First Date

What was Usagi thinking? It had to be the worst idea that ever crossed her mind! You see, I, Aino Minako, have a crush on the hottest, smartest, sexiest, most mysterious girl in all of Tokyo. She goes to the same school as me. Rumor has it that she used to go to a Catholic school, but dropped out because she is Shinto and works as a miko at her grandfather's shrine. She is the age of 16, same as me, and is the head of the Archery club. She excels in History and Ancient Writing classes. She's so intense and passionate about what she does. She writes amazing songs and plays guitar and piano. We have music class together and I've heard her play, she amazing. She has black hair, and I mean really black, not dark brown like other people. Her eyes are dark amethyst and seem to see your every emotion. Her moon kissed skin remains unburned throughout the year and is smooth and flawless. Her name you may be wondering?

Hino Rei

So what was I angry with my best friend Usagi about? Well, Hino Rei has an older brother named Chiba Mamoru. He and Usagi has been an item though out the year. He seems nice and talks about his sister often. Him and Rei are half-Australian, half-Japanese, so Mamoru states he and Rei have great English like me. After all, I was raised in England. Anyway, Usagi thought it would be amazing if we all triple dated! As in Mamoru and Usagi, Ami and Makoto, and Rei and I! I haven't talked to Rei one-on-one before, heck I barely talked to her other then about our music class!

I sigh; we were going to the mall. And I knew Kagami would follow us there. She has a huge crush on Rei also. She practically stalks Rei in order to get Rei to ask her out. Mamoru says that Rei doesn't like Kagami like that because she was so clingy, but I knew Kagami had ways of getting what she wanted. I walk over to my closet and try to think of something to wear. Nothing too showy, but I wanted to look nice. I chose my casual white shoes, white pants, and an orange T-shirt. I was fixing my hair when Usagi knocked on the door.

"Minako-chan are you ready yet?" Usagi asked me as she sat on my bed. She was wearing blue and white sneakers, blue jeans, and a baby blue T-shirt with a pink heart in the middle.

"Just fixing my hair." I say tying my favorite red bow in my hair. I was nervous beyond belief. Hino Rei was the most amazing girl in the school and I was going on a date with her!

"This is going to be fun! Don't you think?" Usagi asked me jumping up and down.

"Sure…fun" I state.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going on a date with Hino Rei!"

"So" Usagi shrugged, "she's just a girl from school whom you have a major crush on."

"What if I mess up in front of her?!" I was panicking. I didn't know anything about Rei, how was I supposed to have a conversation with her?!

"You have me, Mamoru, Mako, and Ami with you. Nothing will go wrong." Usagi assured me, resting a hand on my shoulder. I heard the doorbell ring.

"Their here!" Usagi ran down the steps like a maniac. I followed at a walk. When I got down, Mamoru was being hugged by Usagi. Mamoru was hearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and his green jacket. Standing near him was Rei. She was wearing black and white Nikes, Black jeans, and a black sleeveless top under a white short-sleeved hoodie. She wore a black choker around her neck as well as a gold chain with a gold cross dangling from it. Smooth black leather wristbands covered both her wrists.

"Hi Minako-chan," I turn to see Mako and Ami on the couch. Mako was wearing blue jeans, green and white sneakers, and a forest green sweater. Ami was wearing tan pants, blue shoes, and a white T-shirt under an aqua jacket.

"Hi Mako-chan, Ami-chan." I reply. There is a pause before Usagi decides we should all head out. On the walk over, Usagi made sure me and Rei were walking behind everyone else. Minutes past with silence before Rei spoke.

"Minako-chan, right?" She asked in a lame excuse for starting a conversation.

"H-Hai Rei-san," I stutter. I hear her laugh lightly and I turn my head to see what she was laughing at.

"You know, you don't have to call me 'Rei-san'. Just 'Rei' or 'Rei-chan' is fine." She states smiling at me. I blush a darker shade of red and nod. When we got to the mall, we headed to the food court for dinner. Conversations bloomed around me. Mako and Rei were friends from a martial arts school when they were in grade school. Ami and Rei knew each other from math and bio class. I was too nervous to start a conversation, so Usagi started one for me.

"Minako-chan, you're normally not so quiet on a date." Someone kill me.

"Well, umm…" I could feel Rei's gaze on me.

"There has to be something you two can talk about." Usagi rested her chin on her hand, thinking. "You both like Manga, are fans of music, and have great musical talent."

"Usagi," I wanted to tell her to shut up. Rei looked board, which was never a good sign on a date.

"You both love that stupid Sci-Fi thriller movie 'Knowing'" Usagi stated.

"It's not stupid!" Rei and I say at the same time. I look at her to see an amused smile grace her features.

"'Knowing' is the greatest future based Sci-Fi ever made." Rei states

"The last thirty minutes make no sense." Mamoru stated.

"It's like the ending on Wolf's Rain." Rei smirks before continuing. "The inferior male mind cannot condemn the ending of the movie."


"Exactly," I laugh along with Rei at Mamoru's confused face.

"You used 'condemn' in the wrong text." Mamoru stated before taking a swing of coffee.

"Who cares, are the grammar police going to come after me and lock me up?" Rei questioned while Mamoru glared at her.

*** Somewhere in the distance ***

"Kagami you got to come see this. I think Minako and Rei are on a date." A girl with blonde hair said to a girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

"No way could that bitch have roped in Hino Rei." Kagami looked in disbelief. "Oh, she'll pay for this."

"What are you going to do?"

*** At the Table ***

Rei and I really hit it off after Usagi got the conversation going. After half an hour of non-stop conversation with Rei, my cell vibrates in my back pocket. I had gotten a text from my mom.


Won't be home till late

Make your own dinner.

Love u


I groaned loudly, getting Rei and Usagi's attention.

"What's wrong?" Rei asked sweetly.

"My mom's off goofing around with her co-workers. I can't believe that even in a great relationship like the one she has with dad that she has to go off and entertain the men she works with. It's sick. Why are moms the ones what have to ruin a marriage?"

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about." Rei's voice shocked me. Then I remembered Rei had a strong bond with her mother before she died. It was her father who would ruin their marriage, and I just stereo-typed Rei's mother with my own. I felt guilty and upset. Why did I have to make a fool out of myself?

"I will be right back." I excused myself before walking down toward the bathrooms. I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Minako you stupid idiot, How could you say something like that in front of Rei? She hates you now and you really screwed up. I hope you're happy."

"Talking to yourself?" I jump back to see Kagami and two other girls standing at the door. One was blocking the door and the other held a pair of scissors. Kagami grabbed me by my hair, forcing me to cry out. "Did you know, Aino-san, that Rei loved girls with long hair?"

***At the Table, 3rd Person POV***

Minako's been gone awhile Rei thought. The others had gone to shop around while Rei waited to Minako. It didn't bother Rei that she had to sit and wait. She was really fond of Minako. After all, Minako was the only girl that treated her like a normal person, which is really what Rei wanted the most. Rei stood up and text Mamoru, telling him Minako was still missing and that she was going to look for her.

Mind as well start with the bathroom Rei said to herself as she walked over casually to the woman's restroom. It was empty and there was blonde hair on the floor. Whimpering could be heard from one of the stalls.

"Minako-chan," Rei called, "Are you there?"

*** Bathroom, Minako's POV***

I saw Rei's Nikes under the door of the stall. She was right outside the door.

"Rei-chan," I called back, "Don't come in."

"Minako are you crying?" She asks. I run a hand through my hair; Kagami treated me to a haircut. My hair was now only reached a little below my shoulders. I didn't want Rei to see me like this, crying with my beautiful hair cut off.

"Are you alright Minako-chan?" Rei asks me, worry in her voice. A sob breaks through me although I try to fight it. "Minako, you can either open the door, or I can crawl under it."

"Gomenasai…for what I said before." I sob while unlocking the door. Rei steps in and immediately spots my new haircut.

"What happened to your-" She stops when I put my head down and tears run down my face. "Never mind, lets-" She opens the down half-way before closing it again with a grunt.


"Sh-" I hear a group of girls talking outside. I knew she didn't want to explain why two girls were in a bathroom stall together. There wasn't a lot of standing room and I was really close to touching Rei. She wrapped her arm around my waist in one fluid motion so I was now pressed up against her.

"Rei-chan," Her hand covered my mouth before I could protest. Her body is warm and I soon relax, wrapping my arms around her neck. She moves her hand from my mouth once she is satisfied that I will not make a noise.

"You don't have to apologize for earlier, I just got touchy." Rei whispered in my ear after the girls left. I look up and meet her eyes.

"Rei, I should have thought before I said something stupid. I didn't want to mess anything up because I really like you." I admit to her. There was just something about her eyes that made me want to tell her everything.

"I really like you too Mina-chan." Rei states quietly. I am lost in her amethyst eyes, without realizing it; she leans down and kisses me. The kiss we share is soft and gentle, but it doesn't stay that way for long, soon Rei's tongue is demanding access to my mouth, which I grant. Her tongue is hot and wastes no time exploring my mouth. I moan into the kiss as my hands slide from their place around her neck to her collar bone. Our tongues are competing for dominance, and it is clear I am loosing. I let her have her way. I can feel her hand travel under my shirt and rest on my lower back. My back arches to her touch and I find myself pressing up against her. We part soon after, panting like crazy.

"Wow…" I hear Rei murmur and smirk.

"Still think you can handle me?" I ask playfully, we're both blushing like crazy and trying to catch some breath from making out. After a while Rei takes back possession of her hands. She slides off her short-sleeved hoodie and rests it on my shoulders.

"If you want to hide that haircut…"

"Thanks" I say cutting her off and sliding my arms in the sleeves of her hoodie, it smells like her. She pulls the hood over my head playfully and opens the stall door. Boy do I have a story to tell Usagi.

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For those of you that are confused. YES THEY MAKE OUT IN A BATHROOM STALL WHAT OF IT?!

Rei: We make out where?

Minako: Come on, I think its unique. I love your attire in this one-shot, it's very attractive.

Rei: Does it turn you on?

Minako: Very much :3

Rei: Good coz the author is going to use the same attire for more of her stories. She got the idea from Hatsuharu in Fruits Basket.


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