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June 5 2008

aka, one year ago


Mike was having yet another party, and I was invited. I was hesitant to go, since last time Mike had a party, he had a huge keg filled to the brim with beer. I got drunk that party, and no doubt, I'll get drunk this time too. As I stepped out of my Volvo, the crowd standing on the lawn looked happy to see me.

"The party can start now that Edwards here!" they rejoiced.

I grinned and walked inside Mike's house. I scanned the scene, Mike was making out with Lauren on the couch by the window, Emmett was playing strip poker with some girls, Jasper was texting on his phone furiously. And then there was Bella, an unusual site, she was never invited to these parties. I knew I should ignore her, if she wanted to talk to me, then she could come over to my house. We lived right next door to each other.

"Dayum, take off the shirt!" Emmett praised, as he slapped the card down on the table. The blond sighed jokingly before taking off her shirt willingly. My eyes widened as her breasts jiggled. Emmett clapped his hands, hooting in excitement.

"Edward?" a familiar voice said quietly. I turned around to see Bella talking to me.


"I want to tell you something." she began before Mike cut her off.

"Hey man, taste this." Mike said, ignoring Bella. He shoved a red plastic cup in my direction, almost spilling the liquid on me. Clearly he was already drunk. I looked over to Lauren's direction and saw her pouting.

"Later okay Bella?" I said without looking at her. I took the cup and downed the drink. It was beer with something mixed in it.

Vodka? Maybe.

"Thats strong." I complained as I handed him the cup. Mike grinned, looking like a goof.

"I know man!" he yelled. He walked over to the bar and poured himself another drink.

"Give me some." I said.

Mike nodded, and poured the beer concoction into a cup. He overfilled it, so it spilled all over the carpet.

"Shit." he muttered.

I chuckled as I took a swig of the drink. Alcohol mixed with even more alcohol equals a man drunk within two cups. The room started to spin a little, and everything seemed funny now.

"Did you see those girls tits?" Mike slurred.

I nodded, taking another drink. I scanned the room, looking for Bella, she did say she wanted to tell me something. But she was no longer here, probably went home.

"What time is it?" I asked.

Mike looked confused.

"The fuck I know." he said, before falling to the ground. Great he passed out on me.

Everyone at the party was either wasted and passed out or have already left. I was in no condition to drive home by myself. But Esme would kill me if I didn't come home. I stumbled to my car, almost tripping on someones foot.

Sure I've heard all the stories of someone hitting a person while driving drunk, but seriously, that will never happen to me. I twisted the key into the ignition and pulled away. I turned on the headlights and I swear to god I saw something on the streets. I swerved the car to the right, someone was walking on the sidewalk, their back turned away from me. I couldn't stop the car on time, and with a loud crash, I hit the pedestrian. The person fell to the ground and my eyes widened.

"Oh shit." I mumbled jumping out of my car. I looked at who I just hit.

Bella. Fuck, it was Bella who I hit. I ran back to my car, I needed to go back to the party to get some help. I backed up and zoomed off to Mike's house.

So that was the prologue, thats why it was short.