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"Bella's asleep in your bedroom," Alice informed me as I entered my apartment, "it may be best to let her sleep awhile. She's kind of been hysterical with worry and that has to be exhausting right?" A wave of guilt washed over me. How could I have been so stupid and put my Bella through this? The only consequences I thought of was how it would affect my relationship with her, or the business. I hadn't even considered how she would feel life I got arrested… Especially the way I did get arrested. I nodded my head to let the little pixie know I agreed.

I wandered into the front room, some lame reality show was on the TV, muted as I slumped down onto my sofa. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was curl up next to Bella in bed and inhale her scent. "So, are you going to tell me the story or am I going to have to pull it out of Jasper when we leave?"

I rolled my eyes and retold Alice the story from the start. I brushed over the whole arrested while having sex crap, Bella would be traumatised by that enough as it is without having her closest friend knowing about it too. If she wanted to share it with Alice, she would.

"And that's pretty much all I know. Jenks said the case is pretty much dead until that asshole wakes up." I pressed my eyes closed and lent my head over the back of the sofa, inhaling deeply.

"I'll fill Edward in. I told him to go to work, to keep a normal appearance and routines for the clients," Jasper explained, he's got a sensible head on his shoulders. "But call him later. He's worried about you. "

"Yeah, I will. Thanks. For everything. You too Alice. I'm glad Bella had you today."

Alice gave me a small hug, and Jasper give me a stern nod of the head, and both quietly left.

I swung my legs up over the sofa and let my head crash onto a soft pillow, my eyes following the movements of the bachelor handing out roses on my tv screen.

I awoke to find my Bella nuzzled into my chest, my arms wrapped around her. Relief flooded me, I had been worried she would sneak out and disappear after everything I have put her through. This was a good sign that she still loved me. I pressed a kiss to her forehead, pulling her closer and her eyes began to flutter open.

"Hey you," she mumbled sleepily.

"Hey you. How long have we been sleeping?"

"I don't know… Couple hours? Are you ok?"

"Am I ok?! More like are you ok? I'm so sorry Bella." I buried my face in her neck, "For everything. For attacking that asshole, for getting arrested – especially like that and having you witness it. "

Her hands came to my head, and she began running her fingers through my hair, soothing me. "Emmett, I should tell you something. Right after the cops took you downtown my dad called to tell me that they had arrested the man who had put Jake in hospital… My dad is the one pressing charges currently."

I stilled in her arms. My brain now doing overtime. Of course it makes sense. Her dad loved Jake. He didn't know about the abuse and attack on Edward or the stalking.

"Emmett, I'm sorry, talk to me. Please," Bella mummbled in a quiet voice.

"I… I don't know what you want me to say Bella." It came out harsher than I intended. I pulled my face away from her neck so I could see her beautiful face. It looked so sad and her eyes and cheeks were very much tear stained. "I'm not mad at you. But of course I'm not ok with the fact your dad is trying to send me to prison. He hasn't even met me as your boyfriend yet and he already hates me." I joked trying to lighten the mood. "I love you Bella. And no matter what your dad does or says to me, nothing will change that. We'll face it together, ok?"

"God, I love you too."

"Im starving, how about you go run us a bath and I order us a take away."

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