Roxas' grandfather predicted an upcoming tragedy that would fall upon Evillois. When Roxas was travelling the forest, he came across a cavern where he released the seal on a forbidden creature with eyes so green. AkuRoku.

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Chained Souls

Chapter 1


In the far away country of Evillois, where the sun never rose and the plants had wilted long ago, lived a young boy of minor age. The young boy had hair so golden and eyes so blue—reminding people of how the sun had once shone in the vast bright blue sky.

The boy's name was Roxas.

Roxas was living a quiet life in the Forest of Dark, located in the far east of Evillois. He had never showed his face in town, for his grandfather, Ansem the Wise, who had once ruled the land of Evillois told him not to.

Everyday, the young boy would go out of the little house that only he and his grandfather lived in to gather woods and food. The young boy had huge flexibility—having trained by his grandfather in a young age on how to fight and how to defend himself.

Sometimes, Roxas would question himself as to why he needed to be trained on how to fight when the world was so peaceful. Sure, the sun never shone in Evillois—but it was never a problem. Evillois was always so peaceful and had always been in a good term with the neighboring country of Mirellas and Ettillis. From what Roxas knew, the country of Mirellas and Ettillis would always go out of their way in order to help the land of Evillois. They would always give Evillois the food they needed.

But of course, the leader of Evillois had also come up with technologies that would help the country by finding means to grow plants without the aide of the sunlight. They had even discovered ways to manipulate the plants so that they would live under an environment of the artificial sunlight they had created. The Land of Evillois was blessed with talented scientists, intelligent scholars, and skillful magicians.

While the land of Evillois thrived under its human resources, the Land of Mirellas was the most beautiful Land. The earth in the Land of Mirellas was blessed with eternal wealth and health. Plants grew gorgeously there and the Sun always shone in the land of Mirellas. The country never suffered food or water shortage. Their lives were blessed.

The Land of Ettillis, however, thrived under its vast technologies. Power and electrical sources ran smoothly there. Battleship, metallic weapons, heavy infantries, and tons of armies kept the Land standing.

The three Land leaders came into a conclusion one day that each of the countries that they were leading had their own weaknesses. Therefore, the best course of action and the best option there was was for them to unite and work together in order to achieve peace and harmony. Mirellas would be the country to supply the other two countries with food. The Land of Evillois would continue to do research both for its own country and for the other two lands, while Ettillis would protect all the Lands from any sort of invasions. But of course, for hundreds of years, there was no invasion whatsoever from any foreign countries. However, in addition, Ettillis was also the one that provided the source of entertainment for the three countries. TVs, video games, cartoon shows—all of those were products of the Land of Ettillis.

The three lands achieved Harmony and Peace for hundreds of years to pass. Quarrels were, of course, present, but it never led to anything big.


"Morning, Granpa!" Roxas smiled, stretching while walking pass Ansem, who was sitting on his rocking chair, watching TV in the living room.

"Roxas, it is about time you wake up." Ansem greeted, voice calm and gentle.

Roxas smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I slept late the night before."

"That is fine."

Roxas walked over and sat down on the sofa that was placed in front of the small set of television. "The news?" he asked.


"Why do you always watch the news? It's... dull..." Roxas commented, pouting.

"It is much better than your cartoon show that shows no meaning and moral whatsoever." Ansem retorted, still watching the news forecast.

"But it's entertaining, granpa!" Roxas countered again, yawning a bit.

"You are still such a kid." Ansem heaved a soft sigh, looking at his grandson.

Roxas blew raspberry. "Just because I watch cartoon doesn't mean I'm a kid."

"Roxas. You must listen to the news. There are so many important things that you need to put your attention to."

Roxas grunted. Here it goes again, Gramps' lecture...

"Your cartoon shows don't teach you about the real world as it should."

"Yes, grandpa." Roxas nodded, showing respect, sighing a bit.

"There are so many events happening in the Three Lands right now." Ansem spoke wisely.

"Events?" Roxas asked, seemingly interested.

"Yes. The Land of Mirellas seemed to be unwilling to share its food resources anymore to Ettillis and Evillois reasoning that the food is not enough for everyone. Evillois has found some way over the years to create a food production of their own, but it is not enough to feed the entire country while at the same time the scientists must do research to improve the plantations in Mirellas and the army building in Ettillis. While all that the Land of Ettillis does is provide entertainment and forcing Mirellians and Evilloians to pay for that entertainment."

"I thought... everything's ok between all the countries?" Roxas frowned.

"In the surface, everything seems okay. But no, each countries have problems. And the problem that has arisen now is that the Land of Ettillis is slaving Evillois and Mirellas into providing the basic life needs for them. We succumb because Ettillis has unimaginable power and armies."

"Oh... So...we're going to... battle?" Roxas stated dumbfoundedly. His grandfather might have been Evillois' leader years before he was born, but Roxas never have much intelligence when it came to politics and planning. He always wanted to live a nice, peaceful life. And the life that his grandfather had provided for him was exactly the way he wanted it to.

"No, but I have a feeling, Roxas. That a war will be unavoidable."

"Well, granpa. What can you and I do?" Roxas blinked, his mind going blank.

"For now, there's nothing we can do. Your magic is still too weak for you to join the scientists and the magicians that are working in the palace."

"I'm learning!" Roxas smiled.

"And I don't want you to work with those petty rascals. You, my grandson... if the war should come, you must survive. Never think about others and don't get yourself into this trivial war and political business. Promise me, Roxas."

Roxas raised his eyebrows. "Sure! Alright, granpa." He grinned, more than happy that he wouldn't have to think too much about the world. He surely had no interest in helping others.

"No matter what. You mustn't get yourself into all of this."

Roxas nodded firmly. After a while of watching the news with Ansem, Roxas stood up from where he was sitting. "Alright, I'm going to go out."

"Be careful, Son." Ansem smiled.



Roxas travelled through the Forest of Dark, the forest that he grew up in and had already become so familiar with. The words that his grandfather had told him earlier were still fresh in his head.

He jumped through veins and poison ivies that grew in the forest. Occasionally, he would summon light to the tip of his finger in order to illuminate his path in that pitch dark forest. Learning a little bit of magic from Ansem had certainly benefited in his quest through his daily chore of gathering food. Once in a while, he would encounter some forest' animals—poison toads, men eating plants, leopard cubs, bear cubs, and other beings that occupied the forest. When he encountered those creatures, he would fight them off by using magic or hit them using his own well crafted wooden sword. To an extent, his magic and offense surely improved whenever he fought the creatures and won against them.

Fighting always lifted his heart. He always loved the feeling of being able to use his magic to a full extent. He smirked victoriously as he summoned a fireball and successfully incapacitate a poison toad, grinning, he jumped as he noticed that his fireball had came out perfectly as that—a fireball. All his previous attempts had been laughable to a point that it was not funny anymore. The first time he performed this new magic on a poison ivy, he ended up being beaten by the ivy and gotten poisoned. Luckily, his grandfather had been around to save him. The second time had been well—except that his fireball shaped like a square. There that other time that it shaped oval, another time a semi circle—there was even a time that it shaped like a star, completely disrespecting the graceful name of "Fireball."

Roxas had been upset and had given up. Ansem though, was highly interested with all the shapes that Roxas had formed. He had seen a lot of magicians trying to shape their fireballs magic in a different shape, but had failed miserably. Roxas was able to do it without any difficulties. That could mean only two things—either Roxas was incredibly talented or either he was highly...silly, having difficulties in making his fire magic shaped like a ball.

"Next one in the list..." Roxas grinned as he took out a small piece of paper from his pocket. He read the contents of the paper aloud, written by his grandfather in very neat handwriting.

"After you have successfully manipulate the elements of fire and turn a fireball as a... fireball, you are allowed to manipulate its opposite element, water."

"Whoo hoo!" the blond cheered. "Water."

He shoved the piece of paper back inside his pocket and began thinking. He remembered one time when Ansem had lectured him about the water element.

"Water is the essence of all beings. No beings can survive without water. Therefore, water has a high curing property. While water can be successfully manipulated to harm and torture other beings, when you're just starting to manipulate this element, it is best for you to remember and understand its healing properties first before using it as an offensive element."

"Huh..." Roxas smiled. "Healing. Got it." he whispered to himself before travelling further into the forest in order to find a source of water.

The water sources around the forest had decreased immensely ever since the last time he was in the area. Food gathering had also become increasingly difficult with the increasing amount of creatures that were also hunting for food. In a way, Roxas felt bad for harming the creatures. That was why he never really killed those forest creatures. He merely rendered them unconscious and moved on with his food hunting.

Getting deeper and deeper inside the forest, he found himself in an area that he had never been in before. There were a lot of food resources there. Fruits and harmless vegetables that he could take home and branches that could be put into the fireplace to burn to gain warmth at night. He was about to gather them and go, but he stopped when something else attracted his attention.

He frowned when he saw a squirrel and a rabbit running towards the same direction and disappearing amidst the bushes of dark leaves. He summoned brighter lightsource, aiming the light he summoned to the direction of where he saw the rabbit and squirrel. He frowned when he saw nothing. Summoning yet another light source to the tip of his finger, he decided to follow out of curiosity. Jumping through several vines and ivies, passing through leaves and bushes, he finally found the two forest creatures. And strangely, he had also found a cavern... a small, dark cavern. The rabbit and the squirrel ran inside and disappeared again.

Roxas stood outside the cavern, contemplating on whether or not he should take a step inside. He looked left and right, seemingly thinking using his rational thoughts, sealing himself from the overwhelming temptation to ease his curiosity. He put his hands to his hips, thinking some more before sighing. It won't kill me.

Then, the blond went inside, crouching down and slowly trudging inside the cavern.

The inside of the cavern was obviously larger than its outward appearance. Roxas gasped at the breathtaking sight. It was something that he had never seen before. He blinked, looking left and right, making sure that he was not merely dreaming or becoming delusional.

There, in the cavern...

The cavern was walled with shining light-blue crystal walls. Roxas had never seen something so bright before. His house was probably the closest thing that was as bright as the area he was in. But that was only because his grandfather had performed a powerful magic to light the house.

Roxas swallowed, the sight was truly breathtaking. The walls were shining beautifully, faintly reflecting his reflections all over. There were five rocks sitting right in the middle of the area, forming a perfect circle, taking up a large space. The area inside those five rocks was the only place where it was not covered with crystals. It was a simple brown and yellow colored earth. There were several beautiful green colored grasses growing there and two little white petaled flowers.

Inside the large space of area surrounded by the five small rocks that were tied together with a thick rope was an enormous rock, standing tall, planted on the ground in the upper part of the space.

And there, with his back against the rock, sitting on the ground, was a... human...

A human with a pair of small black horns sticking out for each sides of his temple and curling to the front, dressed in a simple piece of perfectly fitted leafy shirt and short pants. Roxas couldn't stop staring at the man. The man had flaming red hair that was combed to the back of his head, sticking in all directions. Part of his legs and arms were covered in what seemed like—red scales. His skin though, was pale. His ankles and wrists were chained to the enormous stone, binding him to it. He seemed to be sleeping.

Roxas took in small breathes, wondering who the man with the red hair was.

Forest creatures were also gathered around the five rocks, deers, squirrels, rabbits, birds...but none of them move and none of them was inside the rope—inside the area that was enclosed by the five rocks and the rope. Slowly, out of curiosity, Roxas stepped closer.


Roxas jumped suddenly when he heard the noise. He turned 180 degrees and fell backwards, effectively landing on his bottom on the ground and cutting off the rope that was tying the five rocks together.

And the man behind him began to glow. Roxas didn't realize this fact because he was facing his back against the redhead.

Roxas grunted and stood up, dusting himself off the dust.

Stretching out his right arm, with his palm facing the poison toad that had just scared him, he stated calmly. "Fireball." And a perfectly round-shaped fireball came out of his palm, aimed towards the toad. The toad was immediately incapacitated.

Roxas smiled.

When the blond returned his attention to the man, he found out that he had broken the rope. "Oh... whoops?" he stated uncertainly, wondering if he would get in trouble for doing that.

Frowning a bit, not caring about the fact that he had broken properties anymore, he stepped closer to the man. "Are you okay?" He asked, worried. "Why are you.... glowing?" he whispered.

Slowly, he knelt down on one knee, watching the redhead closer, putting one of his hands to the redhead's knee. "Hey?" he called uncertainly, leaning closer to see if the redhead was okay. Was he injured and incapacitated?

Before he knew what happened, the next thing he found out was that someone had apparently pushed his head closer and then... the very next thing that he knew...his lips were already on the man's. He gasped in disgust, immediately pushing himself away. "Hey!! What?!!" he wiped his lips with the back of his hand and he immediately turned to find out who had pushed him. It turned out that it was nothing...but a deer. He grunted in disgust. "Ewww.. I just kissed an unknown.. stranger..." he frowned deeply, standing up.

There was suddenly a flash of bright light as he turned to face the man. Roxas shut his eyes so that the light would not blind him. He could hear irons shattering. When he opened his eyes again, the man has disappeared. The chains were shattered.

"What?" Roxas became wary and he immediately looked around the area.

Little did he know that there was a tiny creature jumping up to his back.

"Watch out. To your left!"

Roxas yelped when he heard a voice coming out of nowhere. The voice was deep, but playful.

Roxas immediately turned to his left, becoming alerted as soon as he found a bear cub that was ready to attack him. "Fireball." He said as he used his magic, but the bear cub had successfully avoided his magic.

However, the bear cub suddenly stopped and ran away.

The blond released a small sigh of relieve.

"Don't let your guard down." Said the same voice in the same playful manner. "The big one will come soon, blondie."

"What? Who are you? Show yourself!" Roxas yelled.

"I'd rather watch. Thanks." The voice replied.

And soon enough, before Roxas could reply another word, he could feel the entire cavern trembled violently.

"What are you doing standing there? Go outside."

"Why?" Roxas asked, dumb-founded while all the forest animals were all already running off outside.

"Duh, do you want to be buried alive in this cavern? I sure don't fancy that. Quick, get your nice piece of ass running!"

"What?!" Roxas protested, flushing a bit. "What ass?"

"You have a nice piece of ass, kid. Now, move it." The voice said, chuckling.

"Whoever you are, I'm not going to let you go after I take care of whatever it is." Roxas pouted unhappily, running outside the cavern.

When he was outside, he stopped to a halt. He had to snap his head up in order to fully register in the gigantous creature standing before him. "Whoa..." he gasped, cerulean eyes wide in shock.

"Now...that's just huge." The voice commented.

"Well, it's time for you to come out and help me now. Whoever you are." Roxas replied spitefully.

"I refrain. Show me if you're worthy of becoming my master, kid."


"Yeah, beat this thing and show me." The voice spoke in confidence.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Axel. Got it memorized?"


Roxas frowned.

The gigantous bear lifted a foot and stomped down the ground. Roxas hastily reflexed, running away to avoid the impact.

He grunted, watching the bear's movement carefully. "So, I'll need to beat this thing?" he asked uncertainly. He had trouble battling four bear cubs all alone at the same time. And now, some voice named Axel wanted him to defeat an enormous bear? He would be dead before he knew what happened.

"Talk about Blank with a capital B." the voice drawled. "Yeah, defeat it. Careful, to the left!"

"Damn!" Roxas cursed as he immediately jumped away from another attack from the bear.

"Atta boy!" the voice cheered.

Roxas huffed and pouted. "Fine, so be it." he narrowed his eyes and began concentrating for the battle.


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