Chapter 15: Where the HELL is she?

Jacob's POV.

Hey you know that feeling you get when you've just been punched in the stomach and your lungs kind of temporarily implode? No? Well maybe you don't have violent friends like me. (Ehem. Paul.) Okay, well how about when you're about to barf and you know you can't do anything about it but your brain is still going "O-M-G. URABOUTTODIEEEEE!" Yeah. That's how I feel right now. Pardon my french, but I'm so fucking confused and mad, and depressed. Just generally really bad and shitty. If Paul were here I'd so start a fight even though Rebecca always gets pissed at me. It's like whenever I get mad or whatever everyone just starts avoiding me. And not even because they're scared and think I'm gonna kill them if they look my way. They just don't wanna have to listen to me whining, and yeah, I don't like it either, but I have to listen to Leah complain all frickin' day, so it's not like I'm asking for that much. Damn it.

Okay so I just realized that you have no idea what I'm even ranting about? My bad. You should know by now not to expect to much from me when I'm in a bad mood. Trust me; I already tried explaining this to Billy but he just looked at me all weird and went "I see. We're out of milk. Go buy some, okay? I have to watch Jeopardy." He's probably insane. Though it's more likely he just likes to annoy me because he knows he can get away with it. Anyway, this is what happened:

A few weeks ago I finally got the nerve up to ask Charlotte over. And no, we're not together. I just...invited her over for a friendly..hanging out. Yes. Right, so anyway she actually came (score!) , and we had a blast in the backyard but then she got hit in the head with the garden hose (don't ask) and started oozing this tree-stuff so I freaked out and took her to the Leeches place. It was a last resort, trust me, if she was bleeding blood I woulda hightailed it to the hospital right then and there, but shit, I still don't know what that stuff was. I was so scared I was gonna lose her, I practically had a brain aneurism when she woke up I was so happy. So we were having our little happy moment together, and then she just bolted. Just shot right past me and out the door. The bloodsuckers tried to stop her but somehow she slipped past and ran into the woods. That was when I started panicking, because one, I just drove to the one place I promised myself I'd never go ever again for this girl, and now she was gone again, and two, if I've learned anything from my experiences with Bella, (ugh) those woods are definitely not safe. We're not allowed on the Cullen's turf so not even the pack knows what's in there.

It took me a few seconds to realize what had just happened (i.e, the one girl who didn't utterly remind me of Bella, whether it was her nose, eyes, or habit of tripping over nothing, had just disappeared into vamp-infested woods.) , and then I was running– no, sprinting after her as fast as my legs would carry (Which is pretty damn fast let me tell you). Her scent was pretty hazy because of the damn bloodsuckers running beside me. And trust me, it's not like I invited them, but they seemed pretty keen on getting this girl back as well. Probably so I wouldn't kill them, but you know. Shit happens. A few dead leeches aren't going to ruin anyone's day. I tried my best not to notice the farthest one to my right; auburn hair flying out behind her pale frame, eyes that were no longer chocolate brown, narrowed in concentration..She was so familiar and yet completely different from the memories I had of us laughing in the shed over warm soda's. And suddenly, as our eyes met in that godforsaken wood, I knew. I didn't need her anymore. My strength lay in someone different now, and I could..Be myself. Filled with a newfound determination, I surged forward into the deepest part of the wood, and found her. Cradled in the arms of some kid who couldn't be a day over seventeen, gasping for breath like someone who'd just been in a triathalon. Now I never was one for introductions, so this didn't go quite as smoothly as it could have.

"Who the hell are you?"

Charlotte stirred at the sound of my voice and sat up, breaking contact with the boy. "Jake...?" Her voice was raspy. "I have to go. You're not..It's not real– I just wanna go home.."she trembled slightly, overcome with an emotion I couldn't quite put tabs on.

"There now, don't be upset." The boy murmured, reaching out to stroke her hair. I so could have killed him. That bastard. He didn't look like a bloodsucker to me, but if he wanted to hurt her..He was going down. I didn't have to do anything though because as soon as Charlotte caught sight of him she flipped out. It was pretty amusing, but I wasn't exactly about to admit it.

"Wha– YOU!" She cringed. "You're alive?" I watched a bit concernedly as she scrabbled away like a frightened little crab in the palm of a curious five year old.

"Yes." He chuckled quietly. "I guess you could say that."

"Alright, cut the nonsense" The brawny one (Also known as Emmet. Emer..Emli? Ah whatever, who gives a crud.) growled, launching forward into the creepy guy and– going right through.

"Please don't bother. I can't be physically accessed by mortal-...or once mortal flesh." He stated rather matter-of-factly, like he wasn't a complete freak of nature. And coming from me, that means something. Even Carlisle (Yes, I actually know his name. He's the only one I don't utterly despise, cut me some slack here.) looked a bit perturbed. "Oh, don't be alarmed." He said, once catching sight of our expressions. "I'm here to help Charlotte..It seems you have gone about the more, er–traditional way of healing." He glanced down at her wrist; now gently expelling the blood from Carlisle's intravenous system. "Well then..I'll just be going, shall I? Ta-ta."

And then they were gone. Gone. Like some crazy sci-fi with time traveling mad scientists who whisked young girls off into the space-time continuum to be used at their own disposal. Ugh, I'm psyching myself out again..But Jesus, what are you gonna do when some guy totally steals your girlfrie–ACK. Shutupshutupshutup. Friend who is also a girl. Duh. Psh. Okay. Nevermind. But yes, you see my predicament. We searched everywhere for them, but there weren't any other signs of life other than the occasional ground squirrel and blue jay. Crap.

So now I'm lying here on the couch like a sack of potatoes. Moldy, disfigured potatoes with bad speech impediments that makes no-one want to talk to them. Although, I don't know anyone who talks to potatoes anyway so...See? I'm going crazy. Fuck. Charlotte...Where the hell are you?