would inform me why exactly I was being arrested. My only guess was it was something to do with that asshole, Jake. My thoughts suddenly flash back to Bella. My Bella. She had been left alone in my house, watching me being carted away. God knows what she was thinking. Bile rose in my throat but I pushed it down and pushed the memory of my beautiful Bella's confused, embarrassed and worried expression to the back of my mind. Becoming a complete and utter pussy right now was not going to help me. I could only hope she would contact Edward and Alice to inform them so they could comfort her.

It was a short ride down to the station, but it felt like a three hour journey when you're naked, wearing only an old used blanket and hands are cuffed together. The metal was icy cold and uncomfortable. Man I could not wait for them to be taken off.

I probably should be worried about being arrested. It could affect not only my relationship with Bella but it could also hit mine and Edward's business. Who would want to work out at a gym run by a guy who attacked someone, in public, for no apparent reason? I dropped my head back and rested it on the headrest, pressing my eyes closed. Yeah I should definitely be worried about this.

But the truth is. I wasn't. Not even slightly.

Jake deserved everything that was coming to him.

"Mind your head son." One cop muttered to me as he opened the door for me to get out of the stationary vehicle.

I tightened my grip on the blanket and carefully climbed out and quickly followed the officers inside. It was fucking freezing. The sky was white, a clear indicator that it was about to snow at any moment, and here I was in downtown Seattle police station, butt naked. "Couldn't you have allowed me to get dressed?" I grumbled, clearly annoyed as I was lead into a questioning room.

"And risk you running? Or bringing a weapon? No way. At least this way you won't have to endure a strip search." He was enjoying this.

I sat down on the hard chair behind the table and two officers mirrored me on the opposite side. "Is Bella ok?" I had to ask, I just had to know they had made sure she was ok before they carted me away.

"We'll ask the questions Mr. McCarty if you don't mind. Does the name Jacob Ephraim Black mean anything to you?"

I shook my head. In all honesty, I had never heard of that name before. "No. Doesn't sound familiar. Sorry."

They exchanged a glance at each other then back at me. "The thing is Emmett, we have security footage and several eye witnesses that say you attacked Mr. Black in broad daylight at the Renascence Hotel in Seattle yesterday afternoon." I inhaled deeply and pressed my eyes closed. I was in serious shit.

"I only know his by Jake." I mumbled, shifting uncomfortably in my seat. "And believe it or not there is actually a reason as to why I did what I did…"

The chubbiest officer – who I had heard, being called Dave – cut me off. "Now son, there is no excuse to attacking someone to within an inch of their lives." He wasn't dead – half of me was relieved, I wasn't facing murder, but half of me was pissed off that he had survived. "Mr. Black is currently in a medicated coma and the doctors are unsure as to the length of time it will be until he wakes or what the damage will be." He placed pictures of Jake lying battered and bruised in a hospital bed in front of me.

I couldn't look at them. Not because I was ashamed of what I had done – if I had the chance I'd do it all over again – but because whenever I looked at that smug face of his it made me angry. And getting angry with officered of the law was going to end me up in more trouble. The smaller officer leaned across the table towards me. "A fellow officer of ours from the Olympic Police District is currently leading the case of pressing charges on you. Therefore we are bound to incarcerate you and take your statement. Not that you deserve that courteous."

I glanced up at him. "I will not speak until I have a lawyer present."

Dave nodded sternly at me, but he was clearly annoyed. "Very well." And with that both officers left the room.

Within an hour, my lawyer J. Jenks entered the interview room I had been waiting in.

"Emmett." He greeted, sitting in the chair next to me and opening his brief case on the table. "Now, tell me the full story, truthfully. If I'm going to defend you I need you to be honest with me." I nodded and retold the whole story starting with the voicemail, Edward turning up bloodied, my car and then finally the fight. He made brief notes and mumbled to me that I only should answer with the information that I had just said to him and nothing more.

Dave and his colleague re-entered the room and began their interview. "Mr. McCarty, can you being relay to us your side of the story."

Again, I retold the story, feeling like a traitor. Bella had told me some of this in confidence, and here I was telling it the people that didn't know her like it was gossip. Occasionally Dave would interrupt me, asking questions trying to trip me up, raising an eyebrow clearly not believing my story. But I insisted I was telling the truth – because I was.

"You say that a chief police officer is leading the case to press chargers." Jenks questioned.

"That is correct." Little one confirmed

"Is he a family member or the attacked person?" Where was Jenks going with this?

"Uh… no. He is not. A family friend I believe… What does that matter?"

"Well under state law, I believe it states that my client must be released until charges are perused by the victim or a next of kin. While it was a brutal attack, my client, Mr McCarty has no previous charges against him and serves no danger to the public or himself. And with the information just given to you this case is now bigger than an attack. We are looking at previous domestic abuse, threatening behaviour and criminal damage."

The officers' mouths hung open and glared at my lawyer. I wanted to pat him on his pack. He was worth every penny. Without saying a word, Dave and little one left the room. "What will happen now Jenks?" I questioned.

"Well, while they will have to serve justice for the attack – caution maybe or probation see as it was a first conviction – you are free to go. They will need to wait for Mr. Black to be woken to question him about the allegations and whether he wishes to pursue his case – which then may lead to a custodial sentence. If he does they will also need to open a case against the claims made by you in your statement. And in that case – Bella was it? – will need to give a statement as well as your brother, cousin and his girlfriend. Until then, you are free to leave. Just keep yourself out of trouble. If you get summoned for a court appearance, I will be in contact to discuss what happens next."

That all sounded good. I think. I was free to go back to Bella. I thanked Jenks, and made my way to the reception. "Excuse me. Can I use the phone please?" The young female behind the desk blushed at the amount of skin on show and nodded.

I said the first number that came to my head "Jasper, it's me. I'm downtown… at the police station. Can you come get me? I'll explain everything on the way home."

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