Hidden Paths

Chapter four, Water

It had been five months since Harry and Ginny began the sexual aspects of their relationship, and they were honestly happy together. Harry had not had any more aspects of himself awaken yet, but he was vigilant for when a new side of him makes an appearance.

Ginny was studying hard with Perenelle, as Harry studied even harder under Nicolas. He had managed some transmutation impressing even Nicolas with such determined progress. It just goes to show how much hard work can pay off, though he could not for the life of him, figure out how to transmute without drawing a transmutation circle, not that he could do anything really big anyway.

Harry had even began teaching Ginny to use magic without a wand, something his badass Slytherin side was rather proficient in. she started out slow but with determination and hard work was getting there. She could at least summon and banish small items already, but it was slow going having to stretch her magical muscles so to speak.

The Flamel's were very happy to have the two apprentices, mainly because it gets lonely even if they have each other is good to have someone else to talk too. In addition, they were glad to have two students to part their knowledge to finally so it is not lost, and they knew they were leaving it in good hands.

The war was another story, they talked of it very little, as it seemed it was completely lost, and everyone who had resisted Voldemort, had either gone missing voluntary or not, or they were publicly executed. Muggleborns and some halfbloods were treated like criminals and sent to Azkaban prison, so it was a touchy sentence around the house.

Ginny was worried about her family, and prayed they are safe and hidden well… she wanted to see them to make sure they are ok, but even if it was safe for her and Harry to entre the wizarding world they doubted it would be as simple as asking around to find them. They had to continue studying, and training to become stronger so they can finally start picking death eaters off one by one.

However, they still need to find the horcuxes and have them destroyed, and he only knows where the snake, cup, and dilemma might be. He figured the snake is with Voldemort, the dilemma is at Hogwarts since Harry remembered seeing it in the room of requirement when he was hiding Snape's potion book. The cup they figured might be in Gringots wizarding bank, probably in one of Voldemort's generals' vaults. He also remembered seeing the locket in Sirius's house, how it got there; he had no idea, and knew it might not be there now, and it might be hard to recover.

If only he knew about the horcuxes a while back he would already have the locket because he would have recognised it for what it is, but Dumbledore's secrets prevented that. Now they had a lot of hard work on their hands, protecting people, taking out death eaters, finding the horcuxes, killing Voldemort, and finally retaking the magical world. It sounded easy like that but they were only a few people with no way of contacting others. Maybe after they begin fighting others will come out of hiding and fight for their freedom too, all they could do is hope.

Life just did not seem to be fair, and everything had to be hard… too hard, it was frustrating but they knew they had to win or the world will go to pot.

Harry and the Flamel's knew that eventually the muggles will find out, when the death eaters start attacking them, they will find out the truth and fight back with deadly force. They will not see a definition between light and dark, they will just see a threat to them and the world and retaliate with military precision, and magic will be a thing only muggles do by accident.

Harry was sitting on a leather sofa in the library reading a book and trying his hardest to fully understand the concepts in words, but he swore whoever wrote the book had no concept of simplistic. "Are you really that stupid sweetie?" interrupted a soft amused voice.

Harry turned his head and double took. "No freaking way!" he demanded angrily. "There's no way I have a girl side…"

In deed, Harry was staring at a beautiful girl with long raven black hair and her eyes a deep sea blue. Her hair had yellow blonde highlights scattered throughout, and she wore white silk trousers with two pink lines down each leg, and a light pink top accentuating her large chest. Her running trainers white with pink laces, and silk robes hanging loosely on her slim and soft frame, left hanging open, he guessed her wand was up her left sleeve. She was shorter than him, maybe the same height as Ginny.

She grinned cheekily with a little wave of her right hand and she bobbed up and down happily. "I'm your intelligence, well super intelligence," she giggled proudly. "You'll control the water with me."

Harry just stared blankly for a moment wondering whether it was wrong to fancy a girl version of him self. "This cannot be happening," he whined. "My girl self shouldn't be the smart one," he pouted. "So what are you, me if I were a girl?" he asked and she nodded cheerfully. "So um, I ain't going to change into you when we become one am I?" he asked worriedly, though more so that he might like it, but worried Ginny would not, and now he was confusing him self.

"How should I know," she replied with a shrug. "But I am super awesome, so what does it matter?" she replied as she moved closer and they both started glowing white, the light spreading out filling the room before splashing away.

Harry was not sure what to think as his mind moved almost too fast to even keep up, and his emotional state was hard to control, very hard in fact. He looked down and groaned internally correcting himself, she looked down and saw her large chest. She was exactly like the other her, him… he/she was so confused, but one thing was certain. He understood the book she, uh he was reading.

Grinning smugly, she dropped the book to the sofa and bounced up, running fast she sped out of the room and into the back garden moments later where the Flamel's and Ginny were collecting plants to restock the lab. "Hey hey hey!" she cried out in joy getting there attention they stared at her with open mouths. "I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!" she squealed in delight as she bounced from one foot to the other.

She clapped her hands together and sparked of gravidic lighting bounced around them before she palled them apart and slapped the ground, a wind and electro-magnetic energy pulsed and exploded as a yellow patterned circle erupted around her feet. The concrete of the path around her feet suddenly exploded into sand before she stood with a bright smug smirk.

"See see see, transmutation without a drawn circle," she giggled overjoyed as she danced her victory dance on the sand. "I'm so awesome! I'm so awesome!" she sang beautifully as she danced stupidly.

"What the hell?" demanded Nicolas suddenly. "Harry you're a bloody girl!"

"And what's wrong with being a girl?" demanded his wife glaring at him.

"Yeah!" agreed Ginny also glaring at him while her boy… girlfriend she corrected hoping he can turn back; she does want kids someday, danced around looking all too smug and cute.

"But I just did transmutation in such an awesome way!" interrupted Harry or, hmm… she really did not have a name. "I'm so cool, and so smart."

"Err, can you change back?" asked Ginny thoughtfully. "Not that you're not nice and all that, but your bloody better looking than me," she whined sadly.

"Aw, no I'm not Ginny!" she squealed in delight as she threw herself at the red haired girl giving her a big hug and rubbing her check on Ginny's happily. "You're so beautiful, and cute, and awesome, and cool… you're the greatest Ginny!" she chimed cheerfully in a rush.

"What the hells wrong with her?" asked Nicolas looking worriedly at his wife.

She burst out laughing. "I think her intelligence level just went through the roof, and she's having a difficult time adjusting, and by the personality, she is his light."

"Ohhhh, Ginny you are so cuddly," the girl chimed out holding the freaked out looking red haired girl tighter. "I love my Ginny soooo much!" she cheered as she finally let go and Ginny could breath easier.

Ginny shook her head clear and smiled lightly at the brightly smiling girl. "Well, I love you too, but you've gone insane."

"No no no!" she disagreed, pointing to her head with both hands, her beautiful blue eyes large and alive with madness. "I see things so much clearer, so many ideas, so many possibilities, too many possibilities… blow up death eaters, shoot them… nuke em'," she laughed insanely at her last idea throwing her head back before the world went black and she crumpled to the floor unconscious.

Perenelle sighed as she put her wand away as the other two looked at her strangely. "What? She was talking about using nuclear weapons; she needs to rest to absorb her new smarts. Now Ginny could you take your adorably insane girlfriend to your room and put her to bed, and watch over her?"

Ginny nodded with a light blush as she pulled out her wand and levitated the nutty unconscious girl. "S-she will be ok wont she?" she asked looking worriedly and Perenelle. "She isn't going to always be crazy right? She just needs time?"

"I'm sure she'll be fine, dear, a little rest will do her a world of good, let her absorb her emotions," she agreed with a kind smile as Ginny nodded and floated the girl towards the house.


Ginny had just laid her crazy girlfriend on their bed and carefully pulled off her trainers, and her pink socks, placing them on the floor she gave a small smile. She looked the beautiful girl over in thought, first thing first, she had to give her girlfriend a name until she becomes Harry again, and an idea popped into her head… Twilight, it was nice and the opposite of Dawn, and if Dawn can be a name why not Twilight.

Twilight is beautiful just like twilight, so it is a good name she guessed; and hoped Harry, or Twilight will like it.

She watched Twilight's large chest drift up and down as she breathed for a moment before sitting beside her on the bed. Looking at the door to check it was closed and locked before looking back at her 'girlfriend', she bit her lower lip nervously as her eyes lingered on Twilight's chest again. She slowly moved her right hand and placed it on the girls' breast giving it a soft squeeze through her top; she paused with wide eyes as Twilight stirred for a second before going quiet.

Ginny continued with feeling her girlfriend up, squeezing those awesome soft breasts of hers. She hoped Twilight did not wake up while she was being pervy, or maybe she hoped she would wake and want to fool around. Ginny was a little excited at the thought of having a lesbian experience, and even more so since it wont be cheating and she loves the girl… person involved… it was all confusing but the girl was too captivating not to think about it.


In a cottage sitting room, several hundred miles away in England under the fidelius charm sat the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix, and some younger new members such as Hermione and Ron, not that it mattered much the Order pretty much did nothing now anyway with few spies.

"Augh, I'm sick and tired of sitting around doing nothing!" whined Charlie Weasley in annoyance. "We don't have any information on anything."

"And we still don't know where Harry and Ginny are," agreed Hermione in annoyance.

"No news on their location is good news," said Bill Weasley with a tired sigh. "And why do you have to keep bringing them up everyday, are you jealous or something, or is it still that stupid mission you think your supposed to go on with Harry for Dumbledore that you wont tell anyone about?"

Hermione glared at him. "Harry has to fight, it's his purpose."

"Its no wonder he's staying away then," interrupted Tonks with a wince holding her swollen stomach. "Though I would like him to see his godson while he's still little," she added with a small laugh.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see both him and Ginny soon," said Remus taking his wife by the hand. "Our son also needs his godmother."

"Hey how come they get dibs if you two kick the bucket?" interrupted Ron frowning.

Everyone just looked at him strangely. "Because they have brains," said Tonks rolling her eyes. "And I trust both of them more than most people, and Remus trusts Harry to take care of our son… anyway we don't plan on dying so shut up."

"You know even if they were looking for us," snickered Charlie suddenly. "Or we were looking for them, unless we were all looking at the same time we would have no hope of finding each other since they're probably under a fidelius too."

"Good point bro," piped in Fred Weasley nodding his agreement.

"Yeah, we'll probably hear about Harry when he starts kicking ass again," smirked George Weasley. "He was awesome at the wedding; he just waved his wand and sliced death eaters in two."

"Yeah," agreed Fred. "Maybe some kind of super cool power came to him, which is why he ran away before you got to his house on his birthday, and could explain his eyes."


In a dimly lit chamber within the ministry of magic, a shadowed figure sat upon his high golden throne with deep green cushions, blood red eyes stared out of his hooded robes at the row of white masked generals standing in a semi-circle in front of him.

"Speak," he hissed. "What news do you bring of the broken Order?"

One masked man nervously stepped forward and bowed. "We have not discovered their location, they are hidden well, but we have finally discovered Potter is not with them."

The dark figure raised his head slightly in interest. "Then you know where Potter is?" he demanded angrily.

The death eater flinched. "I-I'm afraid we don't My Lord, he has disappeared off the radar completely… we understand even the Order has lost him. We believe he-he may have just run away."

The Dark Lord hissed enraged. "Nonsense, Potter would not run away… he's a foolish boy who thrives off being a hero, and he'll show up eventually, and when he does I want the pleasure of finally ridding my world of him once and for all, and the resistance will crumble when his body is dragged through the streets." He laughed menacingly before raising his wand. "Crucio!" he roared.

The death eater fell to the ground withering in agony; screaming his throat raw.


Ginny smiled sheepishly as Twilight's eyes flickered open. Twilight lay on the bed now only wearing her pale pink bra and panties, and Ginny was only wearing her white bra and panties having gone a little far in molesting her girlfriend. Twilight's sea blue eyes looked down at her undressed state before looking at Ginny; she wiggled her cute little toes before giggling and looking back at her girlfriend.

"Ginny were you molesting me?" she asked with narrowed suspicious eyes.

Ginny smiled impishly as she shifted uncomfortably. "Uh… I'm sorry I didn't mean too, well I did but… I'm sorry I was just curious, Twilight I didn't err…" she replied stumbling over her words.

"Twilight?" she smirked in thought. "Cool, I like it, but lets have some fun with your tight little butt," she giggled as she sat up and grabbed Ginny pulling her over her lap getting an 'eep'.

Twilight slapped Ginny's ass with her left hand, the red haired girl gasped in surprise, before Twilight continued with stroking the tight butt. "Naughty Ginny, molesting me while I was napping, maybe you need another slap to your bum until you learn to wake me up before molesting me."

Ginny turned to stare at her with wide surprised eyes. "You're not mad?" she asked in surprise. Twilight just shook her head and spanked Ginny's butt again getting another gasp.

"Of course not," she smirked squeezing Ginny's tight little ass, receiving a soft groan in return. "But I am really horny, so I'm going to have my wicked way with you before I try to change back into Harry," she giggled insanely as she rolled over onto Ginny kissing her lips, forcing her tongue in the younger girls mouth, Ginny had to move fast to keep up with her tasting her tongue.

Twilight's hands were all over Ginny's breasts when she pulled back smirking. "I think now I've tasted your beautiful lips and tongue," she said looking down at the breathlessly giddy red head. "I'm going to have to eat your tasty pussy… yummy!" she squealed as she just ripped off Ginny's panties, dropping them to the floor; she buried her face between Ginny's legs, licking at her soaking pussy.

Ginny gasped out squealing in delight as Twilight's tongue worked on her before she came up with a grin, slimy juices over her lips and around her mouth. "Um, Ginny why was I sleeping anyway wasn't I in the garden?" she asked as a bewildered expression found its way onto her pretty face.

Ginny giggled before nodding. "You were kind of acting really nuts, so Perenelle stunned you to rest because you seemed to be having trouble processing your new smarts."

"Oh," she replied thoughtfully liking her lips clean she smiled. "Well I feel fine now, I think my brain might have been on overload with all those new thoughts and the whole girly emotion thing as well, and everybody has their limitations, even me!" she smirked looking back at Ginny's pussy. "But where was I," she grinned as she buried her face back in her girlfriends crutch, and Ginny squealed out loudly in pleasure as her small fingers wound there way through Twilight's soft hair holding her tighter and in place as she bucked her hips.

To Be Continued…

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