All I wanted was to save my childhood friend from the clutches of a money making mastermind. I never once considered what happened as an actual worst case scenario. I guess this is what happens when you place two species together where both are ignorant to each other's customs or practices. Even the 'great' prince of all Sayains could not fully understand the consequences. Vegeta was 10 when his planet was blown up so it is understandable that he would not have been taught, hell humans still argue that a fifth grader is too young to be taught sex education. So without proper understanding of Sayain courting behavior, not to mention human courting behavior, I placed myself in several situations where I would have to interact with a certain individual of the opposite sex, namely Videl Satan.

"Sayiaman! I knew you were a thief all along! Now you show your true colors!" Videl yelled this while I was busy trying to avoid her kicks and punches. I never really understood why she couldn't see what was really happening.

Before I had a chance to retort to her comment, in the corner of my eye I see Toby being carried off by the circus mastermind. I quickly phase behind the circus master and grabbed Toby. I was distracted, boy would that haunt me.

Behind, Videl was preparing to pounce on my back. I don't really know for a fact what she was thinking but if I had to guess I would have to say it went along these lines, I got you now Sayiaman! Just a little further…Now! Shit! I didn't really think this through! Yeah she is on my back at this point I am trying to get her off of me without hurting her. In retrospect I should have just thrown her off of me. You know the saying hind sight is 20/20. While I was thinking of a way to get her off of me she was thinking of the exact opposite. I guess in a moment of shear panic on her part she did what would be known as a WTF moment.

Videl, about to be thrown off tried to hold on tighter. She decided that her teeth would be the best way to ensure a better hold on me. I am guessing her thoughts were along these lines, Damn it! Would you just stop moving! Ok, you asked for it. She opened her mouth wide and bit down on the base of my neck. The pain I felt was enough to kill an elephant, and enough pleasure to ensure I would ever need sex again. She bit down for about 10 seconds till she drew blood and I assumed she freaked out because she abruptly jumped off of me. I could be wrong because Toby's parents decided at that moment to come. They picked up Toby and left without further incident.

I on the other hand was being assaulted by a series of massive headaches. Migraines would do little justice to describe the pain I was feeling. Gone was the euphoric feeling of the bite. Now all that remained was intense pain in my spine and in my head. This lasted for about 3 minutes. I guess Videl in the mean time was putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and determined that I was not a criminal. How nice of her…She came over to me and I am assuming that she apologized for assaulting me with her mouth. She placed a hand on my shoulder and in an instant my pain went away.

Don't get me wrong I had the hots for Videl from the moment that I saw she could kick ass. But the outcome of that day was not what I wanted. I arrived home and quickly and went to bed. Yes, my mom yelled at me and told me to study, but what else is new? That happens every day. The next day at school is when the fun really started and where my story actually starts.