Yeah, really short...again. R&R! Twilight and characters belong to Stephanie Meyer

"Nessie, Nessie are you okay?" I look up. I'm awake now, and I'm in my room. "Where is everyone?" I ask Jacob, who is leaning over me in concern. "At the big house. I promised I'd take care of you. I will always take care of you." My eyes fill with tears of joy, and I know this is right. He leans closer, and my eyes close…

"Nessie!" Bella gasps. I wince. This is not the voice I wanted to hear. I open my eyes and blush instantly. I'm in Jacob's arms-he must have caught me as I fell. How long have I been out? Is my first real thought. Not long. The pack are only just now getting close. I blush an even deeper red than before.

"Nessie, are you alright?" this time it's Jacob speaking, and my mind flashes to my dream/fantasy. Renesme Cullen, you are the biggest idiot in the world. You fainted because he said 'happy birthday!' I think angrily, officially hating myself. This is really going to make him like me.

No, I don't want him to like me. He is my best friend, my big brother! He's 20 something years older than me! He is my guardian and hunting partner, my link to the wolves and a link to my parents. Not someone I'm going to have a crush on, or fall in love with, or kiss, or marry….

I silently scold myself as the fantasy replays in my mind. For a minute I'm angry I woke up before I could come to the part I wanted to, then try and feel relieved. Suddenly, I let out a little gasp and turn to stare at Edward. The tiny flash of curiosity in his eyes proves that he has been blocking out my thoughts, and I sigh with relief.

"Carlisle, what happened?" asked Bella anxiously. Carlisle responds in a very profesinol voice. "She just fainted. Probably excited from seeing all her friends." But his eyes prove he's lying. He knows why I fainted. And from Edward's smirk, I can tell he wasn't blocking out Carlisle's thoughts. I feel like crying. This is ridiculous. And I'm still in Jacob's arms. This little fact has kept both my face from lessening in redness and me from fully pulling together a train of thought.

"I'm fine Bella," I say, pulling out of Jacob's arms. I do my best to ignore the rippling muscles, the warmth of his gaze on the back of my head, and the pang of sharp disappointment that he let go so quickly. I glance up at him, and instantly wish I hadn't. His face is so perfect, I want to lean out and stroke it, for him to tell me he will never leave my side….

I tell everyone I'm ok, and the party continues. We enjoy ourselves, though finally everyone leaves, except for the other "vegitarian" vampires. Kate, still holding Garret's hand, walks quietly up the stairs to a spare bedroom, and I hear Edward laugh at their thoughts. Tanya still doesn't have a mate, but she tells everyone she's okay with that. She says she still likes to spend time with different human men, but I don't believe her, and Edward doesn't either. Tanya is lonely. At least she doesn't have someone she loves who doesn't love her back.

And I don't love someone either. I tell myself furiously. But as Jacob sits beside me, I know it's a lie.