Sarutobi stared down at the Chuunin arena concern showing in his eyes. A chuckle reached his ears causing him to turn his head towards the source. The source of the chuckle was a man that looked to be in his early forties wearing yellow and white robes and the same stupid ceremonial hat Sarutobi had on his head. Sarutobi smiled at the man.

"Well Raikage-san it is good to see you made it." The Raikage chuckled.

"Of course I made it after all it is my grand niece down there." Sarutobi smiled.

"Yes if I'm correct she is up against our young Uchiha first." The Raikage smiled at that.

"Oh? I thought you placed the young prodigy against the sands Genin?" The old Hokage chuckled.

"Oh I changed the line up after all you don't always know who you're going up against in real life…so this should prove useful to them." The Raikage chuckled.

"And it's a lot more fun right?" The Sandaime just smiled. As the Raikage sat down Sarutobi flicked his eyes over towards the Kazekage and inwardly smirked.

'I knew you would try and pull this Orochimaru, but not even you are foolish enough to try and fight two kage's by yourself.' Sarutobi's eyes snapped forward as he heard his name being called.

"Hokage-sama neither the Uchiha nor the Uzumaki are here and they are the first two fights." Sarutobi gave a slight hum.

"I'll push the Uchiha's fight till last seeing as he is with his sensei…Naruto-kun however has no such excuse so I'll allow him five minutes to get here if he does not show in that time…he is disqualified." Genma gave the announcement and everyone was watching the clock. After four minutes passed Sarutobi gave a nod. Genma turned towards the crowed.

___Arena Floor___

"It seems that Uzumaki Naruto has not arrived so by default Suba…" Genma was cut off as a bolt of lightning crashed out of the clear sky and a voice filled the arena like a roar of thunder.

"Ohh? And here I thought I still had one minute until my time limit was up." All eyes turned towards the lightning only to see a very changed Naruto.

Instead of the usual orange and blue jumpsuit that the blond usually wore, he now donned a tight black muscle shirt and baggy black jeans that were being held up by his forehead protector. On his feet he wore a pair of solid black pair of sneakers and black socks. On his arms he wore a pair of solid gold arm bracers, with his hands covered by a pair of black fingerless gloves with a mystic topaz in place of the typical metal plate. On his back was a huge ass Zanbato. The blade was solid black except for the stabilizing spine and handle both were pure gold.

___Kage's Box___

Sandaime smiled.

"Cutting it close there Naruto-kun." The Raikage chuckled at the older kages expense.

"Man your Genin sure knows how to make an entrance doesn't he Sandaime-san." Sarutobi chuckled.

"Yes well Naruto-kun always did have a flare for the theatrics." The Raikage gave a slight smirk.

"And it seems the Genin you favor most has a thing for my element Hokage-san." Sarutobi chuckled and smirked.

"Watch closely Raikage-san and you'll soon realize that it isn't your element at all…and besides it seems that your niece has a thing for my favorite Genin." The Raikage's eyes widened and he couldn't help but palm his face when he saw a light blush appear on his nieces face.

"Damn it Sarutobi there really is no beating you is there?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"'Fraid not Akira…afraid not." All joking stopped when the Kage's heard a shout of 'Hajime' from Genma.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto stared across the arena at the red haired psychopath and smirked.

"Oh so you're the one that Sauske-teme is out there training to beat…it's sad I'm going to do that for him." The red head glared.

"Mother wants your blood." Naruto watched as the red head sent a wave of sand at him. Naruto smirked and seemed to vanish only to reappear behind the red haired youth. Naruto whipped his sword off of his back down towards the red head. Naruto's smirked as the sand stopped his sword from moving any further. Naruto disappeared again this time coming in from the top only to have his sword stopped again. Naruto continued to try this each time his sword being stopped. Naruto disappeared again this time he appeared on the other side of the arena a manic grin on his face.

"So it seems Lee was almost right. The only way through your shield is to outrun it…but I do have to wander…" Naruto smiled and rested his sword on his shoulder.

"Tell me Garra…do you enjoy the rain?" Garra raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Naruto gave a small serine smile.

"I do…I love the feeling as the rain pours down my face and body…washing away all my pain, the rain is like a lover it makes you forget about everything but her, it makes you forget all your problems as she caresses your face and back, but do you know what I love most about the rain Garra?" Garra again said nothing. Naruto smirked.

"What I love most about the rain…is that she's never alone…where ever the rain is, her protector is soon to follow…no Garra what I love most about the rain…is the lightning she brings with her." Naruto dropped his blade to ground. Naruto smiled and dashed towards Garra.

"That's right Garra I love the lightning. It possesses more power and speed then anything else on this earth. The lightning protects the rain when it is called. Leaving only the cry of the splitting wind in its wake." Naruto finished his speech as he reached Garra. Naruto jumped and made to give Garra a helmbreaker. Naruto smirked and flipped at the last minute as he saw the shield of sand form. Naruto planted his feet firmly on top of the sand and jumped straight upward. All eyes turned towards as boy split the wind with his massive blade. Everyone watched as Naruto reached the apex of his jump. Without wasting a second Naruto spun in the air and threw his massive blade straight down. Everyone's eyes followed the sword, as it descended towards it's opponent. Three sets of eyes however were watching the black clad as he started forming hand seals.

___Kage's Box___

Sarutobi smirked as he recognized the seals the boy was performing.

"Watch closely Akira and you will see why when it comes to lightning…even you hold no power over this boy." The Raikage raised an eyebrow at that but watched.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto smirked as he finished he formed the last hand sign.

"Raiton: Kencho za Sora(Lightning Release: Striking The Sky)" Everyone's eyes widened as lightning traveled from the ground into Garra and then through his sand and into the sword.

___Kage's Box___

The Raikage's eyes widened.

"Sarutobi what the hell was that?" Sarutobi smiled.

"Shh it's not done." Akira's eyes widened but turned his eyes back towards the fight.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto smirked and replaced himself with the falling sword. Everyone felt the shockwave as Naruto's feet crashed into the shield of sand. Naruto smirked as he felt the sand shifting under him as it moved to block his falling sword. Without the sand to support his weight Naruto fell through right in front of Garra. Naruto smirked and kicked Garra upwards. Naruto grabbed his sword and pointed it at the air born Garra.

"Niban Dageki(Second Strike.)"

___Kage's Box___

Akira's eyes widened as he saw all the lightning that hit the sword earlier shoot out and towards Garra again. Sarutobi smirked at the surprised look on the Raikage's face.

"That my dear Akira was Naruto-kun's, Kencho za Sora, or striking the sky technique. I'll not tell you how it's done seeing as the only person who knows is the young man you just saw doing it. I will however tell you that it isn't his strongest technique nor is this his best." The Raikage turned towards the Hokage and said.

"You have got to get him to write that down for me." Sarutobi smirked at Akira.

"Oh so in return are you going to give me one fire jutsu that your ninja have created?" Akira groaned.

"That's unfair Sarutobi you know the only ninja I have that uses fire is Yugito-chan and she'd castrate me with a rusty spoon if I gave away any of her techniques." Sarutobi chuckled.

"Believe me if Naruto found out that I gave away any of his techniques I would have it much worse." Akira raised an eyebrow.

"Worse then being castrated with a rusty spoon?" Sarutobi nodded.

"Yes back when he was younger one of the villagers that hated him spilled his Ramen. I'll not go into details but I'm just going to say that it involved two kunai, a block of cheese, two pairs of chopsticks, and a mouse." Akira raised an eyebrow.

"Was it painful?" Sarutobi shuddered.

"…Not to the mouse." Akira shuddered but didn't respond.

___Back on the Arena Floor___

Naruto shouldered his weapon and turned away from the downed red head whose area was covered in kicked up dust. Just as Naruto was about to break into the barrier between the stairs and the Arena floor he suddenly felt a massive blast of Killing Intent as well as chakra. Naruto smirked and cocked his head.

"About time you woke up…" Everyone's eyes widened as the dusk cleared showing Garra with his arm and half of his face covered in sand and strange blue markings.

"…Shukaku…or should I call you by your proper title…Ichibi no Tanuki." The answer Naruto got was sand swallowing him whole.

___Kage's Box____

Akira jumped to his feet and was about to intervene when a firm hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Sarutobi what are you doing that's a jinchuriki down there and I know you think the world of the boy but he'll get destroyed if he continues to fight that thing." Sarutobi smirked.

"ANBU." Four clocked figures appeared out of the shadows behind the three Kage's.

"Pull Genma and then set up a Barrier no one in no one out we can't have civilian casualties." The Anbu nodded and went to do as their leader has instructed. Akira gave the older Kage a disbelieving look.

"What the hell are you doing!? Do you want that boy to die?" Sarutobi smiled.

"Akira believe me Naruto-kun is in no harm."

___Arena Floor___

In side the cocoon of sand Naruto sat patiently. As Naruto felt a familiar pulse of Chakra Naruto smiled. Grabbing the handle of his sword Naruto started to pump lightning chakra through it. Naruto smirked as he saw it spark. 'Time for the real fun to begin.'

___Kage's Box___

Akira's eyes widened as he saw the blade of Naruto's sword pierce the sand that held him.

"But how…before he couldn't even move the sand?" Sarutobi smirked.

"Because Akira look closely where Naruto-kun's sword is touching." Akira had to squint seeing as he was so far away, but he saw it the reflection on the sun where it hit the sand.

"Glass…but how?" Sarutobi smirked.

"When lightning strikes it is roughly 30,000K…two times hotter then the surface of the sun. Naruto took that energy and pushed it into the blade of his sword. When the swords blade touched the sand he released that energy melting the sand…allowing his sword to pass through." Akira's eyes widened considerably.

"Sarutobi I have been using lightning jutsu since I was five years old and I've never been able to make my jutsu that hot…how does he do it?" Sarutobi smirked.

"Again Akira-san the only one who knows that little secret is the one who you just saw using it." Akira's and Sarutobi's eyes were drawn away from the fight as they hear someone hitting the barrier. Turning towards the source Akira sighed.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto shouldered his sword and stepped away from the smoldering pile of newly formed glass. Naruto smirked at the disfigured red head.

"Now now that wasn't very nice…and here I was nice enough to greet you hello." Garra growled and shot sand out at the blond again. Naruto watched as the sand drew nearer to him. 'They just never learn…all well.' With that Naruto disappeared again.

___Arena Stands___

Akira walked up towards the long blond haired girl that would occasionally hit the barrier with her fist. Akira laid his hand down on the blond haired girls shoulder causing her to jump. Akira smiled at that.

"Easy there Yugito-chan it's just me." Yugito smiled at the older man.

"Uncle what are you doing down here?" Akira smiled.

"Well the Hokage wanted to know if you would kindly stop hitting his barrier." Yugito blushed slightly at that.

"Sorry." Akira chuckled at that.

"Calm down he's not mad…now onto another question." Akira walked up to the railing and peered over to see Naruto being chased around by that sand all the while laughing and making stupid comments.

"Tell me Yugito-chan what do you think about that young man down there?" Yugito looked at her uncle.

"I think he is an emotional little boy that can't even control his demon." Akira chuckled at that.

"Yes I'll agree with you on that…however he isn't the one I was speaking of." Yugito's eyebrow rose.

"So you're telling me you have no interest in another Jinchuriki? Then you must be curious about his lightning attacks right?" Akira chuckle.

"Yugito I have no interest in Jinchuriki at all. If I could've I would have never allowed that damn cat to be placed inside of you in the…" Yugito glared and hissed.

"Don't say that. Nibi-chan is one of the only friends I have, so don't even think about getting rid of her." Yugito heard a loud purring coming from her mind.

'Hello Nibi-chan.' a smooth and seductive voice purred in response.

'Hmm hello kitten what did I miss?' Yugito smiled as she heard Nibi's voice.

'Nothing really some poor sap got stuck fighting the Ichibi Jinchuriki.' The Nibi hissed slightly at mention of the one tailed pervert.

'Is that worthless sack of shit still breathing…Kitten let me see who's up against him.' Yugito turned towards the fight allowing the Nibi to watch through her eyes. The Nibi purred in almost orgasmic bliss when she saw the young lightning god.

'Kitten who is that delicious little tom over there?' Yugito was surprised at the Nibi's question. Sure Nibi always told Yugito about what sex was like and how to do this or that when your with your lover, but Nibi never and I mean NEVER asked for someone's name before.

'I believe his name is Uzumaki Naruto, Nibi-chan.' Nib purred at the mention of his name.

'Naruto huh…he'd be good for you kitten.' Yugito almost jumped out of her skin when the Nibi said those words.

'Wha…what!' Nibi purred at her response.

'What you object? I think he would be a perfectly acceptable mate…or at least a really good fuck.' Yugito mentally hissed at Nibi. Nibi purred in response. Yugito was shaken out of her thoughts by Akira's hand on her shoulder. Akira smiled down at his niece.

"The Hokage just told me to watch, Naruto-san is about to do something that Sarutobi-san thinks would impress me. So I think you should watch as well." Akira's and Yugito's eyes turned towards the Arena, only to see a fully awakened Shukaku staring down at a very relaxed Naruto.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto looked up at the small mountain of sand and sighed.

"Damn and here I was hoping you had a little better control…all well no harm no foul." Naruto smiled and bit his thumb.

"Looks like this is it…Hey Ojji-san just like a chess match huh? Three more moves and I win!"

___Arena Stands___

Yugito and Akira's eyes both widened as Naruto said that. Akira grabbed Yugito's shoulder and Shunshined into the Kage's box.

___Kage's Box___

As Akira and Yugito landed they saw Sarutobi leaning back in his chair legs and arms crossed and a slight smirk playing on his lips. Akira walked up to Sarutobi and glanced down at the fight.

"Tell me Sarutobi…is he serious…can he win in the next three moves?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"Naruto-kun thinks he can and if he's calling me to watch then that means he has a plan." Yugito snorted.

"Or he's just trying to be a show off and impress people." Sarutobi looked at the blond haired girl that stood beside Akira and smiled.

"You must be young Yugito-san it is a pleasure meeting you, now what is this about Naruto-kun showing off?" Yugito snorted.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you Hokage-sama but I recall the boy from the preliminary fights and sir the only reason he won was because he farted in the other boys face." Sarutobi chuckled.

"So he was even able to fool the Raikage's niece was he…impressive." Yugito raised an eyebrow at that.

"What do you mean fool me?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"Naruto-kun was never the fool you all saw in the preliminary fights or any part before that. No young Naruto-kun only acted that way because I asked him to." Yugito's eyebrows shot into her hairline at that.

"Not to question you Hokage-sama but why would you ask him to hide his abilities?" Sarutobi smirked.

"Well since you both have revealed yours I figure I might as well. You see Yugito-san that boy down there is exactly like you…only where you are two he is nine." At this both Akira's and Yugito's eyes widened at that. Akira looked back at the Arena and asked.

"So is that how he is so powerful?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"No Naruto-kun only uses the foxes chakra to heal himself other then that what you see down there is all Naruto." Yugito's eyes widened.

"So you're saying that that boy down there thinks he can take out a Jinchuriki by himself…without using his Demon!" Sarutobi smirked.

"Watch carefully Yugito-san, Akira-san and you will see the berth of the greatest Shinobi that will ever walk this earth…by ruling the sky above it." Akira and Yugito both turned towards the Arena to see something spectacular.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto smirked and slammed his hands into the ground.

"One, Kyuchiyose: Tsukai no Sora (Summoning: Messenger of the Sky)" There standing next to Naruto was a stallion sized eagle. Naruto smiled at the large bird.

"Hey Tsukai how has it been how are the little hatchlings?" The bird chuckled lightly.

"Everything has been good Naruto-sama and the hatchlings are fine although they do wish you would summon them to play every once in a while ohh and Norite-chan has been pissed that you haven't been checking in with her lately you know how overprotective she is." At this Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Naruto was about to respond, only to be interrupted by a giant hand made out of sand come crashing down where they once were. Naruto looked up at the now air born eagle and yelled.

"Oh right hey Tsukai I need you to get me on top of Shukaku think you're fast enough?" The eagle laughed at that.

"Naruto-sama did you just challenge my speed?" Naruto smirked.

"Why Tsukai I do believe I did…care to prove me wrong?" The eagle's eye gained a mischievous glint. Swooping down the eagle smirked when he felt Naruto land on his back. Everyone's eyes widened as they saw the giant eagle disappear and a giant boom rang out through the arena. Naruto smiled as he held onto the back of the giant eagle as it twisted and curved its way around the spears of sand. Naruto smirked as he felt the eagle do a sharp ninety-degree turn…vertically. When Naruto was just high enough to touch the clouds Tsukai smirked.

"Are you ready Naruto-sama…we only got one chance at this." Naruto smirked.

"Ready." With that Naruto let go of the large bird. Naruto flipped himself in the air so that he was facing downward and started doing hand signs.

___Kage's Box___

Sarutobi smirked as he saw the hand signs made by the young boy.

"So that is how you plan to win is it Naruto-kun…I must say I'm impressed." Akira looked at the Sandaime in confusion.

"What are you talking about? What is the boy planning?" Sarutobi smirked and pointed at the arena floor.

"That…" Akira turned towards the floor to see something amazing.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto smirked as he saw one of Shukaku's sand spears shoot out and head towards him. Naruto flipped at the last second and grabbed the spear of sand.

"Two, Raiton: Daichi (Lightning Release: Grounded)" Naruto smirked as he saw the effects of his jutsu. The sand body that Shukaku had built for himself was falling apart. Naruto landed in a crouch in front of the fallen sand Jinchuriki. Naruto rose from his crouch and started towards the fallen boy. Naruto glared as he saw the body of sand slowly starting to reform. Naruto smirked and grabbed Garra by the neck and started to do one-handed seals.

"I don't think so Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi: Sakasa (Lightning Release: Electricity of Life: Reverse)" Naruto smirked as he felt the boys body go limp but his head was still moving fine. Naruto looked up at the Hokage and the four ANBU holding the barrier.

"And three…I win Ojji-san"

___Kage's Box___

Sarutobi smirked at those words and signaled the ANBU to drop the barrier allowing Naruto to walk up to the stands and declaring him the winner. Sarutobi also smiled widely as he saw the fake Kazekage get up from his seat and leave the box. Akira stared wide-eyed at those two techniques and turned his head towards the Hokage. Sarutobi chuckled at his friend's curiosity.

"Those two techniques were Naruto-kun's Raiton: Daichi or Lightning Release: Grounded and his Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi: Sakasa or Lightning Release: Electricity of Life: Reverse. The first one is extremely useful against any Doton users out there as it sends electricity through the very earth, thus allowing Naruto to disrupt Shukaku's solid earth body, how it works is still a mystery to me seeing as the only one who knows how to do it is the one you saw do it. Now the second one is one of the five Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi jutsu that Naruto-kun has created. Naruto-kun created these jutsu after an extended stay in the hospital where he had befriended a young doctor that knew of his love of electricity. Those five are possibly the most dangerous jutsu I have ever seen in my life." Yugito raised an eyebrow at that.

"How is that dangerous it didn't even do anything?" While Sarutobi smiled at the innocent view of the attack while Akira saw the truth of its power.

"Sarutobi-san if I may…what are the five Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi jutsu called and what do they do?" Sarutobi smirked as the more experienced mind of Akira saw the potential danger of the Jutsu.

"Certainly Akira-kun you see the five jutsu are; Sakasa (Reverse), Kouin (Father Time), Kissu no Ryu (Kiss of the Dragon), Dokueki no Makai (Venom of Hell), and finally Shuushi (Stop). Now you see the…" The old mans voice was cut off by a light chuckle. Everyone in the box turned to see the blond haired lightning god leaning against the wall behind them. Naruto smirked at the old man.

"Giving away secrets to my techniques Ojji-san? You remember what happened to the last guy who pissed me off by doing something stupid? I still have that same mouse." Sarutobi's face drained in color at those words. Yugito looked on in confusion and was about to ask only for a firm hand to find its way to cover her mouth. Yugito looked up at Akira only to see him mouth 'Don't ask.' Yugito shrugged but let it go.

Naruto saw the Hokage go pale and saw the little back and forth between the cloud ninja and couldn't help but laugh.

"Hahaha it's okay Ojji-san I'm not going to do anything to you." Turning towards the Raikage Naruto smirked.

"So you're the one that's interested in the Erekiteru no Ikioi right?" Akira nodded but Sarutobi frowned.

"Naruto-kun show some respect he is the Raikage." Naruto cocked his head back at the hokage and smirked.

"My respect is earned not given because of some stupid title Ojji-san…you should know that more then anything." The Akira raised an eyebrow at that.

"Kid you feel that the title of Kage is stupid?" Naruto turned his head forward towards Akira.

"No I said that being respected for being a Kage is stupid. Just because you are powerful doesn't make you a good person nor does it make you worthy of respect. Should I ever meet you on a battlefield where strength, skill, and strategy are the most important things then I would treat you with all the respect you want because in a fight you are a Kage you have earned that however since we are not in a fight and we are talking like human beings and not comrades then until you have earned my respect you will not get any." Yugito was about to go over there and beat that blond kid to death when a firm hand stopped her. Looking up at Akira Yugito saw a smile that she hadn't seen in years on her grand uncles face. Akira smiled down at the boy.

"Spoken like the true warrior I saw out there on that arena floor…my name is Nii Akira and I hope to someday show you that I am a person worthy of your respect." Naruto smirked at the man.

"We'll see Akira-san…we'll see…now you wanted to know about Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi am I right?" Akira nodded causing Naruto to smirk.

"Well the since Ojji-san gave you the run down of the names and where I got the ideas I'll just skip to what they do. Sakasa is the first one I made; it allows me stop everything in the body except the vital organs and the head. It was made so that capturing a target would be easier. The target will eventually regain control of their bodies, but how long until that happens all depends on the amount of chakra I use. Kouin was the second that I made seeing as it is just the opposite of Sakasa. This Jutsu speeds up the reflexes, reaction time, pretty much everything, now it can't make you stronger or faster but what it does do is make you react to things faster. The jutsu got its name because I once pumped so much chakra into it that it seemed that time stopped. However once I did that I passed out so you see how unpractical it would be for me to do that. However I could easily double your reaction time for up to an hour, which should be far longer then you should be in any battle. Kissu no Ryu, well actually this one doesn't have an actual use in battle it was more of a mistake while making the Dokueki no Makai…" Yugito cut him off.

"If it doesn't have a use, then why name it?" Naruto blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"It has a use just not in battle." Yugito raised an eyebrow at that.

"Oh and where would this jutsu be useful?" Naruto laughed nervously.

"Umm promise not to kill me?" Yugito raised an eyebrow at that making Naruto sigh.

"Yeah I thought I'd get that response…well you see this jutsu would be more useful…in bed." Yugito was confused.

"Like a forced sleep jutsu?" Naruto blushed brightly and chuckled nervously again.

"No you see it would be more useful for things like…sex." At that Yugito turned seven shades of red and Nibi started to purr in her mind.

'I wander if the young tom would like to practice that little jutsu. I'd love to see exactly what it would do.' Yugito blushed even more at that. Yugito was dragged out of her thoughts when Akira started talking.

"Oh Naruto-san and how would this jutsu be useful during sex?" Naruto smirked.

"It increases the pleasure sensors in the body to nearly one-hundred times what they originally are. Now if I use that and my Myaku Hira (Pulse Palm) then you have one very content lady." Akira raised an eyebrow at that.

"Oh and what is this Myaku Hira?" Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Before I tell you I didn't intend to make half of the jutsu I know for pleasure. I'm not that big of a pervert. Regardless the Myaku Hira is part of my Taijutsu. You see what it does is sends out a large pulse of electricity when my hand connects with some ones skin. However when I was first trying to do it I never added enough chakra so instead of large pulses of electricity all I got was my hands vibrating and small bouts of electricity that seems to do wondrous things…or so I'm told." Akira raised an eyebrow at that.

"And how do you know these jutsu work that well on women?" Naruto chuckled again.

"Well you see a henge of me has a job at the Konoha spa as a Masseuse and well…" Akira raised an eyebrow.

"And?" Naruto glared slightly.

"You're really going to make me say it in front of the pretty girl aren't you? Fine, I've brought girls to an orgasm in under three minutes without touching them perversely…there happy?" Everyone in the box gasped at that. The two men almost had tears in there eyes. 'Naruto-kun…you're my hero.' Yugito however was having different thoughts.

'Un…under three minutes…is that possible Nibi-chan?' Nibi was as shocked at her container.

'I don't know kitten…but if you check and it is…you had better mate that human…because if you don't I'll give you the biggest headache you've ever felt in your life…and you had better check soon…' Yugito raised a mental eyebrow.

'Or?' Nibi purred with delight.

'Or this will happen.' Yugito wasn't prepared for the image of her naked with Naruto's head between her legs eating out her perfectly shaven pussy while she pinched her nipples with one hand and held his head in place with the other. Yugito shook her head trying to clear her mind only to come upon a very strange sight. Akira was down on his knees bowing to Naruto.

"Please Naruto-san Please teach me those two jutsu. I'll do anything please I'm willing to give up anything just teach me those two techniques." Now normally Naruto would have automatically said no, but when a Kage says they'll give you anything…well.

"Get up Akira-san. I'll think about teaching you those jutsu, but I believe we still haven't covered the Dokueki no Makai and the Shuushi. Now then the Dokueki no Makai was what I was trying to create when I made the Kissu no Ryu. The jutsu increases the information from the pain sensors by one hundred times its regular amount. And now Shuushi this jutsu…this jutsu is possible my most hated out of all of my jutsu…" Akira raised an eyebrow at this.

"Oh and why is that?" Naruto stared down at the other Chuunin Hopefuls as they fought it out in amateurish fights when compared to Naruto's.

"Because this jutsu is the most effective Assassination jutsu I have ever seen. Quieter then Kakashi's Raikiri, Less evidence to clean up then the fourth Hokage's Resangan, No the Shuushi is a truly terrifying technique. With this technique you are dead before your body even realizes it. There is no warning there is no marking just my voice telling whispering to you that you've died…tell me Akira-san…would you like to see one of my jutsu?" Akira's eyes widened as he saw Naruto run towards him. Now Akira wasn't stupid there was no way this kid thought he could take on a Kage and live right? Akira smirked as Naruto disappeared when he was an inch from his face. Turning around Akira was surprised to see Naruto with his hand on the throat of and ANBU with NE carved into the forehead of his mask.

"Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi: Dokueki no MakaiMyaku Hira!" Akira watched as the ANBU, whom he had seen some take a Katana through the chest and not waver, fell to his knees. Naruto grasped the man by the neck again and whispered.

"Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi: Sakasa." Turning towards the Hokage Naruto sneered.

"It seems Danzo is at work again Ojji-san." The Hokage nodded. The conversation was interrupted however when they heard.

"We need Nii Yugito on the Arena Floor for her fight." Yugito's eyes widened and she was about to jump off the ledge when a firm hand on her shoulder stopped her. Turning around Yugito came face to face with two gorgeous cerulean eyes. Naruto smiled at the girl.

"Good luck and don't kick his ass to hard huh?" Yugito smiled and nodded. As Yugito jumped off and out of ear shot Sarutobi gave a light glare at Naruto.

"Naruto-kun what did you just do?" Naruto smiled mischievously.

"Why Hokage-sama I'm hurt that you would think that I would do something to give Yugito-san an edge over that bad case of a birth defect. I mean it's not like I can increase her reaction time and reflexes by three or more times I mean that would be preposterous. I mean would I really want that gorgeous woman down there to really wipe the floor with my kind and loving Uchiha of a teammate. After all I mean he allows me to be in his presence everyday why would I want to do something like that?" Sarutobi groaned and smacked his forehead while Akira laughed.

"Man Sarutobi-san I like this one…can I keep him? Please I'll take good care of him. I'll feed him, and cloth him, and I'm sure I could convince Yugito-chan to pet him…if he returns the favor." Akira was doing a mental happy dance when he saw Naruto, the kid who just handed the Ichibi his own ass to him, shoot across the Kage's box with a massive nosebleed. Naruto stood up, wiped the blood from his nose, and glared.

"Say a word of this to anyone and I'll make sure you accidentally use the wrong jutsu on your wife and make her sick when you're fucking her." Akira paled.

"You…you have a jutsu like that?" Naruto smiled but didn't say a word. Akira chuckled nervously.

"Naruto? Come on man you knew I was kidding right? I won't say anything I promise okay?" Naruto smiled evilly and said.

"I'll hold you to that Akira-san…but should you let even a mention of this conversation slip…well you'll no longer be her Raikage-sama!" Naruto inwardly smirked when he saw Akira blush slightly. Sarutobi and Naruto laughed at Akira's expense. Akira soon followed. Their laughter died however when a very loud very familiar noise reached their ears. Akira's eyes widened.

"He wouldn't…" Sarutobi's did as well.

"He couldn't…" Naruto smirked.

"He won't…" Naruto walked up and grabbed the railing that traveled around the entire arena. Now to anyone else this would have looked normal, but to the two Kage's they knew something was up. They turned their attention towards the raven-haired boy with the screaming ball of lightning in his hand. Naruto glared at the ball and increased the pressure in which he squeezed the bar, but smirked as he got the desired effect. The two Kage's were confused on what was happening. The Chidori…was shrinking…how? Naruto smirked at the confused looks on the Kage's faces.

"Who knows maybe there's a positive circuit around here that is drawing in the negative lightning that stupid amateur wields." The Raikage placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto-san although I'm glad for all you've done I think you are interfering in Yugito-chans fight to much. This is supposed to be a replacement for war remember?" Naruto smirked.

"Yes I did, but if I remember correctly Cloud and Leaf are allies…hardly…but still allies. So tell me in war is it wrong to help an ally defeat an unknown opponent…when you know the opponent? Or is it wrong for me to stop an ally from dieing even if it's against a foolish teammate with a god complex? Because if those two things are wrong then tell me Akira-san so that I can change the pole of this circuit and help Sasuke kill your niece with that abomination of a lightning technique!" Sarutobi smirked at Naruto's response.

"He is right Akira-san there is nothing in the rules about what he is doing. It's highly unorthodox and would probably never happen while the Kage's are looking but it's not illegal." The Raikage smiled at both of them.

"Thank you…both of you." The happy moment suddenly ended when a blast of killing intent and malevolent chakra filled the air. Akira turned towards the Arena floor only to see Yugito being covered in purple chakra.

"What happened…why is she loosing control?" Sarutobi responded.

"The Uchiha didn't notice that his Chidori was shrinking meaning that when he went to stab her in the heart…he grabbed her chest." Suddenly the killing intent doubled and everything went very static and clingy. The two Kage's turned towards the source to see Naruto with to glowing eyes glaring daggers at the Uchiha. A bolt of lightning shot between his eyes. In short if looks could kill the Uchiha would be smoldering pile of fan shit…not that large of a leap. Naruto watched, as the Uchiha was knocked around until finally he stopped moving. Still breathing 'Damn' but not moving. Naruto smirked.

"Ojji-san tell them to pull the Uchiha I'm up next to fight anyway so call it pull the Uchiha, put up the barrier, and call start…NOW!" The Hokage nodded. Naruto smirked and leapt into the middle of the arena as he saw Sasuke clear the barrier wall.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto turned towards the angry flaming cat and couldn't help himself.

"That…is one angry looking pussy."

___Kage's Box___

The Kage's palmed their forehead as they heard what Naruto said.

"I swear that boy is going to be the death of me." Akira shook his head.

"Only for the next ten seconds it seems." Sarutobi smirked.

"Oh? Is that a challenge Raikage-san?" Akira smirked.

"I think it is. Yugito-chan against Naruto-san who do you think will win and be honest none of this I'm a Kage shit." Sarutobi smirked.

"I'll bet four S ranked missions that Naruto beats Yugito." The Raikage smirked.

"Your on Sarutobi." The old monkey smirked.

"Hey Akira how about we make this more interesting huh?" Akira raised an eyebrow at that.

"I'm listening?" Sarutobi smirked.

"If Yugito-san lands even a single hit on Naruto-kun then I'll allow you bring him to Cloud for one year, to try and convince him to teach you his techniques. However if Naruto calms and defeats Yugito-san without knocking her out, killing her, or using Sakasa then…you have to train Naruto-kun in twenty Raiton jutsu of C rank or higher." Akira smiled.

"There is no way…okay Sarutobi…you're on." Sarutobi smirked at that and shook the other Kage's hand.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto looked at the enraged Yugito that stood opposite him whipping her head around in rage looking for the one who touched her.

"Now then how do I beat a fifteen foot tall flaming hell cat without hurting her I have to ask myself." Naruto hear a deep growl emit from deep inside his mind.

'I thought I smelled that cat slut!' Naruto pushed the voice into the deep recesses of his mind again.

"Well that was conveniently helpful and annoying." Naruto smirked a plan finally finding its way into his head. Naruto slowly approached the enraged Jenchuriki. Naruto raised his hands in a show of nonviolence.

"Yugito-san? Nibi-san? Which one of you is in control right now?" The Nibified Yugito gave a smirk and hunched over. Naruto watched the flame cat as she slowly circled him. Naruto couldn't help but feel like a piece of meat. Naruto stiffened slightly when he felt air on his neck as well as a rough tongue slightly lick his neck. Naruto tried to move forward only to be tackled by the flaming cat. Naruto let out a gasp of pain as he feels the Nibi's flames burn into his arms while trying to hold him down.

___Kage's Box___

Akira smiled.

"Well Sarutobi looks like you just lost a ninja for a year." While on the outside Sarutobi looked pensive on the inside he was smirking.

___Arena Floor___

Yugito stared down in confusion her primal instincts not understanding what was going on.

'Why mate not play? Yugito want to play. Why mate squirming? Mate not want Yugito? No…Mate in pain. Who? Who causing Mate pain?' It was then that Yugito noticed the burns Naruto's arms had where she was touching him.

'Yugito? Yugito hurting mate? Yugito hurting mate!' Naruto lifted himself up when Yugito's weight and flames finally left his arms. Naruto looked around in confusion trying to find Yugito only to grow more confused when he saw her crouched in a corner trying to hide from him. Naruto pulled himself to his feet despite the pain in his arms and started walking towards her. Once Naruto was three feet from her He stopped when he saw her start to shy away. Crouching down so that he was eye level with the flaming cat. 'When did she become human size?' Naruto shook that thought out of his head and stretched out his hand. Naruto tilted his head in confusion as he saw her shy away from his hand. Realization dawned on Naruto as he saw her flick her eyes towards his now healing wounds. Naruto chuckled.

"It's okay Yugito-san I'm not mad about that. So how about you come on over here?" Naruto kept up his smile as he saw her shy away again.

"Come on Yugito-san. I promise it'll feel good. I'm not going to hurt you." Yugito's primal instincts were still in overdrive.

'Mate promise it feel good. Mate say not mad. Yugito go to mate.' Naruto smiled when he saw Yugito start to edge her way over while he did one-handed seals behind his back. Naruto finished the last seal just as Yugito pushed the top of her head into his palm.

___Kage's Box___

Akira's face paled at Sarutobi's evil smirk and the cry of 'Raiton: Erekiteru no Ikioi: Kissu no Ryu'. Akira glared at the old monkey.

"You played me?" At that Sarutobi quirked an eyebrow.

"Huh what do you know…so I did. You should know this better then anyone Akira-kun. I always get what I want." Akira glared slightly at the old man.

"And what is it you want Sarutobi-san?" Sarutobi gave a sad smile.

"That young man down there is like a grandson to me, but I could never protect him like I can my own. This village and its people don't deserve someone like him when all they do is scorn him until it comes time for them to need him. What I want Akira…is for that boy to be happy, and he can't be happy when he is stuck in this place." Akira looked down at the boy who was petting the flames that made up Yugito's shield like it was a cat. He watched as the boy held in every cringe or sign of pain because he didn't want to scare the poor Jinchuriki again.

"I don't know Sarutobi. I mean the boy seems pretty loyal to this village. I mean he took out two Jinchuriki for it." Sarutobi snorted at that.

"Naruto-kun has no loyalty to this village only to me. If I were to die then he would probably leave this god forsaken place." Akira gave the older Kage a strange look. Sarutobi smiled.

"It seems you don't believe me. Tell me Akira do you want to know why Naruto-kun has such a fascination with lightning?" Akira hadn't really thought about, but was now curious so he nodded.

"Tell me Akira do you remember the storm ten years ago? The one that covered the entire Elemental nations?" Akira nodded prompting the Hokage to continue.

"Naruto-kun was five at the time. It was his birthday. He was supposed to be happy damn it, just one day, but it wasn't to be. They caught him on his way to my office. They tied him to a lightning rod and placed him on top of the monument. Naruto sat there as the wind and rain pelted him. Naruto watched in wonder as the lightning danced across the sky. The same lightning that they wanted to use to end his life, but that isn't what made Naruto love lightning. You see Naruto wasn't stupid. He knew he was placed up there to die. Do you know what it's like having a five year old telling you it's okay and that he's not scared to die? Do you know what it's like for a five year old to see the chard flesh of fifty people as they were struck by lightning only to have him chuckle and say 'Heh looks like you were a better target shit head.'? No Akira-san Naruto likes lightning for one reason and one reason only." Akira looked at Sarutobi expectantly.

"Naruto-kun likes lightning because it was the only thing besides fire that didn't hurt him that night." Akira gave a pensive look and turned towards the arena floor again.

___Arena Floor___

Naruto sighed in relief as he saw the flames finally die out from around Yugito. While this time he was smart enough to protect his hands it was still hotter then hell to stick your hand in a fire. Naruto looked down at the girl as she tried to stand and smirked and got a deliciously evil idea.

"Myaku Hira." Naruto knelt next to the girl and placed his hand on her back drawing forth a short moan. Moving his hand in a small circle in the small of her back Naruto inwardly smirked as her arms gave out and she gave another more drawn out moan.

"Yugito-san are you okay? You look a little red should I go get a medic?" Naruto removed his hand from her back only to inwardly smirk as she almost screamed.

"NO! I mean no I'm fine I'm just a little sore is all it happens when ever I use Nibi-chans chakra." Naruto placed his hand back on her back and asked.

"Would you like me to help? I'm pretty good at giving massages?" Naruto inwardly smirked when he saw her nod her head. Naruto quickly straddle her waist and started to work. For Yugito it was getting very hard to hold in her moans. And Nibi purring and talking in her mind wasn't helping much.

'Mmmm damn kitten you have to keep this one. I mean can you imagine what it would be like if those hands were to fondle our big luscious tits. Mmm I could feel it one of those pulsating hands fondling our breast and tweaking our nipples just the way you do when you are by yourself, and his other playing a wondrous tune on our pert little rosebud as he eats out our dirty little pussy.' Yugito could feel it she was close. She could feel her juices as they flowed down onto the ground beneath her as she ground her ass into Naruto. Naruto smirked and leaned over.

"Do you want me to finish it Yugito-san?" Yugito nodded.

"Then I'm going to need you to do something for me." Naruto chuckled as even in so much pleasure Yugito gave him the evil eye.

"No no Yugito-san nothing like that. No I simply need to say two simple words. 'I yield.' You say those two simple words for me and I'll get you to a place where I can finish and no one has to know what you're about to do. After all for all anyone here knows I used pressure points on you." Yugito glared at the blond boy and hissed.

"Never!" Naruto chuckled and said.

"So be it." With that Naruto stood from his spot and started to walk away. Yugito looked at the boy as he walked away as if he didn't just leave her on the edge of release. Naruto inwardly smirked.

"You know Yugito-san it's rather hot out here to be wearing black don't you think?" With that Naruto shucked his shirt and inwardly smirked as he saw the glazed over look on the blond girls face. Naruto may not have been conceited but he wasn't stupid. He knew he was hot. Hell blond wild hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, ripped body what's there not to like? Naruto loved the looks he was getting from Yugito. Sure he'd gotten the 'I'm going to fuck you senseless' look. As well as the 'Damn that is a fine ass' look. But never in his entire existence has he been given the look he's seeing now. No the look on Yugito's face said one thing 'Give me what I want and I'll make your day.' That is what the look said, but Naruto knew there was a second part to that look that remained unseen 'Finish me or else.' Now Naruto wasn't stupid because he knew the look was there, but I wouldn't call him smart because he ignored the look. (A.N. Alright guys lets be honest here who hasn't seen the 'Do what I say or else' look…and ignored it…just saying!) Nibi hissed at her container.

'Damn it kitten just this once swallow your pride and yield. I'm so close.' Yugito hissed back.

'No if I yield now he'll think he can do this to me again.' Nibi hissed.

'Damn it kitten if you yield I'll teach you any jutsu you want that will get back at the boy but damn it just yield.' Yugito hissed. Naruto couldn't help but smirk when he saw Yugito drag herself to her feet. Now Naruto expected a lot of things in this situation, but to be tackled wasn't one of them. Yugito looked down at the blond haired boy and smirked.

"Now then you are going to finish me. Then I'll think about yielding. Do I make myself clear?" Naruto smirked.

"Oh? And if I don't? What happens then?"Yugito gave Naruto a seductive smile and gently ran a claw down and across one of his whisker marks. Naruto shuddered as he felt the cat like girl stroke one of his whiskers.

"But Naruto-kun I'm go close. My dirty little pussy is just soaked. You wouldn't want your pretty little kitten to have to walk around like this would you? Who knows what would happen…" Nibi purred in side Yugito's mind.

'Mmm Kitten I think I'm rubbing off on you.' Yugito hissed.

'Not now Nibi-chan.' Naruto smirked when he saw Yugito's golden eyes switch emotions very fast meaning she was talking to Nibi. While she was distracted Naruto leaned up and whispered.

"You're right Yugito-chan. I would hate for my kitten to walk around like that. So yield and I'll bring you to somewhere where I can finish you." Yugito hissed at him.

"No finish me now!" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"With all these people?" Yugito glared down at that blond.

"I don't care if they look." Naruto smirked as he reached around and pushed the final spot on her back that held her back from exploding. Naruto smiled as he saw her let out an open mouthed scream. Naruto's smile widened as he smelled the heavy scent of arousal, and he could feel the wet spot forming around her crotch area.

Yugito collapsed, pulled the younger boy to her chest, and rolled onto her back. So this where we find Naruto now with his face resting in the breast of the Nibi's Jinchuriki whiles she strokes his hair with a content look on her face.

"I yield." Naruto smirked. Nibi's purring came to the front of Yugito's mind

'Kitten…' Yugito purred in contentment but responded.

'Yes Nibi-chan?' Nibi's purring increased.

'Two minutes and thirty-six seconds…' Yugito's purring increased at that as did the pressure she was hold Naruto under.


___Kage's Box___

Sarutobi smiled as he heard that and stood.

"Winner Uzumaki Naruto…and since I'm not dumb enough to try and move either of them…I'll allow a thirty minute break before the next fight." Sarutobi inwardly chuckled when he saw the death glare Naruto sent him and the increase in purring coming from Yugito. Sarutobi sat back down in his chair and smirked.

"Hmm Naruto gets out of the village for a year, learns twenty C rank or above Raiton jutsu, and I get four S ranked missions for my village…like I said Akira-kun I always get what I want." The Raikage decided to act mature for once in his life…he flipped Sarutobi off.

___30 minute's later___

Now Naruto was expecting a lot of things to happen when Yugito came down from her high. He expected to get beaten with in an inch of his life. He expected to have to run from a pissed off cat demon. He even expected to have to fear spoons for a very long time. But what he did not expect was this.

"Excuse me?" Yugito smiled seductively.

"Yep since you did this to me so I believe you owe me so pay up." Naruto sighed and shucked his pants. Yugito blushed as she sees the boy clad in only his solid black boxers. Yugito smirks sexily and takes the cloths from the boy. Naruto blushed when he felt Yugito smack his ass as she walked out towards the restrooms so that she could change.

Naruto sighed and turned towards Sarutobi. Sarutobi smirked and handed the boy a summoning scroll. Naruto smirked and unrolled the scroll. Pushing chakra into the scroll out popped an exact replica of the clothing he just gave to Yugito. Akira gave Naruto a confused look and opened his mouth to ask, but Naruto cut him off.

"Don't ask I don't want to talk about it." Akira raised an eyebrow but shrugged it off. Naruto turned towards the doorway only to gasp. There stood Yugito Naruto's black muscle shirt stretched across her large C cup breast. Her baggy black pants hung off one hip even with the cloud forehead protector that acted as a belt. The Gold bracers fit snuggly onto her forearms and the jewel on the back of her fingerless gloves turned into a vibrant ruby. Taking all of this in Naruto could only utter one word.

"…Damn…" Yugito gave a seductive smirk and sashayed over to our blond haired hero. Yugito pushed his jaw closed with one finger and then used that same finger to give a single long stroke to his middle whisker mark.

Akira's jaw dropped for two reasons as he saw that. One, Never before in his life had he ever and I mean ever seen Yugito willingly touch anyone, and two, was that he was pretty sure he just saw Nii Yugito, Kumo's hell cat, the biggest baddest bitch this side of the wave country, the biggest prude he had ever met in his life…just flirt with someone. Yugito mentally giggled when she saw Naruto's face.

'You're right Nibi-chan this is fun.' Nibi purred at her container.

'See kitten what did I tell you…but I'm going to give you a warning Kitten…don't hurt that boy with your flirting.' Yugito grew confused.

'How could I hurt him just by flirting?' Nibi grew serious.

'The heart, especially one like that boys, is a very fragile thing kitten. One wrong move and you could hurt that boy more then you know.' Yugito mentally rolled her eyes.

'Calm down Nibi-chan it's not like anyone in cloud would behave like he does anyway. They all just want to say they rode and tamed the demon.' Nibi hissed.

'Ignore them Kitten they know nothing. Why don't you try and get to know that young tom over there? I'm sure you two would get along great.' Yugito sighed.

'I don't know Nibi-chan what if he turns out just like the rest? What if he just wants to fuck 'the demon girl'?' Nibi hissed and was about to respond when a gentle hand laid itself on Yugito's shoulder. Turning towards the owner of the hand Yugito was surprised to see two cerulean eyes giving her a concerned look.

"Hey you alright you look a little depressed." Yugito blushed at that.

"I'm fine just thinking." Naruto raised an eyebrow at that.

"Uhu Hun I've seen that look before. You're thinking about something that you're not sure on doing…hey go lay down over there I have an idea that may help you." Yugito raised an eyebrow at that.

"Ohh and what is this idea?" Naruto smirked.

"I'm going to give you a massage." Yugito blushed but rolled her eyes.

"No thanks I don't want to ruin your clothing just for foreplay." Naruto blushed but chuckled.

"No not that type of Massage this one will have you relax. I promise by the time I'm done all your stress will be gone." Yugito gave him a speculating look but did as he asked. Naruto straddled the catgirls waist and imagined a grid on her back. Naruto quickly tapped out the grid, taking note of every bit of stress or resistance he ran into. Yugito moan in pleasure as she felt Naruto start to rub away any and all of the stress she had accumulated.

'Damn even when not using those jutsu the boy has magical hands…what do you think Nibi-chan?' The only response Yugito got was a loud purring causing her to mentally giggle. Naruto smiled softly when he felt Yugito finally start to relax when he trapped all of her stress and frustration into one tiny ball right above the base of her ass. Taking Chakra and adding it to the ball of his hand Naruto rubbed the stress until it was non-existent. Naruto smiled as he saw that the cat like girl had fallen asleep about halfway through his massage. Standing up Naruto walked towards Akira and smirked.

"It seems Yugito-san is sleeping peacefully so maybe you should get her to a more comfortable place." Akira raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? I'm pretty sure that Yugito-chan would like to see the rest of your fights." Naruto chuckled.

"I'm not going to fight again." Akira's eyes widened.

"And why not?" Naruto chuckled.

"For two reasons. One I'm fighting against Nara Shikamaru next and by the time my fight gets here that cloud will be covering the sun allowing him to trap me and win in an instant. Two is because even though I don't look it I'm almost on empty I did have to fight the Ichibi and calm down Yugito-san so it's no surprise I'm almost out…I'm only a genin after all." With that Naruto turned away from the two Kage's and started towards the exit of the box.

"Naruto-kun where are you going?" Naruto cocked his head and smirked.

"Me Ojji-san? I'm going to go talk to that dumbass Jounin about teaching immature little brats jutsu that were designed to kill." With that Naruto disappeared. Akira looked at Sarutobi and couldn't help but ask.

"So is Hatake-san going to be alright?" Both of the Kage's shuddered when they heard.

"NOT THE MOUSE!" Sarutobi turned towards Akira and shook his head. Akira sighed.

"Yeah I thought I'd get that response."