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Chapter 8 – Poison Ivy

Isabella's Point of View

A loud ringer signaling some sort of alarm had awoken me, hearing being the first sense to awaken. A noise and a groan rang in my head, and I noticed that I had my arm wrapped around a figure. Without thinking I spoke, "Joe, turn that damned thing off."

Kevin's morning voice filled my ears, "Toby, it's me."

He shifted under my arm and turned towards me, my eyes still closed.

"I've got to go so mom won't freak when she doesn't find me in my bed." He pressed a quick kiss to my temple and then sat up. "Promise me you'll be dressed and awake when I come back here in an hour?"

I nodded and rolled over to feel for the key card lying on the bedside table and handed it to Kevin, my eyes still shut, not wanting to wake up yet.

"I promise," I whispered and snuggled back under the covers.

He chuckled, ruffled my hair and quickly exited the room. I quickly checked the time on my iPhone and realized that seven am was a little too early to wake up and face the reality of last night.

"Ten more minutes," I whispered to myself quietly and closed my eyes, falling into a black state I was in before.

It felt like only five minutes before the bed began to dip to my left and Kevin's calloused hand was on my forehead, pulling the stray hairs from my face.

"Toby," Kevin's soothing voice sang in my ear. "You promised me you'd be up by now." I heard a smile in his voice. "And best friends shouldn't break promises."

"Yeah," I whispered slowly, still half awake. "But I thought best friends don't wake up best friends at seven in the morning."

I felt his warm breath on my ear, as he replied, "But you promised, and as you may well know, promises trump seven am anger."

"I know it trumps it, but seriously, Pumpkin," I sighed while grabbing his collar with my left hand and pulling it towards me so that his arm was draped over my shoulders and he was lying next to me. "It could just be like this today. You, just you and me. Snuggling, watching movies, ordering too much room service. C'mon, doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Oh really?" He chuckled smoothly and added. "You, me and Nick, huh?"

"Excuse me?" I retorted quickly while my eyes shot open and quickly pushed Kevin off of me while sitting up straight and seeing a rather awkward looking Nick scratching the back of his neck.

"Hey . . ." He trailed off and added. "Yeah . . ." Kevin chuckled and Nick spoke again. "Uhh, do you need a minute?"

"Nope!" I retorted quickly while adding. "I'm great, the sun is shining, the birds are singing," I paused and laughed. "Oh yeah and I almost made a move on my best friend in front of his brother. Awesome." I sneered sarcastically. "Today's gonna be a great day."

Kevin's laugh echoed throughout the room while I made my way, with a rather embarrassed look to the bathroom, "Alright," I cleared my throat as the awkwardness grew heavy in the room. "I'll be in the shower."

Forty-six minutes, three shampoo and conditioner rinses and one mud masque later, a rather loud and angry pounding came from the bathroom door. I quickly turned off the hot water while pulling a towel around my dripping body.

"One minute," I sang and stepped out of the shower while scrunching my damp hair.

"I've given you forty-six, get out here now, woman!" Kevin's muffled voice filled the large bathroom.

With a final look and a blown kiss to my reflection in the mirror, I turned the lock as to unlock the door and a very flustered and angry Kevin came in the steam filled room.

"Isabella October Monroe!" He hissed, obviously upset with me. "How long does it take you to take a shower, woman? I mean seriously, you could have showered the entire population of Africa." His anger became less intense as he saw my innocent pouty face. "I mean how long does it take you to get ready? Goodness, I could have taken a jog or something by now." He slumped against the wall and slid to the floor to play with his iPhone, anger obviously worn off. He could never stay mad at me for very long.

"I'm done now, silly," I smiled and added. "Squeaky clean."

"Thank you!" I heard the smile in his voice. I looked into the mirror and my smile slowly melted into an evil grin.

My innocent look turned evil as a smirk graced my face. "You want to leave?" I snarled playfully from the bathroom. "Fine," I pulled off the towel from my body, the cool air hitting my entirely nude body, allowing for the usually covered tattoos of my stomach and breasts to be exposed. "Let's go." I left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom, pretending to get ready to leave the room by grabbing my purse and iPhone from the bedside table, Nick still unaware of my lack of clothing.

"It's about time," Kevin sighed playfully as he looked up from his phone. "Okay, um," He gulped and let his mouth hang open slightly. "You . . . are . . . naked." He enunciated every word slowly. "Not what I had in mind." His voice was in a whisper as he saw me strut over to my beside table and grab my iPhone and purse while pulling on my chuck taylors. "Where do you think you're going?" His voice, still unsteady, eyes looking into mine.

I ignored his question and passed by Nick who was probably texting Penny or his hideous middle brother while I walked towards the door. "You coming Nick?" I placed my hands on my hips and sighed, knowing this would really make him blush.

Kevin looked up and screamed, "Shut your eyes Nick!" But it was too late.

"Yep," He replied quickly and then looked up and instantly his mouth dropped almost to the floor. His eyes went wide and then he quickly closed them. "Sorry." He spat out while ripping off the bed sheet and throwing it in my direction.

"TOBY!" Kevin yelled as he scrambled to his feet and began yelling at me. "You think this is some sort of nude colony where you can parade around in nothing but your purse and shoes. You are so wrong, missy." He spoke, with a hard edge in his voice. "Keep your eyes shut, Nick, I'm not kidding." He commanded to his younger brother. "You know Toby," He paused and sighed while walking over to my open luggage and rummaging through my clothes. "It would be okay if it were just me, because let's face it," He sighed still sifting out clothing. "I would never like you more than a best friend, but my little brother?" He paused and looked back at Nick whom was still covering his chocolate brown eyes and blushing crimson still. "He's still a kid, Izzie. How do you think it makes him feel to see a beautiful naked woman in front of him? Hmm? It's like you're taunting him." He threw a pair of green knickers and violet bra at me.

At that moment the person whom I didn't really want to see in the near future walked casually into my room.

"Well," He smirked that damn Joe Jonas smirk and spoke again as he gave me the once, twice, thrice over. "Looks like I didn't get an invite to the no pants party." He began to pull the hem of v-neck over his head and threw the t-shirt to the floor. "Well I'm here now, let the party start." He purred making me blush but also making my blood boil.

I threw down the bra and knickers in my arms and replied, "Well, you weren't invited for a reason. I prefer older brothers and younger brothers. Not asshole middle brothers."

"Technically, I'm not the middle brother." He jibbed and smirked talking a step closer to me.

"Whoa, hang on, Deep Throat," I snarled and looked at Kevin whom had a horrified look on his face.

"Wow!" Kevin yelled playfully. "Can you please keep on your clothes on? I don't need two naked virgins running around here."

Joe quickly turned around on his heel and retorted in a sassy tone, "Virgin?" He bent down to pick up his shirt and added. "That's what you think."

Nick's eyes immediately flew open and he squealed, "JEEZE! Put some clothes on that woman." He retorted while closing his eyes again and adding. "I don't care if you give your own, pluck some fig leaves or knit her an afghan, get that woman clothed!"

"Sorry, Nick," I replied sincerely and then turned to face Kevin as Joe pulled his shirt back on.

"Well listen, gentlemen and you," He snarled in my direction. "I'm apparently not getting appreciated in here, so I'll go back out there where a certain Ms. Camilla Belle will appreciate every inch of me."

I watched him strut out of my room, my mind in a haze, and all I could respond with was to a statement that concerned Kevin before Joe stormed the castle.

"I've got the same promise around my finger, Kevin," I sighed and crossed my arms over my bare breasts. "I've got to deal with the same temptations that you do." I paused while clasping the bra over my chest and pulling up my new green undies. "You think it's easy to be completely 100% attracted to my best friend's brother and know that I can't have him and . . ." I cut myself off and then spoke again. "What I mean is that I have the same temptations as you three do."

"But you're not too keen on showing it, Toby," He sighed with a smile as he placed a pair of black skinny jeans and a red v-neck in my hands.

"I," I chuckled while pulling on the jeans. "Like none of the women in the world love my whole body. Every piece of it." I replied and pulled on the t-shirt.

"Yes, sweetheart," Kevin said in a much sweeter voice. "But walking naked in front of Nick is not allowed anymore."

"Sorry Nick. You can look now." I replied sincerely. "Fully clothed virgin is now going to brush her teeth and then we can get some breakfast."

Nick slowly opened his eyes and spoke cautiously, "Are we even friends? I mean, I just saw you naked and I feel like I don't even know you." He chuckled a little bit and Kevin just laughed.

"Well then," I replied as I spit out the tooth paste from my mouth. "I guess this means we're friends now." Kevin's laugh echoed throughout the room.

We made our way to the lovely breakfast buffet the hotel had set out exclusively for the boys. While Kevin held out his plate, I forked two pancakes and two sausages on it. He added a spoonful of scrambled eggs and an two pieces of bacon to the pile.

"Hungry much?" Nick chuckled awkwardly while spooning eggs onto his plate.

"You should already know this bro," Kevin smiled. "Since Izzie is your new best friend, she'll be eating off your plate. It's a fact of life."

"Yeah, hi," I retorted with a smile. "When I order stuff it doesn't taste as good as it does from someone else's plate."

"Could I please have a refill on my raspberry lemonade," I spoke sweetly to the attractive waiter named Jacob whom oddly resembled Taylor Lautner, except he was around six foot two and had gleaming ocean blue eyes.

Jacob was quite attentive to the table, and moreover me. I've never been asked so many times if the meal was sufficient enough. He should have been asking Camilla or Mr. and Mrs. Jonas or even the boys, but no, he was asking me. Although it could have been the dress I was currently wearing. Kevin and Nick had helped me pick it out this afternoon at this boutique in Jersey City called "Le Petite Devon". It was this beautiful red satin strapless heart shaped neckline, which technically shouldn't be called a neck line. It should have been called a chest line because it showed off my entire upper chest and a little bit too much cleavage for a nice dinner at a 5 star restaurant, but apparently according to Kevin, the full sleeves of colorful tattoos etched into my arm took his eyes away from my boobs to my arms. It was quite form fitting and from waist to mid-thigh, where it ended, there was several layers of poufy tulle making the dress look like a tea party dress rather than a cocktail dress. However, on my feet I wore a fresh new pair of basic black five inch Christian Louboutin with the infamous red bottoms. This was probably the most dressed up I've ever been in my entire life, and secretly I loved it. I loved the way I felt in it, but shh. Don't tell anyone that.

I felt Joe's eyes on me the entire meal, and even felt jealousy emanating from Camilla's eyes for she was only wearing a simple pastel purple strapless dress, probably from her huge closet of designers. She made it a point to show everyone that they were holding hands during the appetizer, and Kevin also made it a point to kick me several times during dinner to stop making the stink eye at Camilla.

"So, Camilla," I broke the silence of dinner and felt another kick from Kevin. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Well," She cleared her throat and looked at Joe so sickly sweet I actually felt my chicken marsala coming back up. "I'm filming for a new movie all across the US."

"Oh," I jibbed followed by Kevin's elbow in my side. "And how do we fit into your busy filming schedule? I mean, you're this big Hollywood actress."

"Oh, we're filming in several states, and it just so happens that the first half of the dates match up with the boy's tour schedule." She retorted with a slight glare.

"I see, and does your mother know that you're here with us?" I retorted feeling my jealously mix with anger towards Joe for even thinking she's hot.

"Actually," She hissed. "I'm not under the supervision of my parents, like you are."

I actually felt my heart stop beating the minute she mentioned my parents and I quickly swallowed the tears the welled up in my eyes, "For you information, little Miss Hollywood," I snarled. "My parents died a long time ago." I looked to make sure that Mr. and Mrs. Jonas were occupied with talking to the other band members. "And just because you're an actress doesn't mean you're the captain of this ship. Back, the fuck, off!" I grit my teeth as I pulled the rubber band on my wrist and snapped it.

"Well get ready, you little wench. This ship is about to commit mutiny," She retorted with an evil glint in her eye and I could no longer keep the angry tears at bay. I saw Joe's eyes get wide and a smirk grace his lips.

"Excuse me," I retorted angrily and stormed off towards the bathroom, tears flowing freely from my eyes.

I quickly looked in the bathroom mirror and rolled my eyes. I shouldn't be getting angry at Joe's flavor of the month girl, because that's all she'll ever be to him…a flavor of the month. I turned on my heel to enter the nearest stall when suddenly the entrance door to the ladies room opened and a rather familiar voice entered my ears.

"Can we talk for a second?" Joe whispered, yet it felt like an echo in the large bathroom.

I quickly turned around to hide my tear-ridden face and crossed my arms in front of my chest. "No Joe." I paused and sniffed. "We can't talk for a second. In fact, we shouldn't even be talking now."

"Why not?" The eagerness in his voice was almost visible in his tone.

Anger flared up in my veins and almost immediately I turned on my heel to stomp up to him. "Why not? I'll fucking tell you why not." Our abdomens were touching and our breath mixed together as one. "Because I'm tired of your games, Joseph. I'm tired of you dangling your precious little Camilla in front of me. And I'm tired of your smirk that makes me hot the second I see it, and the way your eyes practically undress me and the way you make me feel when we cuddle. I'm tired of you having a flavor of the month girl, Joseph. Pick her or me, but not both." My face was red and my ears were pounding with the sound of my elevated heartbeat.

What happened next, shocked me.

"You know," He smirked that damned smirk, "You're really sexy when you're angry." His left hand found the small of my back to pull me even closer while his right found the left side of my neck. My anger turned instantly to lust and suddenly something took over me and before I knew it, my fingers were entangled into his perfectly coiffed hair as his lips crashed onto mine.

I felt my eyes close and my back hit the stall door while getting pushed into the stall. His kisses came in waves between rough and sweet while his hands explored every inch of visible skin above my neckline. I felt the room spinning as our tongues danced while my back was up against the closed stall door. My mind was in the stars as his lips left mine and found my neck only to begin giving me one of the most painfully amazing hickies of my life. For being a virgin, he really knew what to do with his mouth.

And then as quickly as it had began, it was over. He took a step back, my lipstick smeared all over his lips, his hair sticking up in random places. I dropped my gaze from him to my heels. He straightened his hair and wiped off the lipstick from his face and then pulled up my chin.

"Listen Cupcake, you aren't just any flavor of the month girl." Joe whispered while pressing a kiss to my left temple and then he promptly left the stall only to stand in front of the mirror to fix his now crazy hair.

My mouth hung open in awe, while my brain tried to process the previous five minutes of pure lust. I left the stall to join Joe in cleaning off the lipstick smeared from my face and covered the hickey on the left side of my neck. We stood there in silence as we fixed ourselves to look much more decent.

Before my brain could react to what my body was doing, I was out of the stall and had pinned Joe to the edge of the countertop, my hips on his, his grinding into mine. "You really had to go and give me a hickey, huh?" I whispered in his ear and ground my hips once more into his and he immediately groaned as I added. "You couldn't have just taken off my dress or something and kiss me in a place that no one sees? Too bad, maybe next time, Danger." I kissed the skin on his neck under his ear lobe and he shivered.

I immediately then backed up, bit my lip and licked my lips as I made my way to the entrance/exit door. With a smile and a wink I casually turned around and winked while saying, "Enjoy the rest of the meal while I undress you with my eyes and think of all the ways I'd make you scream my name." And in an instant I had left the bathroom, my heart in my throat, butterflies manifesting themselves in my stomach and tingles aching in my groin. Oh man, that boy was my favorite new toy.