My mini fanfic series Starry Sky, is about a seventeen year old girl who has read the Twilight series, and moves to La Push. There she encounters the characters of Twilight, and battles with her over-active imagination. I never thought I'd write something like this, but here goes. Hope you guys Enjoy. R & R.

Starry Skies

Chapter 1

I finished the last word of Breaking Dawn, and rolled over onto my stomach, various scenes of the enthralling novel flitting through my head. I had read the entire series three times, and it never ceased to draw me in to its captivating imagery, and exciting plot.

Though whenever I read one of the series, I could never get rid of this sagging feeling for Jacob Black. Every time he put all his worth into capturing Bella's heart, and every time he was not to succeed.

It was so depressing, to imagine if I truly loved someone, and then they were taken away by another. Even if it was our destiny to be together...A lot like Romeo and Juliet actually. Paris, Jacob, slain mercilessly by his nemesis, never to see the girl he loved again. Suddenly the air was filled with memories of the sorrowful tale, each breathtaking moment etched forever in my mind.

I got up off my shabby bed to drape myself dramatically over the window seat and sigh into the scarlet setting sun, "Romeo, Romeo...where fort art thou Romeo?"

I gazed longingly upon the Urban streets of Chicago, a bustling metropolis. The atmosphere penetrated by chatting passer-byes, cars driving past, and the occasional honk from an irritated driver.

I could hear the soft melody of a jazz piece, floating to my window from Central Park. It lifted me from my place on the old wooden window seat, to twirl and leap, and spin around the room. The undulating aria which soothed my ears, so long having been listening to city sounds. I was nearly taken in entirely by the music, when my door slammed open, causing a few sketches taped to my door to flutter to the floor.

My sister stood huffing, and red-faced in the doorway. Her expression as infuriated as a dragons, who's precious horde had been blown to smithereens by a cocky knight. I watched dumbfounded, as the waves of anger rolled off her body. Her posture was tentative, hands, balled up into fists so tight, I was afraid she must be cutting through her palms with her nails...

Finally she spoke, her voice shaking along with her body, "You'll never guess what Dad's doing to us."

Dad? What had he done to make my sister into this ill-tempered, fiery girl who stood before me? I had never seen Chloe so angry before, so I assumed it must've been something pretty bad. From the looks of it, she even might have had her cell taken away. But she had said us, hadn't she...? I felt my eyebrows pull together. I was about to ask what it was that he had done, but I saw that she wasn't getting any calmer, and if I inquired now, she just might take a wall out. I thought it might be better to let her chill out for a minute before I went asking questions.

I took her gently by the arm and sat her on the edge of my bed to rub her back soothingly. Ever since Chloe was a baby, I had calmed her down this way. It was strange; whenever anyone else tried, it had no effect. But I seemed to be different, and as I traced patterns down the length of her spine, I heard her breath slow, and her muscles relax. She began to cry, and I cooed softly to her, assuring her it was okay, that everything would be alright. After a minute of this, her sobs quieted, and I decided it was safe enough drop the bomb.

"Chloe, what did Dad do?" I murmured.

Immediately she tensed up again, her expression bitter, but not quite as outraged as before.

"We're moving." She stated in a low, indignant voice. And I think you know who's fault that is.

Then, my mother appeared at the entrance to my room looking anxious. "I'm guessing Chloe has told you..." She bit her lip, obviously bracing herself for my tantrum.

But the wrath didn't come. Instead, I was numb. Thoughts spun madly around my head in a turmoil. Moving. We were moving. I was leaving the place I had known since birth. I was leaving the familiar peach walls, the inspiring wooden perch at my window, the view I had been seeing for the past seventeen years. Not to mention my friends, my favorite bookstore, Pageturners, my school. I couldn't. I couldn't just leave behind everyth–

My thoughts were cut off by my mothers worried voice. "Charlotte? Charlotte I didn't mean for you to find out this wa–"

I cut her off, suddenly filled with fury. "What way?" I shouted. "You mean having my little sister come in here, shaking vehemently, to CRY on my bed, and clue me in to the fact that we are MOVING?!" With each word my voice got louder and louder, but I was beyond reason now..

"Look how you've ruined her! Do you see that helpless, tear-stained face, and all the tribulation carved into her innocent features!"

I was aware that I sounded a bit theatrical, but that was overpowered by the new awareness that I was being uprooted and dumped in some unfamiliar place to try to fend for myself. It took all I had not to cry, which was an embarrassing habit of mine that re-occurred whenever I was feeling precisely this way.

My mother's eyes widened. She wasn't used to having me behave this way. Good. She should know what she's done. I opened my mouth to hurl another bout of accusations at her, when my Dad rushed to the scene, in aid of mom.

"Charlotte, please. It's not your mothers fault. I was the one to give reason to move."

Exactly. He was right. Why was I wasting my time with mom when he was the one to cause all this. It was his fault to begin wi--

He cut me off calmly, in the fluid, all-knowing tone of voice I hated the most. "Now why don't we discuss this downstairs, before people start yelling again."

I followed him arms crossed, down the short flight of stairs, waiting to hear his excuse, my mom and sister trailing after me. When we got into the living room, he sat in his easy chair, and the rest of us took a seat on the couch. I waited for him to begin.

"As Chloe, and your mother already know, we are moving. The house has already been bought, and there's no turning back. I was offered a job in Washington, that well...pays more than here. It's close by Seattle. La Push, to be exact."

La Push. Flickers of the little town and it's Quileute residents infiltrated my mind. Jacob and Bella walking hand in hand down the pebble filled beach, resting on their bleached piece of driftwood. The wolves, running through the dense, greed forest, the immense, coal black leader Sam at the head of the procession...

My father, seeing that I hadn't interceded yet, went on. "La Push High has had exceptional test scores for a log time now, and I think you'll do well there. I know how you feel about this, but please try to accept this in some context..."

I stopped hearing to the words coming from his mouth, my insight brightening rapidly. La Push. I was going to be living in the place which inspired Stephanie Meyers herself to write about Jacob Black! Suddenly, I couldn't wait to get out of here, and into the mysterious little ocean town.