July, One Year Later (2014)

Using the key to Tim's brownstone that he had gotten made for her shortly after they arrived back in the city from their trip to Dillon (finally, she had convinced him to start locking his door), Julie unlocked the door and bounced inside. As per Tim's strict instructions from their phone conversation earlier, she was to wait for him in the living room.

"Tim? I'm here," she called through the home once she had settled on the sofa, her voice echoing through the rooms.

"Close your eyes," Tim demanded as he hid behind the doorway that separated the kitchen and the room Julie was in.

Julie obeyed, curious as to what he was planning. "Closed," she announced seconds later.

Tim walked into the room, coming to a stop in front of where Julie was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, her hands covering her eyes like a little girl eagerly waiting for her surprise.

"Okay, open," he said.

Julie's hands fell away from her face before her eyelids fluttered open. Standing before her, causing her mouth to fall agape, Tim stood dressed in a Dallas Cowboys jersey, '33' stretched across the chest.

"Are you, you're kidding, oh my God," Julie rambled, unable to form a sentence that was anywhere near being coherent.

"Now, it's not official yet because an announcement hasn't been made by the team," Tim said, "but, as of right now, I'm a signing a contract to be traded to the Cowboys in the morning."

Julie immediately jumped up from the sofa and began squealing. "The Cowboys? Tim, that's so amazing. It's like, the dream of every little boy from Texas that ever played football," she exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck with joy.

Julie couldn't really say that she was completely shocked by the news, chatter had been surrounding Tim for the past few weeks with talk that a trade might be in the works, but she had forced herself to ignore any and all speculation until it was official. But now that the possibility of moving back to Texas was turning more into a reality, she had a hard time believing it was for real.

Tim wrapped his arms around her waist and twirled her around the living room, imitating his actions of nearly a year ago in the locker room at the Giant's practice facility. When he started to feel a little dizzy, from the excitement of the moment or the spinning he wasn't sure, he placed Julie back on her feet.

"Oh, and I got something for you to wear at the games," he said. "You know, so everyone will know that you're my girl."

"Okay," Julie said slowly, her eyes narrowing as she tried to figure out what it could be. A jersey, maybe? Or a hat with his number on it? She didn't see any other boxes lying around.

Reaching into his pocket, Tim pulled out a small box and flipped it to Julie who caught it in her left hand. Adding to her already narrowed eyes, her eyebrows furrowed in questioning.

"Open it," Tim urged, the look on his face a combination of hope and fear.

Julie grinned before ripping off the royal blue wrapping paper. Once she had discarded it, she shifted her gaze from what was in her hands to the man who had given it to her who was now kneeling before her on one knee.

He nodded, giving her the go-ahead to flip open the small box. Biting her lip nervously, she did, revealing a simple cushion cut diamond set on a platinum band filled with smaller diamonds. It was perfect, nothing too extravagant but still worthwhile. Though she couldn't be sure, she was fairly confident that if she had been given a chance to choose her own ring, this would be the one she chose.

Her eyes widened, tears instantly forming in them.

"Those better be good tears, Jules," Tim smirked. Julie nodded furiously to inform that they were, her lips suddenly unable to form words.

Lifting his hands to meet hers, he smoothly removed the box from her hands, tossing it to the side after removing the ring.

"Jules," he began, already started to choke on his words, "after the night we ran into each other at the charity gala, I knew my life had changed; it was almost like suddenly, away from Dillon and everyone we have known for our entire lives, we were able to come together and it didn't matter what everyone thought. That night, dancing with you, everything felt perfect."

"I guess what I'm saying is, I couldn't imagine being in Dallas, or anywhere really, without knowing you were by my side…forever," Tim paused to gauge her response. Judging by the smile on her face and the tears streaming down her cheeks, he figured he was doing alright.

"Marry me?" he asked boldly.

"Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you," Julie said enthusiastically, her head bobbing up and down. Finally, her voice returned.

Tim smiled wide, reaching for her left hand to slide the ring onto the appointed finger. Once it was in place, he stood and cupped her face in his hands before drawing her in for a series of sweet, gentle kisses.

"You know you have to move to Dallas now, right?" Tim asked once their kissing slowed, their foreheads still touching.

Julie nodded. "I know that," she confirmed. "I'm ready to get back to Texas, anyway."

"I was just makin' sure you weren't expecting a long distance engagement," he joked.

"I wasn't," she said, still grinning madly. "Should we call my parents and share the good news?"

Tim shook his head. "No need," he answered simply.

Julie stared at him, clearly confused.

"They're here. In the city, waiting for us at the restaurant we had our first date," Tim explained.

"You're kidding?" Julie said happily, more tears of joy springing to her eyes.

"Nope," he said. "I knew you would want them here," he added softly as an explanation.

"Well then let's go see them," Julie said happily before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the door, only stopping on the way to quickly readjust her make-up and pick up her purse.

Once they were in a taxi on their way to the restaurant, she turned to him. "What if I would have said no?" she asked, laughter dancing in her eyes.

"I knew you wouldn't," Tim answered honestly.

"So humble," Julie said sarcastically, playfully swatting him across the stomach.

He grinned. "You love it," he said.

"I do," she agreed, leaning across the seat for a quick kiss.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Tim slid out of the taxi first before extending his hand to Julie to help her out. She practically skipped to the entrance while Tim walked quickly to keep up with her.

Once they had navigated the hallway that led to the restaurant's dining room, they paused before entering. "Am I allowed to squeal and scream?" Julie asked, only half joking.

"Babe, you're allowed to do whatever you want," Tim answered, smirking.

As predicted, Julie squealed and screamed as she flung open the door and made a beeline for her parents' table, first embracing Tami while Tim and Eric shared a congratulatory handshake and man-hug. Switching, Eric wrapped his baby girl in his arms while Tami embraced Tim. Gracie Belle, who had dragged herself away from the picture she was coloring on the tablecloth, was next.

Once the greetings had been exchanged and everyone returned to their seats, Eric was the first to lift his glass and propose a toast. "To my beautiful daughter and her future husband," he said, his voice beginning to break with emotion, "I never would have imagined this day, but I couldn't be happier."

Glasses were clinked together and sips of wine were taken. Grinning, Julie's gaze traveled around the table to her loved ones, Tami and Eric sharing a sweet grin and then a short kiss, Tim helping Gracie draw a sketch of the Panther's field on a napkin, and realized that she too never would have imaged the day where she was sitting at a table with her parents, baby sister, and Tim Riggins as her fiancé, but there was nothing in the world she could think of to top it.

The End

A/N: So, there it is :) I hope that you all had fun reading it, as I had a lot of fun writing it! I just can't bring myself to letting this Julie and Tim go, so right now I'm planning a sequel set a few years in the future. Final thoughts? Things you liked/didn't like? Things you want to see in the sequel?

Thanks again for all of the sweet reviews and comments as the story was progressing. Seeing as how this was my first story, every bit of encouragement was well appreciated! You ladies are awesome :)