They both collapsed on the bed together, heavily breathing and holding onto each other for dear life. Once more, they both fought to gain control of the heated kiss until they were out of breath. Alfred, sensing he would not win this time around, abandoned the other's lips in favour of his neck. Arthur couldn't help but snort as he felt the blonde's hands wandering down south.

"I thought you wanted to interrogate me?" he panted (he had intended it to sound mocking but Alfred had bitten on the soft flesh of his neck at the same moment so it came out rather breathless, with a sharp gasp at the end)

"Tomorrow" came the muffled reply.

He almost answered something, but the wandering hands found there goal and they didn't say a word for a while afterwards.

- - - - - -

Later that night, as Arthur was floating in the comfortable space between wake and sleep, he heard a distinctive 'click' that made in instantly look up, all sleepiness forgotten.

"What are you doing, you bloody git?" He yelled at the younger man towering above him. Alfred's sky blue eyes locked to his, sad and pained and full of emotions Arthur desperately wanted to ignore. He furiously pulled on the handcuff that now tied his wrist to the bedpost.

"Stop, you'll hurt yourself," Alfred pleaded.

"Then remove it!" he screamed.

"I can't." he murmured, looking away. "I'm sorry."

"Why? What is that for?"

He angrily tried to hit the man that was still straddling him with his one free hand, but he was firmly yet carefully pushed back down. Alfred surrounded him with his strong arms and refused to let go.

"So you never leave me again" was the soft answer, so quiet one might not have heard it. Arthur froze at the sheer despair in the tone, and then sadly buried his nose into the wheat-gold hair.

- - - - - -

Alfred woke up with a start as Lieutenant Matthew broke into his room.

"Captain! The black unicorn pirate space ship has freed itself from our nets and is now escaping! We need your orders! Shall we chase them?"

Alfred glanced at the empty handcuff still hanging on the bedpost and let out a string of curses.

- - - - - -

Captain Arthur watched the image of the royal guard ship he was escaping from with a mix of regret and anger. As the image on the screens got smaller and smaller, he closed his eyes and tried to ignore the burning in his eyes. He could do something later for his injured hand, but his injured heart would never heal.

"I'm sorry Alfred," he whispered to himself. "but I also need freedom."