The Stars and the Sun

Disclaimer: Honestly, the Twilightverse belongs to Stephenie Meyer and not me. Because I'm not her.

Summary: What is someone from our universe enter the Twilight universe? What would she think? Do? Feel? And what is our universe was the fictional one?

Author's Note: OUTTAKE! In the middle of sewing like crazy and eating too much chocolate myself, I thought I should post this outtake. Depending on whether anyone likes it or not, I might post a couple more. This takes place sometime after the books get handed over but before the wedding. So, May! At some point… Also, I am writing from Gabriel's point of view. It's rated M for a reason (Gabriel can be a dirty old man) but it is up. I'm also working on reworking Alice's Origin story and writing for my story up on Twilighted…and sewing. Lots of sewing….

Two of my children greeted me upon the porch. Rosalie looked pleased about something but rather annoyed at the same time –a typical expression for my middle child- whilst Alice did nearly bounce off the steps of the porch, into my arms, and laughed as she told me "Welcome home, Dad!" I immediately became curious what two of my daughters had done to gain such amusement in both their expressions. Had my youngest child made her appearance today? I thought that with Elizabeth's cold that Edward would wish to keep her away –not that such a thing as a cold would cause much issue with any human system. For us, it simply meant keeping a full supply of handkerchiefs available for Elizabeth's consumption. That, and the smell of hot tea had now permeated into the walls of the kitchen.

Rather than attempt to guess at my children's latest exploits, I simply asked. "Hello, Alice," I told my eldest daughter as I hugged her and kissed her atop her head before turning towards my middle child. "Hello, Rose," I greeted both my children warmly. "What occasion has caused you both to be out here?" I asked as I walked with Alice upon my arm, skipping almost at my side, as we walked towards Rosalie.

My eldest grinned whilst my middle child rolled her eyes upon my reaching the porch. It was Rose that was kind enough to explain to me why they were outside and not inside. "Elizabeth's angry," she stated in a non-chalant way, shrugging her shoulders. My very much still human sister being angry was hardly anything new or noteworthy. Her temper was quiet similar to Edward's –her biological cousin which may explain the temperaments- and it died down just as easily as his. However, based upon Alice's giggles, it was not the simple fact that, yet, once again, something had made their "Aunt" angry but the circumstances surrounding it.

Before I could voice my concern Alice managed to speak through her giggles. "She growled at Edward!" my eldest stated, very amused. I also saw my middle child's lips twitch to a smile for but a few seconds.

I could not help but blink as I attempted to picture such a situation as Alice stated. A human woman, no matter how strong she may be in spirit and physical strength, was not a match for a vampire –assuming she did not have one of her incendiary devices with her. Even then, it was pure chance that Jane had not noticed her in that dark alley; the vampire woman's attention was too attuned to making Gabriel suffer –something Elizabeth had saved him from. Of the many things I could consider regarding my younger human sibling, it would not be that she would physically hurt any of us –threaten, yes, but she would never go through with it. Yet to hear that she growled at anyone of us… A human growling at a vampire?

"She growled?" I asked Alice who nodded emphatically at my question.

"She actually looked fierce!" Alice told me with a great deal of glee.

"Too bad she didn't actually attack him," Rose muttered from my other side. I looked to my middle child in concern. Glancing back, she shrugged once again. "He deserved it. He should have known better," Rosalie insisted. I rubbed my forehead thinking upon the situation.

"What did Edward do that caused Elizabeth to growl at him?" I asked in wonder for such a situation as this –a vampire being growled at by human- was certainly not usual. Not that I could say anything in regards to any of the people I loved dearly was usual by any means.

"He hid her chocolate supply," Alice informed matter of factly. "Edward didn't want her to get even more sick so he hid all the sweets and anything that wasn't chicken soup in the house," she continued whilst bouncing upon her toes. "I told him not to, of course."

"Of course," I repeated while I thought upon the situation. Though a small amount of sweets would hardly upset her stomach and further her cold, the amount Elizabeth is known to typically eat in a day could be problematic. However, I had watched my sister closely the other day and she had decreased her sugar intake by a good 20% -a key indication that she was sick- beyond her demands for things such as hot tea and soup. Her cold seemed to have naturally regulated her diet and I thought little of attempting to force her hand. My son, perhaps, thought otherwise.

Edward must learn to not interfere with our beloved humans in ways such as this. Bella and Elizabeth will destroy him if he keeps up such tactics as preventing either his mate or his cousin from anything either of them wish. Thinking upon some of the threats Elizabeth has given various members of the family in the past as well as her own mate, Gabriel, I looked to both of my daughters and asked but one simply question prior to entering. "Does Edward still have all his fingers?"

Alice grinned and nodded but Rose rolled her eyes and folded her arms about her chest in frustration with a mutter that I believe was an "Unfortunately". At least no one was physically hurt in this altercation.

Thinking upon my sister growling at my son, I could not help but smile a bit for it must have been quite a shock for all that were home to hear a human growling at any one of us. Upon my entry into our home, I was greeted firstly by my wife whom I kissed and secondly by a creature we are very use to's growls.

"Hush, Ginz," I heard the already familiar voice of my sister state from within the kitchen. I smiled as the dog growled but once more and then retreated to the place of her mistress. Such a retreat was followed by a sneeze that no doubt belonged to Elizabeth and the sound of quick footsteps that most likely belonged to her fiancé.

With my wife still in my arms, I smiled down upon Esme. "I heard there was quite the commotion today," I began, hoping for her to start the story. Esme's smile faltered slightly –to the point I opened my mouth to back track and not have her tell me if she wished not too- but her caramel waves swished from side to side as she shook her head no.

"It was only a minor issue. I think our son is recovered to some degree. Although he is hiding from his brothers," she stated with her lips pulling back up into a smile.

"What occurred exactly?" I asked as I let my wife loosely from my arms. It was then Elizabeth's voice sounded within my ears for she had come out of the kitchen with Gabriel behind her.

"Edward stole my chocolate," my sister stated, an almost innocent looking pout –one you might more expect to see on a child than a grown woman- adorned her face. In her hands was a mug of something hot and steaming – most likely more tea- while Gabriel fluttered behind her, his eyes trained specifically on her.

I went over to the woman suffering from what was a bad cold, causing her to be quite irritable at the smallest infraction with good reason from what I understand of colds, and smiled upon her. "He stole your chocolate?" I asked wishing to know more.

Elizabeth nodded in reply. She took a sip of her tea –Orange Spice, I was sure- before speaking again. "And he wouldn't let me have any," she grumbled. I kissed her atop her head, knowing that if I or Esme did so, it would calm our sister. It was her fiancé that gave me more details.

"We were unsure was to what Elizabetta had been searching for at first," Gabriel began, his arm reaching for her shoulders to which my sister moved but a step back so she might be within his reach once more. It was such an automatic thing with them.

"But she somehow tracked down where Edward had hidden all the sweets to which Edward attempted to block her," he continued before shifting uncomfortably. "She growled at him," he stated as if it still perplexed him. Elizabeth, however, simply nodded once, a scowl still half upon her face before she sipped at her tea once more. I did attempt not to laugh as the images assailed my brain of my barely five foot eight human sister growling in any ferocious way upon my youngest son.

"Did Edward hand over the chocolates?" I asked of my sibling. Her scowl became more determined.

"After I argued with him and Jasper, Emmett finally went and gave them to me," Elizabeth muttered. Her precious green eyes –so very like Edward's were and even his mother's- looked up towards my visage. "He should know better than to steal a human's chocolate supply!" she did nearly shout.

Gabriel held her tighter to him and whispered lightly in her ear. "It's over, cucciola mia. He won't try that again." Elizabeth just huffed, her eyes still fuming though all fight was lost from her body. Again, her eyes turned to me.

"You should yell at him too. I know Esme already talked to him but he," she started before giving into one of her coughs. It seems her cold had progressed a bit –possibly due to her fight. I looked to Gabriel who was clearly worried and out of his element with such a case as this. I smiled reassuringly before patting Elizabeth, gently on the shoulder.

"Go, rest. I'll go talk to my son," I told her. I would do so if only to gain his perspective of this story for it sounded like much a to-do occurred whilst I was at work today. My sister nodded as her fiancé guided her towards the living room sofa. I walked up to my wife –Alice dancing in to our home to go join her Aunt- and smiled at Esme's worried face.

Kissing my wife once again, I cupped her chin to assure her. "I'm sure Edward with have an interesting take on this," I chuckled. Esme laughed slightly before recovering herself.

"I think he is more embarrassed than anything else," she informed me. I nodded, making sure to keep such in mind, as I went towards the stairs. Upon the first level of the house –or the second story as my children often "correct" me- I was greeted by my middle son.

"Hey, Carlisle!" he greeted me with his usual cheerfulness. "Did you hear that Elizabeth growled at Edward? I didn't know humans could growl like that!" he stated in his normal amused tone.

"So I have been told," I stated with a smile.

"She is going to be scary when she's turned. She almost sounded like a vampire!" Emmett continued with a hint of seriousness. Something told me that Elizabeth, despite her ferocious temper, would be a bit better about the transformation than many of us had been. I was hoping that simply preparing Bella would ease her in most simply –and the same for Elizabeth. Both assured me it would –at least for Bella now that some answer lie in the books that Elizabeth had brought with her. With Elizabeth –at least I had Edward to go on for some idea of how she might handle it. As fierce as her temper was, she loathed to hurt any life. She was aghast that we did not at least use the hides of the animals we killed for other things. I supposed that's why Gabriel was reading up upon tanning –so that his wife would have leather to work with.

Chuckling, I patted Emmett upon the shoulder before heading up to Edward's room. I heard him sigh before I could even raise my hand. "I know, Carlisle," he said, his voice becoming clearer as he came to open his door. A smile played at his lips when I saw him. "But did not want her sweet tooth to cause her to be even more ill," he stated before looking upon his shoes. I could smell that Bella was here as well. Had she witnessed the entire thing? Edward nodded slightly, giving me my answer. I held back a chuckle further for it must have been quite the sight. I was unsure of Jasper's part –only that Elizabeth had uttered his name in the same breath as Edward's so he must have helped his younger brother in some small way- though I knew Emmett had rescued Elizabeth's chocolate supply from some unknown location.

"The attic," Edward stated. "She doesn't go in there."

Bella came into view and I smiled at my youngest daughter. "I take it you saw all of this?" I asked her. She nodded, looked to Edward who was still examining his shoes, and then to me.

"You do not mess with anyone's chocolate supply," she stated in nearly as much seriousness as Elizabeth had downstairs. I saw the corner's of Edward's lips turn upwards for but a small second before he again seemed to be engaged in analyzing the pattern upon the cut leather of his footwear. Despite its lack of lasting, Bella had caught Edward's smile. Her own face bore a frown.

"I'm serious. Renee grounded me for a week when I ate her chocolate nuggets!" Bella told him. Wisely, Edward stayed silent. Turning to me, Bella continued. "I think Elizabeth smelt where they were. She followed the trail up towards the attic," she started before her brow knit together. "It really is just a cold right?" my youngest asked, the concern for Elizabeth clear in her voice. I nodded in reply. I had checked her myself.

"It is nothing more than the common cold," I replied gently. Bella was quickly relieved by that information. I am sure Edward had told her but Bella must know that Edward does have a tendency to downplay anything he believes might worry her. However, something else bothered me.

"Elizabeth smelt the chocolate from downstairs while it was in the attic?" I questioned. Edward looked up sheepishly at me and nodded as did Bella.

"Hmm," I stated allowed, concerned that her sense of smell was already that strong.

"More like that attuned," Edward corrected.

"Explain, please," I begged of my son for I wished to understand what truly occurred.

"I did hide the chocolate but I think Elizabeth must have had one of the pieces half unwrapped. She looked everywhere for them and could only say she smelled them when she was close to the entrance to the attic," Edward informed me.

Again, I was confused. "Why did you not give them to her?" I had to ask.

"I honestly didn't think she would be that…stubborn on the issue," he replied. Elizabeth, not stubborn? Of the many things I may think about in regards to my sister, the word not should never appear betwixt her name and stubborn. I could not hold back my chuckle this time. I am sure Edward became determined that she would not have them for reasons unknown and Elizabeth became just as determined to have them. They truly did have the same genes. I knew by his look, my son was becoming embarrassed by my thoughts however it was Bella that interrupted them.

"You can't mess with a chocolate supply. It would be like…like hiding all the mountain lions from you or something," Bella stated before blushing at her analogy. "You wouldn't like that," she muttered. I chuckled as Edward groaned.

In an attempt to be serious, I grasped Edward's shoulder and he looked upon me. "No hiding chocolate from the humans," I attempted to state without laughing. Somehow, I magically succeeded. Edward nodded in a way I knew he would never do such a thing again. Turning back to go downstairs, I laughed. Elizabeth must have growled quite savagely to have affected everyone thusly. Perhaps Emmett is right, she will be scary when she is turned. Though, I would cast my lots with her only being scary to us or any that threaten our family. I suppose there is not a place more truly terrifying that betwixt a woman and her goal.

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