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Chained Souls


There was once…two heroes…


Chapter 5

The Sealed Cave

There was silence…

The winds broke the silence, blowing the dusts on the desert, leading it to somewhere undestined.

Bazillions of troops and armies were gathered in the gloominess of the desert, where no sun shone. The sky was crimson blood, dark and tainted. The winds were stirring in discomfort, giving a sign that misfortunes would occur soon.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The bells were ringing.

A non-existent clock could be heard ticking in the distant.

And there were roars of war.

Blades were unsheathed.

Magics were casted.


In the darkness of a room, pupils were dilated, catching in any light that they came across in order to have a better view and grasp of the suddenly unfamiliar area that the blond was in.

Roxas gasped.

"…A dream?..." he muttered, staring out of the window above where he was sleeping. It was dark, as always. Pitch dark…such was the situation of Evillois at night. The blond blinked a couple of times in order to adjust to the dark before closing his eyes. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, taking in deep breathes, shifting uncomfortably on where he was lying. He had already forgotten about the miniature redhead that was supposedly lying on his body.

The servant was already thrown off of bed earlier with a nasty land to the ground.

Currently, the redhead was standing at the side of the room, still unhappy at the sudden throw. His eyes had easily adjusted to the darkness and the dim light that was casted upon the entire house. He had the eyes of a cat that could see easily in the dark.

He smirked when the blond fell asleep again, smiling softly.


When morning came, there was a loud scream and several soft curses that could be heard ringing across the house. There was no way of making out who the screams and curses belonged to... except that they contained violent and murderous intents.


Axel had bruises all over his face.

And Roxas' frown stayed for one day long.

Ansem could only question what had happened. He had very well decided that it was for the best not to inquire his grandson when the blond was behaving like that. He had never seen Roxas so upset before.

And the day passed.

The night came without any notice.

"You, mister. You're going to sleep outside." Roxas hissed, narrowing his eyes into mere slits, pointing out of the window to further proof his point. There was no humor in his expression. It was full of malice and full of murderous intents and of course, anger.

"What? Whyyyy?" Axel whined, trying his best to muster up his cute and puppy dog eyes expression. He took a step forward, hoping that he could somehow calm the rage of the blond. But each step forward that he took, Roxas would counter by taking two steps backwards.

Roxas bit his lower lip in fury, about to burst out in frustration. "You dare ask why?" he hissed, voice threatening and dangerous.

"Master, I'm really sorry!!!" Axel grinned, showing that he was not at all sincere in his apology.

"Get. The. Freaking. Hell. Out. Of. Here." Roxas spoke, stressing and meaning every single word. "You…are not permitted to show up in front of me until I've forgotten about all that happened. Until then,Servant." He added spitefully.

"Bu-but… you said that…we're not… servant and master…" Axel spoke, his horns curling down in sadness, his head hung low, his lips forming an adorable pout, his jade eyes were blinking, looking hopefully to his master. The only thing he hoped for now was for the higher entity above to calm his master's anger.

Roxas was about to break when he saw the redhead's expression, feeling guilty all of a sudden. "Axel. Don't make me any more angry than I am now." He threatened, death glaring the being with horns and scales in front of him. "Out."

"Very well, master. But…" Axel sniffed mockingly, exaggeratedly. "Do know that I deeply regret my actions. It is because I care for you, master. I seek nothing more than to protect and earn your trust. I seek nothing more than to be with you, Master. Master, I…" the redhead seemed to be about to burst into tears. Bur of course, Evillois would have sunlight again by the time said redhead really 'burst into tears.'

"Axel." The blond reprimanded firmly, huffing.

"Yes, Master." Axel walked out of the room, head hung low as if he was a dejected puppy that had been thrown away by its master.

Roxas heaved a deep breath when Axel was out of the room. With a roll of eyes, he threw himself down on his bed. He stretched his hand out to grab his pillow and put it on top of his body, hugging it tight. He took in a deep, exhausted breath, wanting no more than for sleep to embrace his being. However, sleep never seemed to come. He was wide awake, remembering back what happened that morning.

He was certainly not happy with the fact that Axel had taken the liberty to revert back into his normal size and slept beside him. When he was awaken, the redhead was hugging him tight and they were cuddling to one another. That had certainly shocked him to a high degree and it had certainly heightened his body temperature much more than he could ever imagine and he was not even having a fever!

He was deliberately upset. There was no way in his sanity that he could ever come to sense that it was alright for two people of the same sex to be sleeping together. His grandfather had taught him so and what he saw on TV was more than enough to shape his way of thinking. He was not sure why he was so enraged, but he knew that it was right for him to be upset.

He never would have guessed that it had turned out that way.

However, in some way, he had given Axel trust, seeing that he had allowed the redhead to sleep with him for the night. He had never imagined the consequences to that.

Yet another however, he surely felt guilty to see that expression on the redhead's face. So desperate and sad… what if Axel had meant what he had said? As far as he knew, Axel could be counted as a nice guy, right? But of course, he had never known anyone in his life other than his grandfather. Somehow though, he could come to a conclusion that Axel was really not a bad guy at all. He was…decent… certainly more decent than half of the people that he had seen on the television.

And the fact that the redhead had tried his very best to acquire and beg for Roxas' apology for the rest of the day was enough to make the blond feel bad about himself.

He heaved another deep sigh, contemplating on his action.

He finally narrowed his eyes again, forming a pouty expression.

Axel deserved punishment.

And the redhead needed to be taught some things called 'personal bubbles' and the 'line of patience.'


The redhead was resting on top of the branch of a sturdy tree just right outside of Roxas' house. He sighed. The darkness of the night was getting into him and he was definitely shivering out of the cold. The temperature dropped drastically at night in Evillois. Letting out a small breath, he summoned a small fireball that floated beside him to keep himself warm. Silently, he wondered if he would be able to sleep like that. He could definitely go back to the cave where he belonged and stayed there. However, he did not have the desire to leave his master.

The area was pitch dark and he could hear the howls of wolves. …Wolves? He frowned.

"…" he opened his mouth to let out another small breath, scanning the area with his eyes, navigating the small fireball around as his light, careful as to not set fire in the forests. "Nothing…" he whispered. Then he went back to lie back down.


Roxas blinked, grunting in annoyance.

He couldn't sleep!

How could that be possible?

He always had a good, nice sleep every night.

He hated himself for going against his conscience. He bit his lower lip in guilt.

What if the redhead was shivering? What if the redhead was eaten by the forests' beasts?

As if.

He convinced himself. He knew that Axel was definitely stronger than him. The redhead was more than capable of protecting himself. Midnight struck and Roxas was having nightmares. He was jolted up from his sleep. With a grunt, he got up from where he was sleeping and taking a spare blanket together with him. He walked out of the balcony of his room, looking around, trying to spot that one peculiar being that had kept him up. "Axel?" he called out softly, doubting that the servant would ever hear him. He tapped his fingers against the wall, curving his lips to the side, seemingly thinking over his course of action, making a nice rhythm.

Taking in a deep breath, he finally came to compromise that he would immediately go back to sleep if Axel didn't appear the second time he called the name. "Axel."

He waited for a few moments before he decided to go back to his room.

When he was about to close the door to his balcony, he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder and he yelped, turning around quickly. "Axel?"

"You called?" Axel grinned brightly, standing gloriously in his striking posture, shone by the small fireball that was still floating loyally beside him.

Roxas flushed. "And where'd you get that idea from?"

"Cause I heard you!!!" Axel smirked, saying in a playful singsong, happy as a child could be when allowed to eat candies.

"N-no, I didn't!" Roxas replied, still shocked that the redhead had actually heard him.

"I'll be watching out 24/7 for you, master. Consider yourself officially betrothed to a stalker."

"What?!" Roxas frowned.

"Just kidding. I love ya, kid. So, what's up?" the redhead spoke, crouching on the edge of the handles, balanced and leveled.

Roxas groaned, shoving the blanket he was holding to the redhead.

"Huh? What's this?"

"You…might get cold. Just take it." The blond replied timidly.

Emerald eyes were wide. "For me?"

Roxas was still timid, biting his lower lip nervously.

Axel smiled and took the blanket. Gently, he patted his little master on the head affectionately. "Thanks, master. You're a nice kid." He commented, voice soft and caring. "I deserve this punishment. But you know, you should learn to toughen up."

"What?" Roxas challenged, pouting. "I don't want you to get sick. You're really the first person that I know besides grandpa." He stated, as a matter of fact.


"Just go out and sleep." Roxas blew raspberries and walked into his room, about ready to close the door to the balcony.

"Hey, thanks…Roxas."

Roxas paused for a while before smiling. "Sure."


The morning wasn't at all colorful. Roxas had to make a trip to the Forest of Dark once again in order to gather food. "Roxas." Ansem called before Roxas was out of sight.

"Yeah, grandpa?" Roxas asked cheerfully.

Ansem stared at his grandson thoughtfully, narrowing his eyes in the slightest bit.

Roxas stood still for a while there, stunned, unable to move. Ansem was looking directly at his head…in which the redhead was comfortably sitting on. What would his grandfather think if he found out that Roxas had brought an unknown man home? An unknown creature… he would be lucky if Ansem merely decided to punish the redhead…okay, that was selfish of him. But hey, being punished by his grandfather was not exactly a fun thing in the world. He knew.

"Take good care of yourself." Ansem spoke calmly.

Roxas released a sigh of relieve silently, still being careful around his grandfather. "Yes, grandpa. Anything special that you would want me to fetch for you?" he asked innocently, being a good grandson that he was.

"No. Roxas, the wind will blow strongly from the west. Come back before the sun sets."

Roxas blinked a couple of times before nodding. "Alright," he smiled, going out of the house.

Ansem turned and gave his grandson a meaningful look.


"Gramps is acting weird…" Roxas whispered as he dashed through the darkness of the forest with practiced ease. He summoned fireballs every time he encountered poison toads. Apparently, those slimy, green poison toads were highly vulnerable to fire. He tried using absorb, but it backfired. He ended up suffering damage and healing the enemies.

"Isn't that old man of yours always so creepy?" Axel commented ignorantly, lying on his back on Roxas' scalp.

"No, he's not!" Roxas countered. "Don't speak about grandpa that way," he warned.

"Ah, my apologies, Master," the redhead grinned, replying sincerely. "I didn't have the intention to offend you." He stood up, holding on a strand of Roxas' hair then, looking around the gigantic area around him under the golden bushes that were Roxas' hair.

"You're being… unexpectedly obedient today," Roxas frowned, not really trusting the horned being.

"Where are you running off to?" Axel inquired, noticing that his master had headed off to a different direction.

"I have a feeling that something is here."

"Yeah, like what?"

"Can't you sense it? The wind? It's whispering…"

"Are you okay, kid?"

"It's whispering for me to come to them. Just ahead…" Roxas kept running deep into the forest.

"Kid! No no… Roxas! Head back!"

"It's the same feeling as that cavern I found you, Axel. Maybe this is another one of those caverns that you mentioned."

"No, this area is too dangerous. Don't venture any further!"

But Roxas kept running forward. A cave was at sight, just right ahead.

"Roxas, listen to me!" Axel finally jumped off of Roxas and transform into his normal form, blocking Roxas up front. "What are you doing?!" he yelled, gripping his master's shoulder.

"What?" Roxas snapped, blinking.

"You can't approach a cavern carelessly, kid. You could get yourself killed."

"It was okay the last time I…"

"That was different." The redhead let go of the blond and turned to give a thoughtful look at the cavern's entrance. "This is not within my territory, Roxas. This is not one of my caverns."

"Not one of your…?... what do you mean? But…"

"You said that the wind is whispering. What are its whispers?"

"They're calling out to me…" the blond answered hesitantly.

Axel was quiet, watching silently ahead. "Let's go back. You still have to do your chores." He turned and walked passed Roxas, heading back.

"Hey, wait!" the blond ran after Axel, still staring at the entrance of the cave.


"Hey, Axel. Are you going to explain?" Roxas questioned, shifting his attention up to his hair, where the mini-redhead dwelled.

"Explain what, dear?" the redhead drawled lazily.

Roxas could feel goose bumps all over his body. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he narrowed his eyes in disbelieve.

Axel smirked. "Everything's wrong with me," he whined. "My body aches all over and I think I caught a cold," he sighed.

Roxas' heart skipped a beat. "O-Oh yeah?" he asked, trying to be indifferent.

"Yeah…" Axel sighed.

"So, what's that cavern just now?... you seemed… out of sorts seeing it."

"Ah, it's nothing. It's a sealed cavern anyway. It's none of your concern, kid."

Roxas frowned even deeper. "You're annoying," he pouted.

"Aww, you know you love me."

"No I'm not." Roxas stuck his tongue out.

"You are," Axel countered in a singsong.

"Am not!" the blond stressed.





Roxas yelped and stopped in his track, jumping back as he watched the redhead transformed into his normal size right before him. "What are you doing?!" he yelled, clearly not happy with the sudden heart attack.

The redhead closed his eyes and bowed graciously. Roxas frowned and blushed at the same time. Then, before he could register what happened, he was lifted off the ground, into the horned being's arms. The redhead grinned brightly—almost too bright.

"Gah! What are you doing, Axel?! Let me down!" the blond struggled.

"No can do! You'll end up falling down on your butt again! And I sure don't want you to get hurt. Your body is delicate as is," the servant grinned victoriously as he saw the crimson on his master's face. "Now, let's go gather all those resources," he winked.

"You're… a lunatic!" Roxas scoffed, crossing his arms in his chest.

"Hold tight!"

And there was a scream as Axel jumped, flying up to a tree branch and he began leaping freely through each branches, carrying his small master easily.

"Let me down!!!"

And thus, the peace in the forest was disrupted by the two beings.


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