Doctor Who Rose from cancellation. Many people thought it was the End of the World, but loyal fans, the Unquiet Dead who kept the series alive for decades knew that stories about Aliens of London wouldn't cause World War III.

Daleks had been in the series for the Long Game and by Father's Day even the Empty Child in the audience was drawn to the joy and wonder when the Doctor Dances. The series became a Boom Town and only a few cried Bad Wolf or prophecied a Parting of the Ways for the New Series.

The BBC knew there were Children in Need, Special kids who deserved a Christmas treat. The Christmas Invasion of Doctor Who toys on the shelf made toy stores the New Earth for shoppers who fought Tooth and Claw for the best toys so they could show them off at the School Reunion. The Girl in the Fireplace made headlines when she refused to come out until the stores had lowered the Rise of the Cybermen prices and in the end the Age of Steel used in making the toys was addressed, as it became clear that toxic paint was not the only toy hazard coming from China.

The Idiot's Lantern broadcasted the scandal on the news all day, they said it was an Impossible Planet where we couldn't even trust toys anymore and that China was a Satan Pit for exporting such toys, and that Love and Monsters shouldn't go together when a little girl has to Fear Her own doll. The Army of GHOSTS (Geriatric Host of Suitable Toy Specialists) said that this was a Doomsday of toy importing for Great Britain.

Headlines soon switched to covering the scandal of the Runaway Brides, when heiresses Smith and Jones were found to have joined forces and escaped their bodyguards by using a Shakespeare Code. Fortunately Gridlock prevented the heiresses from running far. They were found by Daleks in Manhattan. The Evolution of the Daleks (Defense Against Lovers Ever Kissing Society) made a fascinating, but slightly disturbing side story to the scandal.

The International Space Station took over headlines the world over when The Lazarus Experiment, with it's 42 volunteers was found to be a complete failure. Human Nature is apparently not suited for cryo-revival in space. The Family of Blood group "O" was found to have fatally adverse side effects to the cryo-revival process. All the volunteers were lost in a Blink when transfusions during the revival process caused heart failure in each patient. The Utopianidea of living forever was lost in the Sound of Drums, as the heartbeats of 41 patients accelerated and died together in the Last of the Time. "Lords," the doctor replied, "Time Crashed" "It was like the Voyage of the Damned. We all felt like Partners in Crime for not realizing this would happen. If I stood in the Fires of Pompeii it would not be as painful as remembering that Planet of the Blood."

The Sontaran Stratagem (Space ONboard Tracking and Return Automated Nodule) was used to return the shuttles to Earth, but this trajedy will forever leave a Poison Sky as a legacy of this space experiment.

One happy point did occur in that the Doctor's Daughter was cleared of the fatal "O" type blood using The Unicorn (a new filtration and purification device, named after the purifying properties of the legendary Unicorn's horn) and the Wasp (a new, high speed patient injection system capable of delivering complex medicine loads in a superfast series of jabs).

However, here at NASA there was Silence in the Library as the records were compiled for the final time, as well as moments of silence the world over for our Forest of the Dead. They flew into that Midnight of space to bring us a new future, but an unexpected Turn Left left them Stolen from Earth and at their Journey's End.

They now sing with the Music of the Spheres as we all wait for the Next Doctor Who can discover what went wrong and continue this New Series of exploration.