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Don't owner Twilight or any of these characters, does.

Go in Nessie. All you have to do is go in. I tell myself this to try and force myself to go see my family and friends, who are waiting for me. Bella and Edward, Jasper and Alice, Emmet and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, Charlie and Sue, the pack …the pack

My heart flutters involuntarily, and I scowl slightly. I take a quick breath and step through the door into the main room of the big house. Happy Birthday bounces around the room, and I give my most breathtaking smile. I like parties, I really do. But he planned this one, and for once, I am unbelievably afraid of making a fool of myself. I avoid even looking in his direction, for fear of the thoughts that will arise, the confusing feelings.

Bella, my mother, hugs me. Her skin is like ice, but I hardly notice it because I'm so used to the chill that comes from touching any of my vampire friends and relatives. This is my 7th birthday. The day I stop aging. I look around at my vampire friends and family. The Denali coven are here, of course, Kate and Garret holding hands. I see the golden rings around their fingers and smile. Marriage doesn't mean the same to vampires as it does to humans, but it's still a happy thing.

Does it mean the same to werewolves? I think before I can stop myself. I hear Edward chuckle softly and see his eyes flicker to Jacob. I blush and hope that no one notices. Then I see only a sunny beach, the sound of the blue-green waves thrumming in my ears. I smile as the image fades and Zafrina hugs me. "Happy birthday Nessie," she says in her strange accent. I try to smile-it comes out as a grimace. I wince at the appearance I must be making. Someone who doesn't appreciate her friend's travels to see her, doesn't appreciate the effort into this party.

Then he comes over, and my breath catches in my throat. My heart flutters. I don't have butterflies in my stomach-I have them in my heart. I'm staring at his chest, he's so much taller than me. I finally look up into his warm brown eyes. "Happy Birthday Nessie," He rumbles. Jacob…

And then I faint.