"Theres a she wolf in the closet."

I sigh, frustrated. Renee kept on insisting that she should come along to my physical therapy. I tried to make excuses, but it was no use, her mind was set. When we got to the building, mom insisted that I shouldn't stress myself and that she was only coming along because Dr. Jer had told her to. I, of course, stressed out even more. Dr. Jer was my surgeon, if he wants to talk to my mom than something was wrong.

As I stepped out of the elevator, each step I took, I grew more nervous. The knot in my stomach tightened. Jared greeted me with a fake smile and he shook my mom's hand. He was going to be behaving today, since my mom was with me. Wouldn't want my mom to think that he was a slacker.

I lied down on the foamy orange matt. I lifted my leg onto Jared's shoulder and he told me to push slightly. I did what he said and grunted. It felt like my leg was going to fall off. He told me to push a little harder and mom interjected.

"She can't. Can't you see shes in pain?" Her voice shrill and demanding.

"Mrs. Swan, its my job to push Bella so she can walk normally again." He continued to order me to push harder. My eyebrows knitted together in pain. As I grunted once more, Dr. Jer walked into the room.

"Hello ladies." He says, then notices Jared. "And Jared." I caught Jared roll his eyes as he set my leg down gently. Renee got up and hugged him.

"So hows everything going here?" He asked.

Jared stands up, clipboard in hand. Traitor.

"Well, Bella can barely put pressure on her right leg." Dr. Jer eyes me carefully then takes a deep breath.

"Bella, can you walk to that door and back?"

I do what he says, and when I turn back to him hes frowning. "Can't you put more pressure on you're right foot?"

"Not really." I murmur.

"Okay, come here and sit down."

I limp my way to the table and sit. Mom walks over to me and rubs my back.

"Listen Bella, I'm going to give it to you straight. You have to start pushing yourself or else you are never going to get better."

"I'm trying my best." I argue.

He doesn't accuse me of lying but I can tell that hes not convinced by the way his lips are pursed together.

"Maybe we should ease up on the therapy." My mom suggests.

Dr. Jer sucks in his breath. "I'd hate to see her stop."

"I have an idea." Jared pipes up. "Bella can go back to playing volleyball."

My heart starts to pound, what? Playing volleyball requires wearing those short shorts and showing your leg. I hate my leg, it has the worst fucking scars ever. "Can't, when you dive in for that ball, it requires you to hit the floor. My knee is messed up." I said, hoping that it was a good enough excuse.

"Well you can just ignore those balls that hit the ground."

My heart started to pound again. I can't play volleyball are they idiots?

"We are just trying to help you Bella."

I jump off the table. "I don't your help, I can get better by myself."

"Bella! Apologize this instant." Renee said. I ignored my mom and walked passed her. When the automatic doors opened, the fresh air hit my face. I took in a deep breath.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe Bella. I chanted in my head.

I sighed in frustration after a while. Breathing is supposed to make you calm right? Well how come it feels like I want to smack everything in site? I blink back the tears that we threatening to fall.


I turn around to see Renee approaching me. "I can't play volleyball." I blurt out.

"Bella, can't you just try? It might help you."

I shake my head. "Can we go home? I want to go home."

She sighs and ten minutes later I'm sitting on the couch. "Mom, what do you want out of life?" I ask randomly.

"Money." She said without hesitation.

"Besides that." I say.

She looks at me strangely. "I guess I'd want someone to spend the rest of my life with."

"Do you miss dad?"

"Sometimes, I miss the companionship and and love, I defenitly don't miss the fights."

I twirl a piece of my hair. "Do you think that he will ever come visit?"

She sighs. "One day."

"Do you want to date Mr. Dwyr?" I asked.

She looks surprised to hear my question. "Why do you ask."

I shrug. "I've seen the way you look at him Mom. You like him, admit it."

Her cheeks flush a little. I head upstairs, and without turning my back I say, "I wouldn't mind you invited him over to dinner if you want."

Once in my room, I immediately want to take my words back. The truth is, I don't want my mom to date. I only said that because I wanted her to be happy. I love my dad and therefore I miss him terribly. Why can't they just make up and love each other again?

I lock my door, letting my hand linger on the knob. I sighed and walked over to my bed. My volleyball was in the corner of my room, taunting me. Wanting me to play the sport again.

There was a knock on the door. "Open the door." Mom said.

I heave myself up and unlock the door.

"Whats up?"

"I was thinking. About Phil, my boss, were you serious about inviting him over to dinner?"

No, I wasn't serious, I so badly wanted to say instead, "Yeah of course mom, whatever makes you happy."

Renee grins. "Really? So you don't mind if I invite him?"

I shake my head. I was never a good liar, but now I just have to keep a straight face. "Do you want me to help set up?"

"Its okay sweetheart. I haven't even asked him yet." She laughed.

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