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Stairway to Heaven

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

He created all manner of living creatures, and in his eyes, it was good.

Lucifer, God's most treasured angel, no longer wanted to worship someone else, and so he took with him a whole host of angels, the Fallen, and made his way from the heavens.

And some of these Fallen laid with children of men.

And then, there were the Nephilim.


Dean would admit that this royally sucked.

It was nearly 100° outside.

And a black car without AC?

Sam was officially shirtless beside him, mouth hanging slightly open as he leaned against the glass, sweat dripping from flattened brown locks and tracing his cheekbones, all while he snored softly. He was half tempted to prank his brother, stuck in rush hour traffic with some sort of accident as he was, but the kid had been pretty worn down lately, more exhausted than Dean liked to see him, so he figured he'd better let him go, especially since their dad was bound to run them ragged later.

One thing was for sure, as soon as Sammy broke the news about Stanford, they were all gonna be running laps. Not that Dean wanted him to go or anything…but the kid had earned it. And Sam had promised that he was coming back, that it was only temporary. A little independence would be good for the kid anyway, it was something that Dean could see that Sam needed, and Dean would never begrudge Sam anything that he needed. Ever.

Reaching over, Dean smoothed the damp curls away from his brother's face, his sweat mingling with Sam's own. Sam made a small noise, turning his face into the callused palm, and sighing, settling deeper into sleep. Dean smiled, and leaned back, ready for the long wait ahead, content to bask in the presence that was simply Sam.

Truth be told, if Dean had known that the next five hours were the last five hours he'd have with Sam for years, then he would have turned the car around and never went on to meet their father. If he would have known that his father would tell Sam to never come back…

Dean should have followed him, but he thought he could fix this.

Fix it.


He checked on the kid from time to time.

Peering in through locked doors and windows.

And Sam seemed happy enough.

If anyone deserved a shot at normal, it was Sam. And so Dean let him be, checking in on Sam, and then Sam and Jess, and staying well out of view, afraid that if he did go and see his brother, that he would be dragged back into that crazy world, their crazy world…

It didn't matter that it broke Dean's heart.

He would stay away.

Until one night, he couldn't anymore.

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