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Chapter 1: Simply Ugly Introductions

Isabella's Point of View.

Brrrrrp...Brrrrrrrrp....my house phone chirped, startling me out of my dream. Laziness stopped me from getting out of my nice warm bed to answer the stupid telephone. Don't people know not to bother me before two in the PM? The noise stopped, mercifully. 'If it's really important, they'll call back' I thought as I tried to go back to the black state I was in before. The iPhone next to my headboard vibrated loudly.

"It's your best, most favorite friend in the whole world." A loud, ringing voice blared from the iPhone, which could only mean one person: Kevin Jonas.

I smiled as I reached over and picked up the slender piece of technology, answering the phone habitually, with my eyes still closed.

"Hello favorite," I whispered with a smile.

"Get up sleepy head, its noon!" Kevin's voice replied.

"Kev, you know I don't go to bed until 4AM," I murmured.

"Still, you'll want to be awake for this. I've got a surprise for you," He mused excitedly.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and adjusted to the amount of sunlight in the room from the beautiful spring day outside. It was brutal to have to wake up before at least 2 in the afternoon. After the wild party last night celebrating my graduation from Columbia College of Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Photography, I was still incredibly tired. My cap and gown hung neatly over the chair at my desk. Wow, I would miss college.

"I'm awake," I hissed as the memories of college flooded my brain.

"So," He paused. "How much do you love me right now?"

"Depends. If this is another one of your jokes, then I don't," I replied with a smile.

"So, you know how you need a job?" Kevin retorted enthusiastically.

"Yeah, what did you have in mind?" I replied sitting up straight in my bed.

"We need more live pictures of the band, so I've been talking with the record label about you." He said with a smile in his voice almost making me want to laugh.

"AND?!?!?" I retorted trying to pull information from him.

"You, my favorite best friend, are the Jonas' Brothers new photographer!" He screamed.

I was in shock and could only reply with a HUGE scream in delight followed by: "How did you . . . why did . . . Oh my goodness!"

"I know you didn't want any help from me, but I couldn't just let you be without a job fresh after graduating. So I called in a few favors," He said with confidence in his voice.

"Kev, I graduated yesterday night. I haven't even started job searching," I replied.

"I know, but this way you don't have to." He retorted.

"Kevin, we've been best friends since I pushed you on the playground in the 3rd grade. You got famous, I went to school. That's how it always was. I know your mom and dad, but I barely know your brothers. What if they don't like my photography?" I replied trying to sway his decision to hire me.

Its not that I didn't want the job, it's just that I didn't want a free ride. I wanted to work for my bus spot. I wanted to show the other brothers how good I was. I wanted to be me. And by the looks of it, Denise and Paul didn't want some inked and pierced up girl taking pictures of their sons.

"My mom and dad LOVE your photography," Kevin replied. "We actually have some in our house in California. Remember the photos of the rusty, creepy haunted house down our block?"

I smiled knowing which house he was speaking of. Apparently an old couple lived there haunting whom ever decided to buy the house. The tenants would only live there about a month before putting it back on the market again.

"Well," I sighed knowing I could say nothing to change his mind. "I'm your new photographer."

"Perfect," he mused. "There will be an SUV to pick you up in two hours. It will drive you to the House of Blues, Chicago and you'll get to meet the other 2/3 of the Jonas Brothers."

"Two hours?!? That's not nearly enough time to pack, and sort out my priorities with the dogs and cat." I replied a little frustrated.

"Fine, he'll pick you in an hour, and we'll make a pit spot after the show to your apartment so you can gather your things." He replied.

"Alrighty then," I paused. "See you in an hour."

He had already hung up the phone before I clicked the 'End Call' button. Quickly, I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

*** Fast Forward to Arrival at House of Blues***

"Ma'am," the balding driver said. "We've arrived."

"Thank you very much," I replied and rolled my eyes.

I'm a music photographer; of course I would know where the House of Blues in Chicago is. I practically lived here during my senior year of college. It was my second home. I knew all of the staff at House of Blues, which meant free press passes and it also meant lots of job opportunities. Kevin didn't need to hire me, but I still appreciated his thought. The vehicle halted to a stop and the driver turned off the car and came around to open my door.

"Thank you," I mumbled and hugged the driver, yes I was one of those people who didn't mind hugging strangers.

The hug took him by surprise and he gave a half smile while replying, "You're welcome ma'am."

I hurriedly ran up the alley to the entrance of the House of Blues. With a quick check in with the head of security, I took two stairs at a time as my excitement became more prevalent while I climbed the spiral staircase to the entrance of the concert hall. I hadn't seen Kevin in six months. After the 'Look Me In The Eyes' tour ended, we hung out for days upon end during my summer break and then he went to the recording studio to record his new album. We met for a handful of lunches and dinners in between recording and video shoots, but he left on tour again, and now just the thought of seeing my best friend makes me want to scream.

I slowed my pace as I entered the concert hall. It was just like I remembered: old fashioned and it smelled like new car, although my days spent here smelled more like sweat, booze and metal; it still felt like home.

I closed my eyes and breathed in the new smell coming from the concert hall. I was excited to go on tour with the boys and the band, and take in every experience. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted with:

"Ahem," An irritated voice snarled. "Aren't you a little old to be going to a Jonas Brothers concert?"

I opened my eyes and shot a glare back at the person standing in front of me. He looked like a Jonas. The curly hair, tan skin, perfect teeth and the outrageous attire. Like he would get away with insulting me like that. Sure, I've got my ears stretched to a 00 gauge, a nose ring, and both sleeves tatted up, but that doesn't mean I'm too old to listen to music.

"Yeah, hi," I hissed. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"

"Yes," He replied. "But you don't look very strange to me. In fact, your ink is beautiful." He said and gave me the once over, stopping and staring at my tattooed sleeves.

I saw the word 'beautiful' roll off his tongue like butter. It made me want to puke all over his neon green muscle shirt. Suddenly his game changed up. He stepped closer to me and offered out his hand.

"I'm Joe," He paused. "Joe Jonas."

I took one look at his hand and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Little boys who play with fire, get their fingers burned." I replied icily and walked right past him.

I could feel his eyes on me as I walked towards the stage and onto the backstage area looking for Kevin.

Joe Jonas. I shivered in disgust. He was like the ultimate playgirl, the boy you fell in love with when you were 13 years old, the boy who's last name you would put behind yours and wrote his name in hearts all over your science folder. I left those boys behind when I graduated high school. I was older now. And I was looking for something different. Not the same boys who would break your heart and make fun of at recess. This was not high school.

"Isabella October Monroe, is that you? Unless my eyes are cheating me." Kevin's familiar voice rang throughout the tiny hallway leading backstage.

I ran towards Kevin with a million dollar smile plastered all over my face. He looked so much older since I had seen him last summer. His sideburns were much longer and his hair was much more afrotastic and curly than his younger, much ruder brother Joe. I sprang into his arms and he caught me as I landed in front of his lean muscular figure.

"Wow," I said in between breaths. "You look incredible. Someone's been working out."

I held onto his frame awhile longer and just stayed still. It felt nice to be with my best friend again. It was like a part of me was missing without him.

"Toby, you look beautiful," He paused and twirled me around. "I see your left sleeve is finally done."

Kevin Jonas was the only person who could call me Toby. He called me that ever since I kicked him out of the sandbox in 3rd grade. He couldn't pronounce Izzie, because of his lisp as a child. So he just called my Toby, and it just stuck through the years. He took me on a quick mini tour of backstage, like I needed one. It was cute though. We then made our way to the tour bus outside.

"How was tour so far?" I replied with a smile, my hand still comfortable in his as we walked to the bus.

"Tour was incredible," He replied musically. "The only thing that can make it better, is having my bestest friend in the whole world come on tour with me."

"I'm really glad your parents hired me. Seriously, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my summer." I replied with a smile as we walked onto the bus.

"Enough about me, Toby," He mused. "My mom has been dying to see you."

On the outside, I looked calm and collected; but on the inside I was nervous as hell. I've met his mother twice. I heard from Kevin she loves me, but now that I'm all inked and pierced up her perception of me might change.

"Isabella Monroe!" Denise bubbled and gathered my up in her arms in a hug. "It's so wonderful to see you again, sweetie."

Kevin never let go of my hand, for he knew from the temperature of my fingers that I was uncomfortable. I could barely hear the slew of words coming from Mrs. Jonas, because I was too preoccupied with remembering to breathe normally as she hugged me so tightly.

"Please, come in, sit down." She smiled warmly and let go of me.

Kevin led me to a couch and we sat down, still hand in hand. This was quite normal of us. Once we were attached at the hip, we never let go.

"Well, aren't we quite the work of art," Paul smiled and sat next to his wife. "It's been awhile since we've seen you Isabella. Last time we saw you, you were still ink free."

"Well, I had to make sure I was a good photographer before I applied for jobs, Mr. Jonas," I giggled. "Not very many bands hire a photographer if they aren't good. Plus, these tattoos," I paused and looked down and my ink covered arms. "They all mean something very important to me, each tattoo has a particular memory attached to it."

"Well lucky for you, you are good at photography and pulling tattooed sleeves off," Kevin chimed in.

"So," Denise begins. "Have you met the other boys yet?"

"Mom, she just got here," Kevin finished the sentence for me.

"Well in that case," Mr. Jonas replied. "Boys, come down here!"

Within minutes 2 unfamiliar faces appear and one familiar face that made my stomach lurch a little bit. Joe. A smirk is played at his full lips. The smirk that would make all the girls swoon. Not this girl. I caught Joe staring, mouth open at the ink enveloping my arms. He looked at me like a piece of USDA Grade A Prime Rib Steak. It made my skin crawl and my blood boil.

I stood up slowly and let go of Kevin's hand. He got up right behind me and stood next to his parents.

"I'd like you all to meet our new photographer," Paul introduced. "Isabella October Monroe."

"Please, call me Izzie," I smiled and shot a glare at Joe.

"Nice to meet you Izzie," Frankie smiled and hugged my waist, for that was all the farther he could reach and then he quickly let go.

"Pleased to meet you, Izzie," Nick smiled and offered his hand out.

I looked at his hand and giggled, "I'm a hugger. It's in my blood."

He chuckled and opened his arms for a hug. I gave him a quick hug and stepped back to resume my place beside Kevin.

"This is Jospeh," Denise added.

I quickly stuck out my hand, so the only contact I would have with him would be on my hand. He grabbed my hand and planted a tiny wet kiss on the top of my hand.

"It is positively lovely to meet you, Isabella," Joe replied musically as my name melted on his tongue like butter.

I pulled my hand back in disgust and quickly wiped it off on my black skinny jeans.

"Charmed, I'm sure." I replied sarcastically and quickly turned to Kevin to immediately ignore Joe.

"Izzie," Frankie spoke with his angelic childlike voice. "Come with me and Nicky to sound check?"

His hand outstretched for mine and I grabbed onto his small fingers. He was adorable. Before we could leave, Mrs. Jonas placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Really quickly before you go," She sighed. "We've got some rules here at Camp Jonas. Frankie, why don't you go with Big Rob and he'll set up some games for you."

"Okay, mommy. See you there, Izzie." He smiled and walked off the bus with Big Rob.

I watched Frankie and Big Rob leave the bus, and felt all eyes on me now.

"Should I write these down?" I smiled at Mrs. Jonas.

"No dear, I had Paul type them up for you. You're all set," She replied and handed me a piece of laminated paper.

"We'll go over them with you," Paul paused. "Boys, you're welcome to stay."

The three brothers immediately sit down next to each other. Nick and Kevin saved a spot in between them, so I could sit down. I snuggled in tight and read along as Denise read the rules aloud.

"Number one," She cleared her throat. "No girls. EVER."

"Yeah Joe, no girls!" Nick chuckled and received a jab in the stomach.

"Yeah, but let's be honest. That rule was kind of made for you," Kevin added with a laugh.

"Shut up, seriously," Joe brooded.

"Number two," Denise smiled. "No cursing or vulgarity."

Kevin simply had to look at me, and I at him before our fits of laughter started.

"Good luck with that one Toby," He giggled.

"I'll be on my best behavior," I chuckled. "Scout's honor."

"Yeah, cuz yoooooou were a boy scout," Kevin laughed.

"I was the best damn eagle scout ever!" I retorted. "Oops!" I quickly put my hand over my mouth and looked embarrassed.

"You better take this," Nick added and handed me a rubber band to snap my wrist when I accidently said a curse word. Hey, it worked for Pavlov's dog. "You need it more than I do."

"We put that rule in place, because we don't want Frankie growing up with those words in his vocabulary. We've tried our hardest to guard these boys, but when you get older, you learn new things. I'm sure you boys know lots of vulgarity and curse words, but it's not allowed under our watch."

"I'll keep an eye on them, you can trust me," I promised with my most convincing smile yet.

"Number three," She paused. "Bedtime is at 11:30pm, and no texting or calls after midnight."

"Yeah Kevin, no calls after midnight!" Joe snarled.

"For your information those calls weren't just to anyone. They were to Toby." He retorted.

I smiled knowing the millions of calls I've received well after midnight. I also felt bad because I would call him if I couldn't fall asleep. And those calls were generally around 2am. Yet, he never missed one call. Not one. No matter how late or how tired he was, he always picked up, and I'm sure woke his brothers up in the process.

"Number four," Paul quickly added. "No drinking or drugs. If that wasn't obvious, then I'm sorry."

"I don't smoke, sir," I replied quietly. "It killed my family."

The look on everyone's face except Kevin's was of remorse.

"I'm sorry for your losses," Mr. Jonas replied.

"It's alright. Everything happens for a reason, and God doesn't give us anything we can't handle." I replied cheerfully.

"On that note, we're good with the rules," Denise smiled. "You can go now, we'll have your contract after the concert."

"It was lovely to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Jonas," I replied politely before Kevin took my hand in his and pulled me off the bus.

Joe and Nick followed behind us, and every so often I would hear my name passing over their lips. It was nice to be the talk of the town. It was like being the new kid all over again, but this time the boys were much older, and they were the ones being chased by girls.

I quickly halted in my tracks, pulling Kevin to a quick stop before turning around to face Nick and Joe.

"You know," I sneered playfully. "When you're talking about someone, the general rule is to make sure that person can't hear what you are saying."

"And what makes you so certain we're talking about you, Isabella," Joe replied with the smirk that he never did tire of.

"C'mon, I'm the shiny new toy," I replied with a sarcastic wink and turned around to lead Kevin away but quickly turned my head and smiled. "Everyone wants to play with me."

Joe's reaction of his mouth slightly ajar, cheeks burned red, breath choked from his lungs, feet glued to the pavement and eyes wide sent Nick into a mixture of tears and laughter. Kevin chuckled by my side and we soon left Nick's laughter and Joe's embarrassment far behind and entered the long hallway to backstage. Boy, I kind of liked doing that to him.

"That was great, Toby." Kevin sighed with a smile. "He's not used to a girl not drooling over him. In fact, he's not used to a girl like you at all."

"Kevin, I don't even know what kind of girl I am," I chuckled and added. "Plus, your brother isn't really my type. I'm sorry, but a boy who is the focal point of every 13 year old girl's fantasies, not so much."

"That's why we're best friends though," Kevin smiled and looked at me. "You don't have the video girl syndrome."

"What the fu . . .heck?" I quickly stopped myself and replied.

"Mouth!" Nick yelled from down the hallway catching up to us.

I snapped my rubber band, and curse myself inside my head, "Sorry!"

"Video girl syndrome is where a girl is only with you for the lime light," Kevin replied with a chuckle. "You are nothing like that."

"Well, I hope I'm not, those kinds of girls kinda terrify me," I laughed. "They're fierce."

"Trust me," Nick replied coming up behind me. "You're not, and its actually pissing Joe off that you aren't."

"Mouth!" I giggled and lightly jabbed Nick in the stomach.

"Sorry," He mumbled. "It just came out."

"Uh huh," I smiled. "I bet it did."

Nick laughed and hooked a guitar strap around his neck while pulling the guitar body over his hips. He looked simply adorable, like little brother pop band adorable. Kevin pulled a guitar towards him and hooked it around his neck as well and walked on stage while attaching his battery remote for his amp.

"You look so official," I chuckled and pulled up my camera hanging from my neck. "Give me a smile you two."

I quickly snapped a shot, and took several more of the stage, and its surroundings while it was completely empty. It looked quite eerie, but amazingly cool.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Nick laughed reminiscing of the last twenty minutes.

I laughed quietly, and then the laughed got louder as Kevin joined in.

"That was priceless," Kevin added.

"After you two left, he stormed off and went back to the bus." Nick giggled. "I wonder what he's up to now. He should be here . . ."

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, and I felt eyes on me. I quickly turned around to see Joe staring at me with a mischievous smirk on his face. This smirk was much different from the smirks I had come to associate with Joe. I caught myself wondering what he was thinking, what his sudden bad boy look was in reaction to.

"Where were you?" Kevin asked as Joe got his microphone battery pack put behind his ears and into his back pocket. "Sound check started like ten minutes ago."

"Yeah man," Nick added. "What happened to you? You just disappeared."

Joe chuckled and that damned mischievous smirk played at his full lips, "Technical difficulties."

My shut up filter was definitely not working that day and I was so frustrated at his stupid smirk and what he was thinking that I just spoke without thinking and allowed my inner monologue to come out accidently.

"You are a technical difficulty!" I retorted quickly and slapped a hand over my mouth.

Three pairs of eyes looked in my direction and gave me a look like I had three heads and tentacles.

"Sorry," I replied quickly. "My 'shut up' filter isn't working today."

"Clearly," Kevin laughed along with Nick.

"Is everything okay?" Big Rob barked and took a seat in the chairs stage left.

"I'm fine, shall we begin?" Joe replied and winked at me while walking towards me to the stage.

He walked only feet from me, but I of course knew this was intentional. His cologne filled my senses and my brain immediately said, Sex. It was mouth watering, and crisp and it filled the air for only moments, but my hormones suddenly were causing World War 3 in my body. Oh how this conflicted greatly with my feelings of the boy. I would never go near him, but his cologne combined with my hormones, I was a helpless servant to their will.

"Stop!" I hissed out loud causing three sets of eyes to land on me and my irritation with my overly inappropriate thoughts.

"Stop what?" Kevin chuckled. "Are you feeling okay?"

Joe's smirk melted into a smile and his eyes were elsewhere, just like my thoughts. I let out a brief chuckle trying to scan my brain for any excuse and replied, "Stop lollygagging, you're wasting time!"

Joe's smile fell from his face, and he adjusted his microphone in its stand and sighed. It's not going be that easy for him. I will not let him win his game. I will be the only winner here.

The music started playing, and after getting my head together in a more rated G environment, I walked past Nick, and Joe with a smirk of my own to sit on an unused amp next to Kevin. After I got comfortable on the amp I made sure it was off because I didn't want the vibrations to further my problem with being in a rated G mindset, and I decided to get Joe back in the worst possible way. Two could play at his game. I silently chuckled to myself as I unzipped my hoodie to reveal a low cut v-neck black t-shirt showing off a little too much cleavage even for me. I was a little uncomfortable, but it was all to make Joe miserable, right? I gave my hoodie to the closest stage assistant and asked her to put it in the lounge area. If I was going to do this, I couldn't back out and escape back to the comfort of my hooded zip up sweatshirt.

I let out a low cough to get Kevin's attention and he quickly turned around. It took him a second to realize what I was doing, and he chuckled while pointing to his own chest and giving me thumbs up as a wink graced his face. He knew Joe's game, and he also knew how unfairly I played.

The full band and orchestra started playing the opening lines to the first song, and I was completely lost on the titles of the songs. Without asking, Kevin picked up his set list from the ground and handed it to me. I mouthed another 'Thank you,' and he went back to playing with the band as Joe began to sing.

The song was called, "That's Just The Way We Roll," and it actually sounded good for being live. Now, I listened to Kevin's band here and there, but I told him that I would be his friend first before I liked his band, and that's how it was with us. I listened to his band occasionally, and he never pressed the matter. It was nice how we just fit together like that.

The next song was, "Hold On," and Joe was already sweaty. It was easy to ignore him, throughout the song, but halfway through, "Video Girl," he noticed me and my current attire and did a double take. Game on! His stares and frustration in his face made me laugh and the moment when the song ended I thought his blushes were going to turn into embarrassment. His cheeks burned red and it looked like he could no longer concentrate on his own words to end the song. It looked like he had enough, and he stopped the whole band, orchestra and his brothers so the only sound you could hear was my laughter and his breathing into the microphone.

"Oh for the love of all things holy," He yelled away from the microphone. "Could you please put some clothes on Isabella."

"Excuse me?" I stopped laughing. "I am wearing clothes. Thank you very much."

"Yeah, well it's not enough," Joe snapped and shrugged off his blazer.

He then proceeded to ball up the black jacket and throw at me hitting me square, dead on balls in the face. I quickly snatched the blazer from my head and shot a glare in Joe's smiling direction, and an idea suddenly popped in to my head. Nick chuckled along with Kevin who had a quick burst of laughter.

I felt like a child who just got yelled at, I wished that I could just embarrass him like he just did to me. My thoughts soon turned to lust as his cologne tempted my mind to wander over the possibilities of the things that could happen in this blazer. His torturous cologne had brought me to the brink of rated R thoughts, and I wondered if mine would do the same, I thought silently as I slipped on the black blazer with a small smile. He watched me like a kid in a candy store and let his mouth open only slightly when I snuggled into the blazer and buttoned it up over my revealing t-shirt, and glared at him as I stood up from the amp.

"Thanks dad, is this better?" I snarled, rolled my eyes and walked off stage to where Big Rob was standing.

"You know he is only doing that to make you want him more," Big Rob said nonchalantly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I huffed in frustration.

"Joe isn't the type of guy that makes girls want to throw up," He added.

"Maybe not for stupid fan girls, but for me," I shivered. "He thinks he's this big, tough, macho guy and that I'm going to drool over him at the drop of a jacket. He's SO wrong."

"We'll see about that," Rob chuckled.

"Yes we will," I retorted. "I'll win. You watch me."

I walked away from Big Rob extremely furious. Who did Joe think he was? I'm not like the rest of the girls in the world. I didn't fall for the youngest sex symbol in a pop rock band. I didn't fall for my best friend's brother. In fact, I didn't fall for a Jonas. Period. No matter how irritatingly hot that stupid smirk looks, or how his hair is perfectly swept over his eyes, or how he could sing the ABC's and make them sound great, or how he smells like straight up sex. Fuck, I've got a tiny kindergarten crush on this kid. I found the door to the outside and took pictures of the buses, gear and other things from the venue.

Sound check lasted another 30 minutes, and by then it was 6:30pm, only a half hour until the show started. I quickly put on my indoor lens on my camera and adjusted the shutter speeds and such.

"What are you doing out here all by yourself?" I hear Kevin from behind me.

"Just thinking," I smiled and patted the seat next to me.

"About what?" He asked and sat down with his hands in his pockets.

I looked at Kevin, trying to put together a lie in my head quickly.

"How I'm going to be spending the next 6 months with my bestest friend in the whole wide world!" I giggled and hugged him tightly hoping he wouldn't press the matter.

"Um, no you weren't," He replied. "I'm not dumb Toby, and yuck you smell like Joe." He scrunched up his nose and made a funny face as he pulled away.

I absentmindedly gagged and replied, "I wish I didn't. It's making me sick. In fact, you should probably give this back to him. I'm sure he wants it back."

"If you want to play Joe Jonas style, you have to step up your game. Ten points for being a tease, but minus 5 points for storming off like a baby. You have to think like him to beat him at his own game," Kevin replied with an evil smile.

"What are you thinking?" I retorted matching his smile.

"Think like Joe," Kevin replied and quickly got up from the bench to go back inside.

Think like Joe? That's no help at all. What does that even mean? I sighed and bent down to smell the collar of the blazer I was wearing. DING! The light bulb went off, and I ran to the bus as fast as humanly possible.

As I walked on, I found the bus to be empty. Perfect, I thought. I quickly sifted through my purse, but of course the second I needed my perfume, my purse turned into a Mary Poppins never ending bag. Without thinking of the consequences, I emptied the contents of my purse on the floor of the hallway between the bunk areas. It felt like I was racing against the clock, like at any minute he could walk through the bus entrance and find me here. My hand found my perfume bottle and popped the cap. Britney Spears: Fantasy, my favorite. With haste I spritzed his blazer and my neck. For a little added fun, I sprayed his pillow ever so slightly and his sheets. Within seconds I capped the top and replaced it within my purse along with the other items scattered about the floor. I smiled evilly and quickly ran off the bus to go wish Kevin good luck minutes before the show starts.

With my camera, VIP pass and Joe's blazer smelling like me, I ran backstage until I found the brothers huddled in their customary pre-show time circle.

"Get in here, Toby!" Kevin yelled and pulled my arm into the circle next to Nick and himself. "You're part of the group now."

I smiled and laughed as the group started jumping and getting crazy, and suddenly Nick turns to me and whispers, "Wow, you smell good."

"Don't tell Joe, I had to get him back somehow," I replied with burned cheeks and a half smile.

"You're secret is safe with me," He chuckled and nodded. "You better be ready for payback though. I'd get some ideas together, before he can get you back."

I smiled and side hugged Nick, "Thanks Nick. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"That's for sure," He replied. "Anyone who can make Joe get all crazy and flustered and play his games is a hero in my book."

"Best friends," I smiled and hugged him again.

The boys had to get strapped in for the opening entrance in the concert. All the while, I was smiling and taking pictures of the band's pre-show rituals of pushups, jumping jacks, pull ups, tai-chi and other things to get their heart rates up. The assistant returned with my hoodie and I quickly set my plan of attack in action.

"One minute," Big Rob yells backstage and the lights blink twice to signal the beginning of the show.

I quickly slipped off Joe's blazer and stepped up onto the platform where Kevin, Joe and Nick were standing. I put on my best innocent face and a smile, and walked up to Joe. He looked at me in the eyes, and I could see truce, but that was not where I was heading.

"Turn around," I mumbled.

He obeyed and looked over his shoulder to ask, "Why?"

I chuckled and thought about how my halo was being held up by my horns. I got up close to his body, and stood on my tip toes so I could reach his ear. My lips brushed his ear only slightly and I whispered.

"This belongs to you, not me."

He suppressed a tremor going down his spine, and reached his arms out behind him to catch the arm holes. I had him right where I wanted him.

He turned around as I stepped down from the platform and flashed him my best smile. The platform started to move and his eyes never left mine and I stood patiently waiting for him to smell the collar. He bent his head farther down so he could still see me, and suddenly his eyes went wide. He had smelled his collar. BINGO! His cheeks flushed red and he licked his lips.

I giggled at the sight of this and replied to his expression with a wink and a quick, "Goodluck!"

Payback was a bitch named Isabella. I thought to myself and quickly snapped the rubber band around my wrist. This whole no vulgarity rule was going to kill me.

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