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Epilogue: The Song Of Purple Summer


Leroy was a little nervous when he stepped off the bus. It had been fifteen years since he had last seen his tiny town. Maybe all of his old friends were gone, with children and families in bigger cities… or maybe, Leroy had the feeling that, they would see each other once more, and Leroy could feel free from his past, and he could finally move on…

He walked passed his old house, where sign still stood that said 'For Sale.'

His mother had moved on to a nursing home in Richmond. He walked passed the graveyard. He saw the graves of his best friend and his girlfriend, and quickly averted his eyes. He hadn't yet moved passed the deaths. He finally found his way to his school. There were Ziva and Jimmy, looking above them, and talking, it seemed, to the branches above them.

"A splendid crop of apples will come in the summer, won't they?" Leroy asked, grinning at his friends. They hadn't changed a bit appearance-wise. Jenny suddenly dropped down from the tree.

"Hello, Leroy," she said, smiling.

"What are you guys doing?" Leroy asked.

"Here? Or elsewhere?" Jimmy asked.

"Both… it's been fifteen years since I last saw you," Leroy said. Ziva and Jenny both hugged him, and Jimmy shook his hand.

"We all came here from Richmond. Ziva is an assistant librarian, and I am head librarian. Jimmy has been training to be a concert pianist," Jenny told him.

"We were here to meet up with Tim and Tony, who live up in New York right now," Jimmy told him.

"Tony has a break from his role as Hanschen in Spring Awakening, and Tim thought it would be a good idea to come meet with us and reminisce… oh! They both are NYU teachers. Tim is the Computer Science teacher, and Tony, of course, is the Drama teacher there," Ziva said.

"Are they still… partners?" Leroy asked.

"Of course we are," Tony said, hugging Leroy from behind suddenly.

Tim came from the front and hugged them both, "Did you get my email, then?" he asked, "I never sent one to you, but you are a Marine…"

"Marines don't deal with computers, Tim," Leroy replied, "But I had a feeling I would see you guys… is that an engagement ring on your finger, Ziva?"

"Jimmy proposed yesterday," Ziva replied, blushing as she looked at the purplish-blue stone on her right ring finger.

Leroy noticed the matching bands on Tony's and Tim's right hands, he smiled at them, "Congratulations to you all…"

"Thanks," the two couples replied, smiling.

Leroy looked behind him toward the graveyard, and Jenny pushed passed Ziva and Jimmy, "Come, Leroy, let's take a walk and leave the couples for a moment…"

Leroy obliged, and followed Jenny down the road to the graveyard.


"We miss them too," Jenny said, as she sat in between Abby's and Ducky's graves. Leroy shuffled toward her, and then nervously sat next to the girl, "I came here often after you left, and sometimes Ziva would come with me. Then the adoption request was waved, and we high-tailed it to Richmond."

"You moved on, then?" Leroy asked.

Jenny smiled, "Yes… and I know you never really had time…" she gestured to the graves and nodded at him.

He got up and went first to Abby's grave, "Abby… it's me, Leroy. I know its been a couple of years since we last spoke, but… I'm here to finally say goodbye. I'm sorry that you had to die… but I promise you, I will move on and not let your death bother me anymore…"

He moved silently over to Ducky's grave, "Ducky… Ducky, Ducky, Ducky. You were my best friend since you moved here. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you the night you died, but I know you wouldn't want me to wallow. So I say goodbye to you, though I know your spirit will live on in my heart…"

There was a silence, and Jenny finally came up from behind him, "Feel better?"

"Yeah…" Leroy replied.

He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled, "We better get back to the others…"

Leroy nodded, "Thank you, Jenny…"

Jenny nodded, took his hand, and led him back to the others.


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