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Chapter One: Mama Who Bore Me


"Mama… where do babies come from?" Abby asked of her mother, who was sitting at her desk in their home in Bedford, Virginia, working on her taxes.

Her mother stared at her for a moment. Where was that young girl who used to ask about things like why the sky was blue? Now her daughter was a rebellious seventeen-year-old, who wore black lipstick and whatever other black things she bought at the mall with her friends: Jenny and Ziva.

"I… honey, didn't you have plans with Jenny and Ziva? They were going to come over and hang out, right? I think I ordered a pizza to be delivered around then…"

"Mama, you're evading the subject. Where do babies come from?" Abby asked again, placing her pale hands on her hips, "It's time I learned."

Abby was home-schooled. Her father was an excellent teacher. Jenny had been kicked out of her home about four years earlier for a lot of reasons, but taught herself all she needed to know. She lived by herself in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town. Ziva was often at Abby's house anyway, and learned from Mr. Sciuto. Sex-education was not on Mr. Sciuto's 'To Teach' list, nor did Mrs. Sciuto want to go into how babies were made to her daughter. Like, ever.

"Well… A… a woman must… love her husband with all her heart," Mrs. Sciuto lied.

She ruffled her daughter's hair, and went back to work. At that point the doorbell rang and Abby ran to get it.


Part Two: Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)


"I don't get why people are so afraid to tell us that. If you love some one with all your heart, somehow you can make a baby…" Abby told Jenny.

Jenny sighed, "I've never been to that part of the library," she confessed, "The librarian, bless her heart, won't let me near that part anyway, so I stay away."

"I wish my mama would have told me…" Ziva said, shyly, "You're parents know so much…"

"Yeah, they do," Abby said proudly, "But I can't help feeling that Mama's not telling me anything…


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