Sometimes people surprise me. It doesn't happen often but there are instances when an action or a smart comment can really change how I perceive a personality. Erasa was an enigma. She had all the callings of a dumb blonde with a hint of a materialistic nature. Her strength and light heartedness could only remind me of one person. If I didn't know any better I would swear that they were related. I had only met her once and she scared me to death only due to her sudden personality change after a simple sneeze. Never really knew what happened with her. Seemed as though once she understood Tien wasn't interested she sort of just disappeared.

Erasa woke up with a yawn and glanced to her right slightly smiling at the girl laying next to her. I don't think the reality of where she was had fully processed where she was. She glanced at my direction for a brief moment and her face turned from serene to one of horror. "Gohan! What are you doing here! Wait. Where is here?" She looked around, a smile forming and growing even greater as the entire room was viewed. She stared at every detail as a whole suddenly ignoring my presence completely, looking past me looking on towards the exit and the completely marble door and pearl like floor.

I cleared my throat to try to get her attention. She slowly looked over and blinked confused as she looked me over and my attire. "Oh my god Gohan, why are you dressed like that?" It seemed like a completely reasonable question to her. It sounded like a standard question she would inquire if I was to show up at school and clothes she didn't approve of. After all in her mind I was her project. She had her mind made up after my first week of school to 'fix' my fashion. Her questioning look continued and I could see her frustration at my lack of response. I really didn't know what to say to her. Before I could answer her she walked towards a full length mirror and screamed. "What am I wearing!" She collapsed to the floor on the verge of tears. "I must be in hell…"

"Erasa, what are you talking about?" She looked in my direction and waved her hands in my direction lazily, "Your clothes are horrible and I am in these dreadful clothes. I would never have put myself into these…Things…" She got up walked over to me slowly and grabbed my arms, "Give it to me straight Gohan. We are dead right? We are in Hell right? That is the only reason I can come up with as to why you would be wearing…That. Not mention what I am stuck in."

I looked over her clothes and it was the first time that I realized that she was wearing the guardian's traditional garb and not the fashion savvy clothes that Erasa would normally wear. I looked down at myself and smiled in understanding to her first question. I was a disaster. My clothes were torn and covered in dry blood. "Erasa, we're not dead."

She rolled her eyes, "Well of course we are! Why else would you choose to stay in that and I would be in…" She pointed to her outfit, "this!"

"Um…well…I didn't have a choice. I don't have a change of clothes here, and…well…I don't know how to explain your clothes." Erasa suddenly became upset, "well you could have started by saying that this is the guardians clothing and after he possessed my body he had nothing else he could think of to wear! Gees Gohan."

My eyes grew wide, "How? How do you know that?" Erasa became confused, "Know what?"

"How did you know that the guardian possessed you!"

"Ewww! I'm possessed! Get 'em out! Get 'em out!" She started to run around in circles wailing her arms around as if she was being chased by a bee. If I wasn't startled I would have been laughing my head off at the scene in front of me. "Erasa! That's what you just told me!" She stopped her flailing and stopped in her tracks and looked embarrassed, "Oh, yeah…"

"So, Erasa...What happened before you ended up here?" She seemed to think about it for a moment tapping her head, "not really sure really. I was shopping, and then you woke me up. Why? What happened?"

I rolled my eyes, "Never mind. Seems my friend was mistaken." She looked confused for a second and then shrugged her shoulders before wondering the room. When her eyes fell on Videl she ran towards her, "oh my god! What happened to Videl? She is as white as a sheet! Did she not like her clothing too? I can understand if that was the case. Or if she realized that she you can hear her thoughts. By the way, do you still hear her thoughts? I can imagine that it gets pretty annoying." She wandered away from Videl with her head tilted upward in a contemplating manner. "On second thought I might find out that she has always loved to shop but just kept it from me to be mean." She shrugged her shoulders and walked back to Videl's side. "You should really check out the 'Pendulum Room.' That's where I would start if I had someone's thoughts in my head."

She thought about what she just said in looked a little embarrassed at the irony of her statement. "I guess I should check out the 'Pendulum Room' out too, huh?"

I suddenly needed to sit down. All her quick talking in circles was making me dizzy.

"So you are all done freaking out now?" She calmly smiles and nods her head. "What is the 'Pendulum Room'?" I said in the hopes that something out of this awkward arrangement would turn to a real solution.

She thinks for a moment, "I have no idea." And there my hopes died.

"Maybe it has instructions? I know that when my hair-dryer needed an upgrade I got a new one but I didn't know how to use it and it had a really long instruction guide. You see it had so many settings and I couldn't figure out how to make sure I didn't burn my hair. I really don't like the smell. I once wanted my room to smell like incense so I lit some on fire and fell asleep and I woke up to a really horrible smell. Can you believe that I set my own hair on fire?"

I can't really be sure what she was saying so most of this could be complete gibberish but I am pretty sure that you get the point.

"What was my point again? Oh yeah…Well as I was saying the 'Pendulum Room' may have instructions." For all the non-sense that was spewed out it was a better idea that hanging out in this room. I got up and started my way out, "Where are you going?"

"Um, to the 'Pendulum Room'?" She looked out Videl then back at me, "So you know where? And you are going to leave without Videl?"

"Well no…" I really hated that she was right on both accounts. There she was talking non-stop about who knows what and she had to be right about the obvious.

"Follow me, and don't forget Videl."

So I picked up Videl and we walked through endless halls within the layer of the damned, well not quite but after more than an hour of walking through what can only be described as an endless maze you would not think to highly of this place.

After an additional thirty minutes and Erasa stopping every five minutes to 'ask for directions' (asking herself not me). We arrived at a black room with a huge pendulum. It was quite clear where it got its name from. "So…What now?" She looked around the room she shrugged her shoulders. "Great…" Still carrying Videl I walked to the middle of the room to look for Erasa's elusive instruction manual.

It seemed like a good idea at the time but turning around and saying, "Erasa wasn't this place supposed to answer all our problems?" I don't remember much after that line. It became immediately apparent that I was not in the Pendulum room anymore.

The air was thin, the sky was yellow and the floor was muddy. I hated this place in few seconds that I was there. I was not greeted very well either by the locals. "You and your fellow Sayains are hopeless. Let me guess you initiated the Pack without any preparation. I swear, just because you claim to be the most powerful warrior race doesn't mean you can complete the Trust Pack without preparation."