I know that I really shouldn't post another story seeing as I still haven't finish Apple Blossom yet but I have this idea and I want to post a chapter to see if it could amount to anything if it doesn't I wont post any more so here you go. Also I would like to note that this will be mostly Pride and Prejudice although it will have some other characters from other Jane Austen.

Summary: Hi there, I'm a 15 year old girl who's about to go to the best camp in the world. A regency camp, you heard a camp where you live like you're in the late 18th and early 19th century. The time period of Jane Austen, and I am thrilled. Two whole months of traveling back in time (kinda) and there's some twist that they wouldn't tell us about in the letter. So fingers crossed it's going to be a cool summer.

"Now are you absolutely sure that you have everything that you need?" The mother asked her daughter for about the 5th time as they stepped out of the car in Virginia.

"YES." Her daughter said impatiently "I have everything and plus some." The girl tucked her dirty blonde hair behind her ear and heaved her heavy suitcase out of her mom's trunk.

"I just worry about you, and I'm going to miss you." Her mother said with a sad smile. The girl sighed; her mom was a random mother hen. She was always fine with her daughter going out with friends, and didn't care if they came home late but go away for a time and BOOM! Mother hen. The daughter gave her mother a hug.

"I'll be fine, you'll see me in a month for visitation and in an emergency we only live 3 hours away. Some of the kids coming here live out west, not just a state away. So I am better off then most."

"Ok sweetie." Her mother said and together they walked up the hill to where the signs said the administration building was. It was a beautiful house the girl noted. Right next to the house was a long tall building that looked like it could be a church, but the girl knew it wasn't. She thought that with freedom of religion they would either have to make a space for all religions or just not do one at all. She figured it was the last one, since in the letter it never mentioned it was a religious camp. Her mother knocked on the door at house and shortly after a woman answered the door. The woman was tall, taller then the girl and her mom at least, had light brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked to be about mid 30's.

"Hi there, I take it that your one of our many campers?" The women asked looking at the girl with a smile. She held out her hand for the girl to shake. The girl shaked the woman's hand.

"Yes I'm …" and the girl had started to say her name when the woman held up her hand.

"Don't tell me your name, come inside and I'll tell you what to do." The woman beckoned them in and the girl shot her mom a weird look. They followed the lady into an office like room. The woman asked them to sit down and pulled out some papers, and handed them to the girl.

"Circle your name please." The girl did and handed it back to the lady who looked at it right after. The girl was confused

"Why couldn't I just tell you my name if you were just going to just look at it?"

"Because you're going to be given a new name here, and no one outside of me can know." The woman explained. The girl still looked confused but didn't ask another question however the woman continued on seeing the girls face. "There are many people who would consider going to a regency camp like this embarrassing. There are others who are just shy and want a fresh start, so we give you different names so that everyone can be whoever they want, mostly" The woman added as an after thought. The girl nodded and felt a little relief go though her body. She had gone to school with the same people since Pre-K, so changing was hard. There wasn't much she wanted to change just to be more outgoing and spontaneous. As a child she had been shy and hadn't talked much so people back home normally didn't hear her when she said something now. As she grew more outgoing she noticed how she wasn't heard at home and decided that wouldn't happen here. So hearing what the lady said made her happy, she could be the person she always wanted to be here, and she thinking of that became excited again.

"Ok now there are a few things that we need to go over. First is that you must obey all the rules here understood?" The girl nodded. "Good we will expect you to wear the clothes from the 18th and 19th century twenty-four/ seven. There may be a few exceptions and we will tell you when. Also you will be put into a family, this will be your cabin so to speak. You will live with is family and I hope act like a family with them. Now some of the family's will be Co-ed, because we are trying to make this as much like that time period as possible. I hope you will be ok with if your daughter is put in one of these houses?"

"As long as there are certain restrictions."

"Alright then moving on then, third thing is that we do have modern bathrooms in every house. We may be a time travel kind of camp but we're not stupid. We know that to expect modern teens to pee in a chamber pot and to take a bath in a giant tub is pushing it at bit." The woman smiled at this, and the girl laughed at the woman's humor. "Now one other thing is cell phones, we know that we could never get away with banning them so we ask that it is out of sight during activity hours and that you only use it in the comfort of your "house". All sound clear and good?"

"Yes!" said the girl while her mother nodded.

"Alright then here is my cell number" she handed the girl's mother her number "If you need to reach me for anything call this number, and I'll need yours." And with that the two women traded numbers.

"What's your name?" The mother asked with her phone out.

"Just call me Mrs. Gardiner, that's what I will be going by with the camper's, and I believe that's all if you would like to leave now." She held out her hand for the mother to shake, and they did.

"Call me if anything comes up ok?" The mother told her daughter, and gave her a big hug and a kiss before leaving.

"Alright then I'm going to give you a number this is how we will call you in for an interview to decide who you will be." Mrs. Gardiner gave the girl her number. "What is going to happen is that you will go into the garden outback that's where everyone is waiting, and when we call your number you will have an interview. Now it's very important that no one knows your real name, everyone here will know you by the name you are given; only I will know your real name. Your bags will be put out front and when you are grouped you will pick them up and take them to your house any questions?"

The girl had a million questions but kept her mouth shut, she had learned a long time ago that if you asked a lot of questions you were normally pictured as dumb, even though she wasn't at least that was what it was like at her school. The girl picked up her number and was thrilled to see 9 on it, her lucky number. She followed Mrs. Gardiner out back and saw a fairly large group of kids assembled. It seemed like a variety of ages the youngest she could see being about 11 and the oldest she thought would be about 18. The girl found a seat on a bench and sat. She looked around and noticed that many of the other kids were just sitting to, and it made sense. They couldn't tell each other their names and that was a kind of conversation starter. There were two boys sitting together talking, the girl couldn't see their faces but could tell by the way they talked and acted that they knew each other before. Silently she hoped that everyone else wasn't like that she didn't want it to be like school. Now she had friends, many, but it was always the same at school, everyone else partnered with a friend and she was the odd one out. She mentally blocked out those thoughts and let her mind wander. She noticed a couple people coming in every so often, more campers' she decided. She also noticed a man coming in and calling out random numbers for kids to go back, and she kept an ear open for hers. An hour went by and they put some food out because the interviews were taking so long, and after another 30 minutes her number was called. She leapt up from her chair and followed the man into a room in the big house. In the room she saw Mrs. Gardiner, a man and a woman, along with the man who had shown her in. They asked the girl various questions, some were short:

How well do you do in school?

I have a 4.3 GPA.

How many people do you have in your family?

3 besides me, 6 if you include pets.

And some questions required long answers:

What made you want to come here?

Well, about 2 years ago I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time and loved it. I loved the complexity of it, and how fate kept bringing Elizabeth and Darcy together. I also love history and before Pride and Prejudice I thought that all books written before the 20th century would be boring, but I loved it. It encouraged me to read more from that period like more from Jane Austen, or Jane Eyre.

Who's your favorite character in Pride and Prejudice?

You've probably heard it before but my favorite character is Elizabeth Bennett. She's stubborn and hard headed but she's also loving and clever, and she does probably every single thing to lose the love of her life but she still gets him. I would hope that if I did something stupid when I'm older to the person I'm in love with, even if I don't know it, that I could get a chance to make it better.

Finally the questioning was done and they sent her back out to the garden. Sitting back down on the bench she let out a sigh. She hated being questioned especially when she didn't know fully why they were questioning everyone. If were just going to give them names then why all the questioning. Another 30 minutes went by and the girl noticed that many of the guys at the camp (even though there wasn't many) were staring at this one girl. She was tall and had blonde hair, the nice pretty blond hair, not the weird color like the girl's own, though the girl had loved her hair color until she saw the pretty girl's. The pretty girl looked to be a year or two older then the girl, and when the girl tried to get a closer look a man called for there attention.

Mrs. Gardiner stood at the back door of the house with a long piece of paper that seemed to be a list. She started to speak.

"Can I have all of your attention please. We have finished putting everyone to a name and family but before we get to that I would like to clear up some things and name some more rules. As you all know you will be assigned to families and every family is going to have at least one Consular they will be taking a role as a parent in some cases or maybe a house keeper in some. Now just because some are considered housekeeper's that does not mean that they are servants. There will be a maid who will make rounds to all the houses and clean up certain areas, you are asked to keep your own room clean. Also most of you will have a roommate; the ones who don't are probably boys and a couple girls. Also you will be doing many activities while your here, things that you would need to know to do in the 18th and 19th century. For the girls some of these activities will include sewing, horseback riding, dance lessons, and social etiquette for this time. For boys it will also have horseback riding, dance lessons, and social etiquette as well as things like fencing. For the first week your lessons will be an hour long each day and will change the longer into the summer. Now we are going to allow you to have quite a bit of free time. You will have an hour for lunch which you will eat in the assembly hall behind me, and after 3 is when your free time begins. You can walk in the woods, you may talk to other campers', you can practice some of the many things you learn, or you can just relax in your house. Now we don't want to be super strict but we will be if necessary. We expect you to behave like you're in that time period, and dress like you're from the time period, we will be providing all the clothing. You all must know something's about the 18th and 19th century because you're all here, so I expect you to behave. One last thing is that breakfast and dinner you will be eating in your house with your "family" it's up to the consulars (sp) to decide times, though all breakfast will be done by 9 except for Sunday. Your consulars (sp) will answer any further questions you may have. Now we will name you, and I'm sure most of you are wondering how.

"Now many of you may remember that our letter said how you will step into your favorite characters shoes. We weren't kidding; you will be named after the characters in books from that time period. Now most of the names will be from Jane Austen's books, but their will be a few others. This is why it took so long with the interviews we have named as the character that we think you are most like. This does not mean however that you can not be your self. Whoever is named Lydia Bennett for example will not be named that because we expect a boy crazy girl." Many people laughed at this. "However we are naming Lydia Bennett to the girl we think shows the good qualities of Lydia Bennett like her happiness and how she likes to have a good time. So we hope that no one stops being themselves to act like the character we gave them in some cases we did just have to pick names so that people could fit as families. So when I say your number you are to come up and I will announce who you are. If number 20 will please come up." Number 20 was a girl who was named Catherine Morland.

The girl listened eagerly at each name called tried to remember who everyone was, however there were too many and she soon forgot. She would hear names that she recognized like Mr. Bingley, Emma, and the actual Lydia Bennett. Finally she heard her own number called and was excited. As she got to the front she started to wonder what name she would get, when Mrs. Gardiner's voice rang out loud and clear.

"Elizabeth Bennett"

Stunned momentarily but thrilled nonetheless, Elizabeth looked at Mrs. Gardiner with a slight confusion. She didn't notice the sighs of the girls that were still waiting and who had been hoping to get Elizabeth Bennett. Mrs. Gardiner however smiled at the girl, and Elizabeth felt herself smiling back. Mrs. Gardiner had one of those wise warm smiles that even if you weren't sure about something that smile would make you sure. So Elizabeth nodded and went to the front of the house where the other already named people were.

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